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Douglas Reed

A Biography


A biography with a special view to his work ”The Controversy of Zion”


By Knud Bjeld Eriksen, 03.03.2007 由knud bjeld埃里克森, 2007年3月3日

It is a somewhat worn out phrase, that every being is unique.這是一個有點破舊詞組,每一個被是獨一無二的。 Some are obviously more unique than others.有些人顯然更獨特的比別人。 And to-day the majority of people have been so standardized by film and TV that finding significant difference between them can be difficult, at least in the Western World.和天,大多數人已使標準化由電影及電視這一發現顯著性差異,他們可能有困難,至少在西方世界。 Even so it would be a cheap and easy way out to say, that we are all alike.即使如此,這將是一個簡單,便宜的出路,就是說,我們都是一樣。 In the real world, there are great differences between individuals.在現實世界中,有很大的差異,個人之間。 We encounter the various peoples and races of significant physical, mental and cultural differences and the forces behind the propagande has not succeeded in making the sexes alike- yet.我們所遇到的各種民族和種族的顯著身體,精神和文化上的差異和力量的背後propagande並沒有成功地使兩性都尚未。 People are smart or stupid, beautiful or uglu, good or bad and everything in between.人是聰明或愚蠢的,美麗的或uglu ,好的或壞的,一切在兩者之間。 But it is obvious, that a world wide atempt is being made at standardizing people, control them as a colourless mass, a world wide attempt at “globalizing mankind”.但它是顯而易見的,即一個世界廣泛atempt正在取得在規範人們,控制他們作為一個無色的地下世界,一個廣泛的嘗試,在“全球化的人類” 。

Douglas Reed, the English journalist and author, who lived from 1895 to 1976, described this attempt better than anyone else, I know of.道格拉斯蘆葦,英國記者和作者,誰住,從1895年至1976年,形容這是企圖比別人表現得更好,我知道。 That makes him unique.這使得他獨一無二的。 His masterpiece, the crown of his efforts is the book “The Controversy of Zion” of 1978 (written in 1956).他的傑作,官方他的努力是這本書“的爭議,錫安” ( 1978年寫的1956年) 。 I put this book out onto the internet and translated most of it into Danish as a tribute to the man, but mostly because I feel, that the book is of vital importance to the world, that the spreading of this information can have a dicisive influence in the creation of world peace and because I am convinced, that Douglas Reed himself would want it to be known to the world in time to make a difference.我提出這本書出在互聯網上和翻譯最把資訊科技融入丹麥作為一個讚揚該名男子,但大多是因為我覺得,這本書是非常重要的世界上,即傳播這方面的資料能有一個dicisive的影響在創造世界的和平與因為我深信,道格拉斯里德本人將希望它被稱為向世界在時間,使有差別。 The address is http:/knud.eriksen.adr.dk.地址是http:/knud.eriksen.adr.dk 。 Most of the book is translated into Danish at the address www.thedodo.info (and now, April 2008 at this address: www.controversyofzion.info ).大部分的書是翻譯成丹麥在地址www.thedodo.info (和現在, 2008年4月在這個地址: www.controversyofzion.info ) 。 Many of his other books can be read on the internet – in English – at the address www.douglasreed.co.uk .他的許多其他書籍可以閱讀互聯網上-在英語-在地址ww w.douglasreed.co.uk。

The fact that this “dictatorship of globalization” is the worlds most pressing and dangerous problem to-day, as it has been for the last 100 years, makes this English gentleman all the more unique for us with his outstanding ability to deal with the subject in an exciting, well documented and timeless manner.事實上,這個“專政的全球化”是世界最迫切和最危險的問題-天,因為它已經在過去的百年,使這個英國紳士都更獨特的,我們與他的傑出能力,以處理與主題在一個令人振奮的,有案可稽的和永恆的方式。 Factually unique among several genereations of billions of individuals.獨特的事實中的幾個genereations億元的個人。 He is a man from whom we can and must learn.他是一名男子從其中我們可以而且必須了解。 I shall explain further.我會進一步解釋。

Douglas Reed experienced most of the 20'ieth century as a grown man, he got the special observation post, that he participated in the First World War as a British soldier in Flandern (first at the infantry, then the airforce, where he was wounded).道格拉斯蘆葦經歷了大部分的20'ieth世紀作為一個成長的男子,他特別觀察哨,他參加了第一屆世界戰爭作為一名英國士兵在弗蘭兌倫(首先是在步兵,空軍,然後,他在那裡受傷) 。 During the period between the two world wars he was a leading foreign correspondent in Central Europe for the highly estimated London newspaper Times. He was at the center of events and met many of the leading politicians on both sides of the fermenting conflict.期間,兩次世界大戰之間,他是一個領先的外國記者在歐洲中部為高,估計倫敦報紙的時代,他是在該中心的活動,並會見了許多領導的政客對雙方的發酵衝突。 In 1938 he left journalism in contempt for the dishonesty and enforced orthodoxy of the press and during the period of the 2 nd World War he had his base in London where, as a productive author, he continued his tireless search for the truth behind the events of the war.在1938年他離開新聞工作的蔑視,不誠實和執行的正統新聞界和期間的第2次世界戰爭,他他的基地在倫敦的地方,作為一個生產的作者,他繼續不懈地尋求真相的背後事件的戰爭。 He had become convinced that the media had been perverted, controlled by forces he couldn't quite as yet identify and which did not permit the real reasons for the war to be revealed to the public.他已成為深信,媒體已被扭曲,所控制的力量,他可能不太尚未查明並沒有許可證的真正原因,戰爭透露給公眾。 He witnessed the factual disappearance of the freedom of speech during his time as a journalist from the 20'ies, where it was still intact og until the end of the 30'ies, where it was suppressed in the most vital areas, such as the question of war or peace and the destruction of civilization in the Western world ...他親眼目睹的事實失踪的言論自由在他的時間,作為一名記者從20'ies ,它依然完好無損與活動結束為止的30'ies ,它被壓抑在最重要的領域,例如作為的問題,戰爭或和平,並銷毀了文明在西方世界... and everything concerning Jews and the role they played in the world.和一切有關猶太人和他們的作用發揮在世界上。

But just as important for us to-day was his personal qualities, his abilities and his character.但正如重要的是我們-天是他的個人品德,他的能力和他的性格。 He possed a keen ability of observation, a firmly grounded common sense, courage and persistence in his search for truth and a thoroughness in his search, which made his accounts of the great questions and events of his time more valuable and fascinating than most other things written during this period of these subjects.他possed敏銳的觀察能力,牢固接地的共同意識,勇氣和毅力,在他尋求真理和徹底在他的搜索,這使得他的帳目,偉大的問題和事件,他的時間更有價值和迷人的比大多數其他的東西,書面在此期間,這些科目。 At the time there were many others, who wrote of the prospects of war and Douglas Reed knew in 1935, when he was planning his first book, “Insanity Fair”, written in 1936-37 and published in 1938, that there would be “5000 other authors” with whom he would have to compete for the attention of his readers, when he started warning af Hitler and of the war, which he could see coming “in five years at the most” already in 1935 – unless ...在時間有很多其他人,誰寫的前景,戰爭和道格拉斯蘆葦知道在1935年,當他的規劃,他的第一本書, “瘋狂公平” ,書面在1936年至1937年並刊登在1938年,會有“ 5000其他作者“與誰,他將競逐注意他的讀者,當他開始警告自動對焦和希特勒的戰爭,這是他可以看到來了”在五年在最“已經在1935年-除非. .. His solution was the particularly entertaining mixture of authobiography and political report, which was to make him famous in record time.他的解決辦法是,特別是娛樂性的混合物的自傳和政治報告,這是使他成名,在創記錄的時間。 Added to this was a special British charm and dry humor and an obviously sincere Christian view of life, which permeated everything he wrote.加上這是一個特殊的魅力,英國及乾燥幽默和真誠顯然基督教生命觀,貫穿了一切,他寫道。

But he wanted to write objectively, he wanted to be a reporter, not a moral judge and all in all he seems to have been more successful in this endeavour than many others.但他想撰寫客觀,他希望成為一名記者,而不是一個道德的法官和所有的所有,他似乎已較為成功的在這方面的努力比其他許多。 Of course the view of life of the author, his view of good and evil colours his accounts, but he sought above all to write fairly and alway strove to describe clearly what he based his opinions or judgements on.當然,鑑於生活的作者,他認為的善和惡的顏色,他的帳戶,但是他要求上述所有寫公平和alway力圖描述清楚,他基於他的意見,或判決的。 He was persistent in his warnings against Hitler all through his first three books, which he called a trilogy – Insanity Fair (1938), Disgrace Abounding (1939) and A Prophet at Home (1941), which made him famous all over the English-speaking world because of his warnings and his precise predictions of what would happen, when and how, but he experienced also that “by a devine instinct man is unable to see the dangers that are coming” – his warnings were ignored.他執著於他的警告,反對希特勒的所有通過他的第一次三本書,這是他所謂的三部曲-瘋狂交易會( 1 938年) ,恥辱a bounding( 1 939年)和先知在家中( 1 941年) ,這使他成名,所有的英語在談到世界是因為他的警告和他的精確預測會發生什麼事,何時及如何,但他也經歷了“由一個Devine )本能,人是看不到的危險,是未來” -他的警告被忽略。

Reed matured and grew wiser as time went by.蘆葦成熟和成長明智隨著時間的流逝。 National socialism and Hitler were the scares of the time.國家社會主義和希特勒分別是害怕的時間。 For Reed communisme was always in the background, a part of the puzzle, he was trying to put together.為蘆葦communisme始終是在背景中,一部份的困惑,他要放在一起。 He was a man who lived in the events of his day, a busy reporter, alway on the road.他是一位住在誰的事件,他的一天,忙碌的記者, alway在道路上。 Actually he mentions, that his very first book, “The Fire of the Reichtag” (1934) turned out badly because he was too busy with other things.其實,他提到,他非常的第一本書, “消防的reichtag ” ( 1934年)原來嚴重,因為他太忙,與其他的東西。 He saw the fire of the Reichtag and as a foreing correspondent he followed every single sitting of the court.他看到消防的reichtag和作為一個國外記者,他遵循的每一個單一的會議上法庭。 He rewrote the book during the war and included the additional information which had emerged in the meantime.他重寫這本書在戰爭期間和包括的其他信息,其中出現了在此期間。

Only gradually during the 30'ies did he realize the order of magnitude of the Jewish problem.只有逐步在30'ies他實現大小順序對猶太人的問題。 In the first book which won him fame, “Insanity Fair”, there was only small, scattered remarks in that direction.在第一本書,這為他贏得名利, “瘋狂公平” ,只有小型,分散的言論,在這個方向前進。 For instance he wrote, that he had accompanied the then prime minister, Anthony Eden on a trip to Moscow in 1935: “The department of censorship, that is to say that whole machinery that controlls the game an shuts the mouth of the foreign press was completely filled with Jews and that was one thing that surprised me more than anything else in Moscow”.例如,他寫道,他曾陪同當時的總理,安東尼艾登對前往莫斯科, 1935年: “該署的檢查,這就是說,整個機器的控制遊戲一關機口,外國記者被填寫完整的猶太人,這是有一點奇怪,我比任何事情都在莫斯科“ 。 It was the Jews and Zionism, that were the missing link in the information he had from the beginning of his carreer.這是猶太人和猶太复國主義,被缺少的一環,在信息,他從一開始他的職業生涯。 He had not thought of them at all when he started in journalism at the age of 30 at the Times (1925).他沒有想到他們在所有的時候,他開始在新聞在30歲以上的在時代 ( 1925 ) 。 Even in 1935 he had hardly given them any thought at all.即使在1935年,他很難給他們的任何思想,在所有。 He mentions that in The Controversy of Zion .他提到,在爭議的錫安 。 In his second book “Disgrace Abounding” he became more clear and critical of the Jews – and increasingly unpopular among the publishers until he could no longer get a book published.在他的第二本書“恥辱abounding ” ,他成為更明確的和關鍵的猶太人-和越來越不得人心之間的出版商,直到他再也無法獲得一本書出版。 Several publishing houses were mad about publishing his second book until they saw that there were a couple of chapters critical of Jews.幾個出版社分別出版瘋牛病約他的第二本書,直到他們看到有一對夫婦的章節,關鍵的猶太人。 Then some of them demanded, that he remove these chapters (which he refused) others withdrew completely.然後他們中的一些要求,他刪除這些章節(他拒絕) ,其他完全撤回。

More than anything it was the large number of Jewish refugees that came to England during this period, which opened his eyes to the problem.比什麼都重要,這是大批猶太難民來到英格蘭在此期間,開放他的眼睛來解決問題。 He feared, that they would destroy the England, he knew and loved.他擔心,他們會破壞英格蘭,他知道和愛戴。 During the decade where he was forced to stay in England because he had given up being a correspondent and because of the war, he pondered further on the role of the Jews in the world and the hidden forces in politics.十年期間,他被迫留在英格蘭,因為他已經放棄了作為一個記者和由於戰爭,他就進一步思考的作用,猶太人在世界上和隱藏的力量在政治上。 It became his mission in life to dig deeply into the problem and to deliver his message in the special way that was his hallmark to a posterity, which would have to deal with the problem.它成了他的使命在生活中挖掘深入探討的問題,並提供他的訊息,在特殊的方式,這是他的標誌,一個後代,這將有來處理這個問題。 This unique narrative could not be published until after his death and 22 years after it had been completed.這種獨特的敘事不能發表,直到他死後22年後,它已經完成。 It was the book “ The controversy of Zion”.這是這本書“ 的爭議,錫安” 。

Meanwhile bits and pieces of his discoveries came out in the books that he could as yet get published in spite of the increasing resentment in the international world of publishers.同時零碎,他發現出來,在圖書,他可以作為尚未得到出版的,儘管越來越多的不滿,在國際世界的出版商。

During the war when he was forced to stay in England he wrote three more books of the same kind as the two first ones, “All Our To-morrows” (1942), “Lest We Regret” (1943), and “From Smoke to Smother”.戰爭期間,當他被迫留在英格蘭他寫道: 3更多書籍的同類的兩個第一, “我們所有的到morrows ” ( 1942 ) , “否則,我們對此表示遺憾” ( 1943 ) ,和“從煙霧要扼殺“ 。 This book is written from April to October 1947.這本書是寫從4月到1947年10月。 It was the last book he wrote in England before he emigrated to South Africa one month later.這是本書的最後他寫道:在英格蘭之前,他移民到南非的一個月後。 He went ahead of his family.他到之前,他的家人。 In From Smoke to Smother he says among other things, that “the eradication of spiritual values seem to me now to be the most important thing which has to be stopped.在從煙霧,以扼殺他說,除其他事項外, “消除精神價值我看來,現在是最重要的事要加以制止。 I am thinking primarily of things such as religion, patriotisme, freedom, human dignity and honor ...我想主要的東西,如宗教, patriotisme ,自由,人類尊嚴和榮譽... “ The book was written at the same time as the State of Israel was created, and of this he says: “these ten years, which have seen a diabolical power grow much stronger on Earth have been for me the happiest of my life” and he talks of the zionist pioneer Leon Pinsker as “the most unhappy and irreconcilable soul... “這本書是寫在同一時間,作為以色列國的建立,和這個他說: ”這十年,出現了兇殘的電力增長更強大的地球上已對我來說,最快樂的我的生活“和他會談的猶太复國主義的先驅,里昂pinsker “最不愉快的和不可調和的靈魂... who wanted the Jews to become a nation with a country; but he did not want the nation to live in that country...” He also mentions in this book, that during his 25 years as a journalist he has witnessed the eradication of freedom of speech.誰通緝的猶太人成為一個民族,一個國家,但他不希望國家生活在該國的… … “他還提到,在這本書中,即在他25年來作為一名記者,他曾目睹消滅自由的講話。

In November 1947 he went to South Africa and let his family (his much younger wife, whom he had given the nickname “Lorelei” and three very young children) remain in England until he had established himself there and found “something to write about” as he put it in his next book “ Somewhere South of Suez ” (1950).在1947年11月,他到南非和讓他的家人(他更年輕的妻子,他已給予暱稱“ lorelei ”和三個非常年幼的兒童)繼續留在英格蘭,直到他建立了自己存在,並發現“的東西寫”因為他把它放在他的下一本書“ 某處以南的蘇伊士 ” ( 1950年) 。 After eight years of enforced remaining in England he had grown impatient. 8年後,被強迫留在英格蘭,他增加了不耐煩了。 He was tired of warning against spiritual decay at home and wanted to find something new.他厭倦了警告,對精神衰變在家裡,並希望找到一些新的。 In 1948 or 1949 he was reunited with his family, which came to Durban by boat.在1948年或1949年,他與家人團聚,來到德班船。 1949 or 1950 he parted from his family again and went on a long trip – much longer than around the world as he put it – through the USA in order to describe the country of which he knew, that it would become the most important new host nation for world Jewry. 1949年或1950年,他parted從他的家人再次到一個長期的旅程-遠遠超過世界各地,他把它-通過在美國,以形容該國,其中他所知,這將成為最重要的新主機國家對世界的猶太人。 The result of his journey, the book Far and Wide , (completed in June 1950 and published i 1951 with an epilogue written in July) is in two parts.結果,他的旅程,這本書到目前為止,和廣泛的 , (已完成在1950年6月和1951年出版的i與一尾聲的書面7月)是分為兩部分。 The first part describes his very long journey with many sharp observations of America in decay.第一部分介紹了他很長的旅程,與許多尖銳的意見,美國在衰變。 The second one, titled Behind the Scene , - is probably the most extensive forerunner of The Controversy of Zion , although in From Smoke to Smother and Somewhere South of Suez he already has the basic theme in place. Behind the Scene is a compressed interpretation of the most recent hundred years of history characterized by two conspiratorial, revolutionary movements, communism and zionism, both originating from Jewish circles in Russia.第二,標題為幕後操縱者 , -大概是最廣泛的前身爭議的錫安,雖然在從煙霧,以扼殺和某處以南的蘇伊士,他已經有基本的主題。幕後操縱者是一個壓縮的解釋最近期的百年歷史的特點是由兩個陰謀,革命運動,共產主義和猶太复國主義,無論是源自猶太人的各界人士在俄羅斯。 In this historic account Reed refers to the first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmanns authobiography Trial and Error .在這個歷史性的帳戶蘆葦是指以首任主席,以色列,任weizmanns自傳審判和錯誤 。 Probably this was the first draft (for Reed himself says at the start of the chapter “The Climacteric” in The Controversy of Zion that he started the book in 1949) – or at least the first part of the book that was to become so famous, in which he later changed and added text and expanded the historic perspective to include the last 2.500 years!大概這是第一稿(里德說,自己在開始的第一章“更年期”的爭議,錫安 ,他開始了這本書在1949年) -或至少是第一部分的書,是為了變得如此著名的,他在後來改變和補充,文字和擴大了歷史性的角度來看,包括去年二點五○○年!

After the publishing of this book Douglas Reed was definitively banned from the world of publishing and media and he even mentions that his books “disappeared” from the libraries.後出版這本書的道格拉斯蘆葦是明確禁止從世界的出版和媒體,他甚至提到,他的著作“失踪”從圖書館。 But he was not the type to give up.但他不是那種放棄。 Ivor Benson writes in the foreword to The Controversy of Zion that “as his official carreer was now appearently over, he was finally free to take on a great task for which all of his prior experience had only been a kind of preparation and education, an education which no university could deliver and which only the lucky and intelligent could fully utilize – his years as a foreign correspondent, his travels in Europe and America, his conversations and contacts with the great political leaders of his time plus his eager absorbtion of knowledge through reading and observation of all the best of European culture.” ivor班森寫在前言的爭議錫安說, “作為他的正式職業是現在appearently ,他終於可以自由採取的一個偉大的任務,所有他以前的經驗只有1種的製備及教育,一教育沒有大學可以提供和其中只有幸運和智能化,可以充分利用-他的年作為一個外國記者,他的旅行在歐洲和美洲,他的談話和接觸,與偉大的政治領袖,他的時間,再加上他急於吸收的知識,通過閱讀和觀察所有最好的歐洲文化“ 。

Ivor Benson also mentions that Reed started The Controversy of Zion i 1951, wrote for three years, much of the time separated from his young family, working partly at New York Central Library, partly living very modestly in New York and Montreal, untill all 300.000 words – 600 packed pages with many notes were written on his oldfashioned typewriter. ivor班森也提到蘆葦開始的爭議錫安 i 1951年,撰寫3年,大部分的時間,脫離了年輕的家庭,工作,部分在紐約中央圖書館,部分生活非常謙虛地在紐約和蒙特利爾,直至所有300.000換句話說-6 00擠得水洩不通的頁面與許多筆記分別寫上他o ldfashioned打字機。 (See above, where Reed himself says, that he started in 1949 – he mentions in Far and Wide that having finished this book in the mid 1950'ies he travelled again far and wide in Africa, then Canada and again in USA). (見上文,那裡蘆葦自己說,他開始在1949年-他提到在遠東和廣泛,完成了這本書在中1 950'ies他前往再次到目前為止,和廣泛的在非洲,加拿大,然後再在美國) 。 He was well aware that the possiblity of getting this great work published in his own lifetime was very slim.他清楚知道該可能性獲得這個偉大的工作發表在他自己的一生中是十分渺茫。 But he knew that the day would come.但是他知道那一天會來。 He says that at the start of “The Climacteric”, which was written during the years of 1953-56, when he rewrote the whole book again.他說,在開始的“更年期” ,這是寫在多年的1953年至1956年,當他改寫整本書。 In 1956 he put a temporary end to the narrative at a time when the patterns of communism and zionism working together towards a Jewish dominated world government repeated themselves – and where half of “the Jewish Century” was over.在1956年,他提出一項臨時結束的敘事在的時候,該模式的共產主義和猶太复國主義的工作,共同建立一個猶太人為主的世界政府一再本身-和一半的“猶太人的世紀” 。 He completed the Epilogue in October and November 1956.他完成了尾聲 ,在10月和1956年11月。

Ivor Benson says in the foreword of The Controversy of Zion that during the years from 1956 until his death in 1976 the book was placed on top of closet in three packages in his home in Durban. ivor班森說,在前言的爭議,錫安 ,在從1956年直到他去世在1976年這本書放置在上方的壁櫥裡,在3包在他的家鄉在德班舉行。 There was correspondence with a lone publisher about the title, but the manuscript was never sent to any publishing house.有函授與一名獨行的出版者有關的標題,但這份手稿絕對不會發送給任何出版社出版。 22 years were to pass before the first edition of the book came out in South Africa. 22年被通過之前,首版這本書出來,在南非。 Redd “was relaxed and at peace with himself because he had brought his great work as far as possible under the circumstances and accepted his enforced retirement from life as a journalist and author, put everything of the past behind him and adapted cheerfully to at different lifestyle, where most of his new friends and acquaintances were charmed by his lively intellect and highly developed sence of humor and for years remained ignorant of the fact that he was the famous author Douglas Reed.里德“放寬和在和平與自己,因為他帶來了他的偉大的工作,盡量在這種情況下,並接受了他的強迫退休生活,作為一名記者和作者,把一切過去在他身後,並愉快地以適應不同的生活方式,而大多數他的新朋友和熟人有魅力,他生動的智慧和高度發達的幽默感和多年仍然一無所知,事實上,他是著名的作者道格拉斯蘆葦。

Of one thing he was certain: whether it happened in his lifetime or not, a day would come, where circumstances would make it possible and the means would be found to deliver his message of the revised account of history and the central message of Christianity to the world.一件事他是肯定的:是否發生在他生前或不,天會來,如果情況將使得有可能和手段,會發現他提供的信息,經修訂的帳戶歷史和中央的訊息,基督教世界上。

The last twenty years 過去二十年
Of course it is interesting to know if Douglas Reed himself felt a need to change any of the text in The Controversy of Zion during the following twenty years and if there was anything to add to his masterpiece according to information about his life during these years.當然,有趣的是,知道如果道格拉斯蘆葦自己認為需要改變的任何文本, 在爭議的錫安在以下二十年,如果有什麼要補充他的傑作,根據資料,他的生命在這些年裡。

It does not appear to have been the case.這並不似乎已經如此。

It would be interesting to know how he spent his time and to get to know him better through people, who knew him.它將有興趣知道他如何用他的時間和為了結識他更好地通過人民,誰知道他。 That may be possible some day.這可能有一天。 Ivor Benson seems to have been a close friend af his.. ivor班森似乎已親密朋友,他自動對焦.. He died a few years ago.他去世前幾年。 But his wife is still alive and lives in Rhodesia.但他的妻子仍然活著,住在羅得西亞。 Douglas Reed was very protective of his private life even though he writes in the authobiographic genre.道格拉斯蘆葦是非常注重保護他的私人生活,即使他寫道,在自傳體裁。 He does tell about how he met his wife, whom he gave the nickname “Lorelei”, in “A Prophet at Home” and a bit about the life of his family and very briefly that three children were born during the forties.他並告訴他是如何會見了他的妻子,其中他給了暱稱“ lorelei ” ,在“先知在家裡”一點的生活,他的家人和很簡單的說,三個孩子出生在40年代。 His wife is mentioned as being twenty years old in 1940-41 and presumably she is still alive.他的妻子是提到,作為二十年歲,在1940年至1941年,並推測她是還活著。 His children would of course be important sources of imformation about him.他的孩子們當然會的重要來源信息約他。 Even though it should be respected that he wanted his privacy, he does deserve to get much more of the attention and fame, which was interrupted when in 1938 he stepped into “forbidden territory”.即使它應該得到尊重,他希望他的隱私權,他並不值得得到更多的重視和名利,這是中斷時,在1938年,他步入“禁止領土” 。

My only sources of information here have been Ivor Bensons and Reed own remarks, scattered in his early works, especially The Controversy of Zion and a couple of books he wrote while living in South Africa.我唯一的信息來源,這裡已ivor bensons和蘆葦自己的言論,分散在他的早期作品,特別是爭議的錫安和一對夫婦的書籍,他寫道,而生活在南非。 In 1966, when Rhodesia declared itself independent from Great Britain, he went there and his conversations and investigations became the book The Battle for South Africa written in 1974 and shortly before his death he wrote a much abbreviated version of The Controversy of Zion titled The Grand Design of the 20 th Century, a small pamphlet of 45 pages in A-6.在1966年,當羅得西亞宣布自己是獨立於英國,他去和他的交談和調查,成為這本書爭奪戰,南非的書面於1974年在短期內和在他死之前,他寫了很多縮寫版本的爭議,錫安名為大設計的20世紀,一個小的小冊子, 45頁,在1 - 6 。 Here he reduced the story from 300.000 to app.在這裡,他減少了故事,從300.000到亞洲漿紙。 13.000 words. 13.000話。

In these last three books he does not talk very much about Jews or Zionists.在這最後的三本書,他不會談十分左右猶太人或猶太复國主義者。 He used many circumscriptions, such as “the powers masking themselves as “Liberalism”.他用許多circumscriptions ,如“權力掩蔽自己是”自由主義“ 。 However, there is nothing to indicate, that he changed his view of their role in history.不過,有沒有表明,他改變了他的看法,他們的歷史作用。 I can only guess the reason for his reserve, it was probably in order to get the books published, In the books about Rhodesia and South Africa he saw just the latest unwinding of the West and its values as a victim of the world revolution in perfect agreement with the corrupt politicians of the West and under the relentless pressure of the Zionists.我只能猜測的原因,他的儲備,它可能是在為了讓出版的書籍,在圖書約羅得西亞和南非,他看到剛才的最新解除西方和自己的價值觀念,作為受害者的世界革命,在完善協議與腐敗政客的西部和下無情的壓力,猶太复國主義者。 His theme was the hippocracy of the liveration of the blacks from tyranny, when the truth was that that Africa was taken back into the stoneage from whence it came.他的主題是hippocracy的liveration的黑人從暴政,當事實是,非洲是採取重新納入stoneage從whence它來了。 He also mentions the attacks on these white bastions and a distinct war on the white mans world, a theme where the question of race is mentioned, a theme he has not cultivated earlier as far as I can recall.他還提到攻擊,這些白色戰鬥堡壘和一個獨特的戰爭就白紙芒的世界,一個主題,那裡的問題是種族提到,一個主題,他卻沒有培養較早,據我記憶所及。 In 1966 he “experienced” the new emigration law in the USA, which would change the USA from a mainly white area into a more and more coloured one and he “experienced” the movement for civil rights” and possibly the new migration wave.在1966年,他在“經驗”新的移民法在美國,這將改變美國從一個主要白人區變成了越來越多的有色一和他在“經驗”的運動,公民權利“ ,並可能是新的移民浪潮。 So he had seen the main issues of the battle against the West and a Jewish battle against the white man and he has no doubt imagined a development somewhat like the one we see to-day with masses of migrants from the third world although he probably did not imagine, that the populations of the West would so feebly tolerate it.因此,他親眼目睹的主要問題,對抗西方和一個猶太對抗白人男子,他已毫無疑問,想像的發展有點像一個我們看到,以天與人民群眾的移民從世界第三,雖然他可能沒有無法想像,即人口的西部地區將因此feebly容忍這種行為。

In The Grand Design he mentions Cecil Rhodes and his plans for a British world government and he could (before his dead in 1976) have read and taken in Gary Allens None Dare Call it Conspiracy (1976) which talks about the Bilderberg-group and the Council of Foreign Relations as players in the game of hidden politics.在宏偉的設計 ,他提到塞西爾羅茲和他的計劃,為英國政府和世界,他可以(之前,他的死在1976年)已經閱讀並採取在程介南allens 沒有不敢稱之為陰謀 ( 1976年) ,其中談及。 Bilderberg組和安理會的外交關係,作為球員在遊戲中隱藏的政治。 But that does not seem to change his basic view of the driving forces behind the destruction of the world as Talmudic and as described in The Controversy of Zion .但似乎沒有改變他的基本觀點的推動力破壞世界的talmudic和所描述的爭議,錫安 。 And that the West bears the greatest responsibility for the fact, that this destruction can succeed.並說,西方負有最大責任的事實,這殺傷性才能成功。

To-day Douglas Reed and his explanation of the events of world history are more relevant than ever. -天道格拉斯里德和他的解釋的事件,世界歷史上更比以往任何時候都有關。 Naturally he had expected a settlement of the battle between “good and evil” at the turn of the millenium at the very latest and in Rhodesia i 1966 and in South Africa in 1976 he saw signs of the great “Third Event” (the Third World War) which the hidden powers need in order to lock their world dictatorship in place.自然,他原本預期的解決之間的戰鬥“的善和惡”在千年之交,在最新的和在羅得西亞和i 1966年,在南非於1976年,他看到的跡象,偉大的“第三個活動” (第三次世界戰爭) ,其中隱藏的權力,需要在以鎖定他們的世界專政的地方。 But are we not to-day very close to a world war started first against Iraq and now perhabs soon against Iran – for Israel – and with the Jewish leaders of the worlds media as pushers?但是,我們不要一天非常接近世界戰爭開始的第一對伊拉克和現在perhabs盡快對伊朗-以色列-與猶太領導人對世界媒體作為頂推船? Are we not witnessing the creation of Eretz Israel while the United States as the most recent great host nation is being destroyed?我們沒有看到創造eretz以色列,而美國作為最近期的偉大的主辦國是被摧毀? Do we not to-day see the destruction of our culture on all fronts – directed and increased by leading Jewish powers first and foremost in the media, politics and finance?我們不以天見破壞我們的文化在各個方面-指揮和增加領導猶太人的權力,首要的在媒體上,政治和財務? Is that not their enforced multi-culture in the West – and the implementation of monocultural racisme in Israel?是不是他們所執行的多元文化在西方的-和實施單一種族主義在以色列? Is that not the revolutionary masses of the new world that are supposed to apply pressure from below on the worlds' governments through the UN, the EU, conventions, media bombardment and political protection whilst well placed Zionist leaders apply similar pressure from above?這不是革命群眾的新的世界是為了施加壓力,從下面對世界'各國政府通過聯合國,歐盟,公約,媒體的轟炸和政治保護,而有利的位置,猶太复國主義領導人適用於類似的壓力,從上面? Do we not in reality have the tyrranical world government through 9/11 and terrorlegislation all over the Western World, which only need a couple more terror events in order to be formally appointed?我們不是在現實中有tyrranical世界政府通過9 / 11和terrorlegislation所有超過西方世界,只需要一對夫婦更多的恐怖事件,為了得到正式任命? The world army is about to be in place and “world wide legislation” is being implemented with a background in the Nürnberger Tribunal and the genocide convention – both established predominantly by Jews.世界上軍隊即將在地方和“世界廣泛的立法”是正在實施的背景下,在nürnberger債審裁處及懲治滅絕種族罪公約-均成立了主要由猶太人。

The 3rd of March is one of the most important Jewish holidays, Purim, when the murder of the Persian, antisemitic minister Haman, his sons and 75.000 Persians 2500 years ago is celebrated merrily with the symbolic whipping of Haman in the synagogue and the eating of triagular meat-cakes symbolising Hamans ears.在3月3日是其中一個最重要的猶太節日,普珥節,當謀殺案的波斯語, antisemitic部長哈曼,他的兒子和75.000波斯人2500年前是慶祝merrily與象徵性鞭笞的咸安,在猶太教會堂和吃triagular肉月餅象徵hamans的耳朵。 The world media is flowing over with news showing how little has changed in the Jewish idea of world domination.世界媒體是流過的新聞,顯示如何幾乎沒有改變,在猶太人的思想支配世界。 The new Haman in Persia, the “antisemitic” president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is demonised with falsified propagande in thousands of articles and TV-programs, where the world opinion is being whipped up in order to foment a war against Iran.新咸安在波斯, “ antisemitic ”伊朗總統艾哈邁迪內賈德是demonised與偽造propagande在數以千計的文章和電視節目,如世界的看法是正在掀起,為了挑撥戰爭對伊朗的。 It is very likely that it can lead us into the Third World War.這是很有可能,它可以帶領我們進入第三次世界大戰。 Also the two attacks on Iraq, which were obviously for Israel and nothing else, were started in connection with Purim.此外,兩國對伊拉克的打擊,這顯然是對以色列和什麼都沒有,開始了他涉嫌與普珥節。 The most recent, nauseating example is trying to get millions of Christian children the world over to pray for protection of Israel against Irans alledged atomic threat ( Jewish Post 27.2.2007 – 9 Adar 5767).最近期的, nauseating的例子是試圖獲得以百萬計的基督教兒童世界各地的祈禱,為保護以色列對irans指稱原子的威脅( 猶太後的 2007年2月27日-9阿達爾5 767) 。 Meanwhile practically no media mentions Israels enormous stores of weapons of mass destruction including hundreds of ready-to-go atomic missiles.同時,幾乎沒有媒體提到israels巨大的商店大規模殺傷性武器,包括數百名準備到去原子導彈。 In Denmark we have just seen a revolutionary mob mobilising for battle in the streets and hundred of thousands of foreigners can be mobilised as fifth column against the West in case of war.在丹麥我們剛剛看到一個革命性的暴民發動戰鬥,在街道和100數以千計的外國人,可以動員作為第五縱隊對西方在案件的戰爭。 Pressure from above by money, media and politics – from below a whipped up and destructive mob for the purpose of creating a world dictatorship with its center in Jerusalem (David Ben Gurion 1962).從上面的壓力,金錢,媒體和政治-從低於掀起了和破壞性的暴民為目的,創造了世界專政,其中心在耶路撒冷(大衛本古裡安1 962年) 。 The president of the worlds only superpower is completely in the pocket of Jewish “advisors” and will soon be thrown away by them like a piece of used toiletpaper.主席的世界上唯一的超級大國,完全是在口袋猶太“顧問” ,並很快將扔掉他們像一塊用於toiletpaper 。 In the coming up election the two parties will compete with each other in pleasing world Jewry the most.在未來的選舉了締約雙方將互相競爭,在取悅世界猶太人最。

Exactly as described by Douglas Reed fifty years ago.正是由於所描述的道格拉斯蘆葦, 50年前。

The big Jewish organizations and the world media yell louder and louder about “antisemitism” and there will be antisemitism for sure.大猶太組織和世界媒體嚷嚷的呼聲強烈“ antisemitism ”會有antisemitism肯定的。 But it will be far more correct to call it what Douglas Reed himself called it: “A conspiracy of truth”.但將遠遠更正確的叫什麼道格拉斯蘆葦自己稱它: “一項陰謀的真相” 。

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Critical Biographies of Douglas Reed 關鍵的傳記道格拉斯蘆葦