Controversa Sionului

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Douglas Reeds "The Controversy of Zion" now on the internet!
Commencing in 1951, as Britains foremost World War II correspondent, he spent more than three years writing "The Controversy of Zion" - all 300.000 words of it. He completed the epilogue in 1956. Although there is correspondence to show that the book was once discussed with his publisher, the manuscript was never submitted, but remained for 22 years gathering dust in his home in Durban, South Africa.
Would he have loved the internet! Now, half a century later, it exists, and must assist in the dissemination of his powerful truth. Several chapters show how much he would have loved this possibility. Just as much as the zionist censors of the internet hate this breach in their worldwide brainwashing and control of the media.
In Europe during the years immediately before and after World War II, the name of Douglas Reed was on everyone's lips. His books were being sold by the tens of thousands. He was known with intimate familiarity throughout the English-speaking world by a vast army of fans. And then he was banished. Was it this book? Take a look at these chapters and judge for yourself.....

Dr. David Duke interviews me on radio Aug. 11.2008 - re: 'Controversy of Zion'! Radio program de 11 august 2008 privind "controversa Sionului" de Dr. David Duke  

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