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How Odd of God*

* - to choose the Jews


. * -選擇猶太人。 (W.N. Ewer)

Chapter Twenty Three in "Disgrace Abounding" by Douglas Reed (1939) 第一章2003年在“恥辱abounding ”道格拉斯蘆葦( 1939 )

When I was in London in the Spring of 1938 I went one day to see a high official in Whitehall. 當我在倫敦,在1938年春我到一天看到一位高級官員在白廳。 As I arrived half an hour too soon I went into a teashop, the only thing you can do in London when you arrive anywhere half an hour too soon, and ordered a cup of the wet, brown and warm stuff which they call coffee, and then I heard a voice call 'Reed' and turned round, and corpulent as ever, in a corner, was my acquaintance whom we will call Blumenlevy. 正如我抵達一個半小時得太早我走進一茶葉鋪,唯一的一件事,你可以做在倫敦當您到達任何地方的一個半小時還為時過早,並下令杯濕,布朗和熱情的東西,他們呼籲咖啡,和然後我聽到一個語音通話'蘆葦'和轉身, corpulent與以往一樣,在一個角落,是我的熟人,其中我們會打電話給blumenlevy 。
I knew him first in Berlin, some years before Hitler came to power. 我知道他第一次在柏林,一些年前,希特勒上台。 Then he was well-to-do and important, and nobody, least of all himself, seemed to recall he was not a German. 然後,他以及到做的和重要的,沒有人,至少所有自己,似乎記得他不是一個德國人。 He was part of Berlin and looked likely to end his days there. 他的一部分,柏林,並期待可能以結束他的天。 But then came Hitler, and Blumenlevy moved to Vienna and suddenly he was Austrian-born and a great Austrian patriot and was all for defending Austrian independence to the last drop of anybody else's blood and fervently admired Mussolini, a dictator, true, but not then an anti-Semitic one, because he had mobilized troops on the Brenner when Dollfuss was murdered and had declared he would not tolerate the rape of Austria. 但後來希特勒,並blumenlevy遷移到維也納和突然,他出生在奧地利的一個偉大的愛國者和奧地利是所有為捍衛奧地利的獨立到最後一滴其他人的血液和熱切欽佩墨索里尼,一個獨裁者,真正的,但不是那麼一反猶太一,因為他已動員部隊對布雷時,多爾富斯被殺害,並宣布他絕不會容忍強姦奧地利。 'Why do you English quarrel with this great man?' '你為什麼英語吵架這位偉大的人物呢? Blumenlevy asked me. blumenlevy問我。 'It is madness.' '這是瘋狂。

But then Mussolini became Hitler's friend and Blumenlevy, all at once, was a red-hot Austrian monarchist and was for bringing young Otto back to Vienna forthwith, for only so could Austrian patriots count on the continued independence of Austria. 但當時墨索里尼成為希特勒的朋友和blumenlevy ,全部一次,是一個紅色的熱奧地利monarchist ,並為實現青年奧托回到維也納隨即,只有這樣,可奧地利愛國者指望得到持續的獨立性,奧地利。

A few days before Hitler marched into Austria, and sent his telegram to Rome, 'Mussolini, I shall never forget what you have done for me to-day', I ran into Blumenlevy in a coffee house. 前幾天,希特勒遊行到奧地利,並派遣他的電報,到羅馬,墨索里尼,我將永遠不會忘記你所做的,我一天' ,我衝進blumenlevy在一個咖啡館。 He had been to see an Austrian monarchist leader, A, he said, and had urged him to arm the monarchists, but A was a feeble fellow and hadn't felt equal to it. 他已看到一名奧地利monarchist領袖,他說,並敦促他武裝monarchists ,但是一個軟弱的同胞並沒有感受到它的平等。 'I would do it,' said Blumenlevy, 'Ich bin ein Draufgänger - I'm a stick-at-nothing chap.' '我想這樣做, '說blumenlevy , '腦出血斌艾因draufgänger -我是一個堅持-在無章。

I looked at him, fat, wheezy, and aged. 我看著他,脂肪,喘息,和年齡。 Oh yeah, I thought. 噢,耶,我以為。

Now Austria was finished, and here he was in London, already waiting on an appointment with somebody in a high place, already half-way to becoming an Englishman, naturalization papers looming ahead, and soon he would be urging the British to go and fight Germany. 現在,奧地利已經完成,並在這裡,他是在倫敦,已經在等待預約有人在一個高的地方,已經中途宿舍成為一個英國人,入籍文件籠罩進取,很快,他將要求英國去撲滅德國。 We shall probably have to do it anyway, but I thought, as I contemplated Blumenlevy, that the Jews, if they want to fight Germany, should urge others less and enlist more. 我們會可能必須這樣做,無論如何,但我認為,正如我合同blumenlevy ,即猶太人,如果他們想爭取德國,應敦促其他國家少,並爭取更多。

That is one picture, painted without malice. 這是一張圖片,描繪了沒有惡意。 Look at this one. 看看這個1 。

I stood, in the heat of that September crisis, in a newspaper office in Budapest and talked with a young Jewish journalist. 我站在,在熱九月危機,在報紙上辦公室在匈牙利首都布達佩斯,並與一個年輕的猶太問。 'I am for war,' he said loudly, 'this is the moment to stop Germany.' '我為戰爭,他說,大聲,這是目前阻止德國。 'You,' I said, 'but what would you do in this war?' '你, '我說, ' ,但你會怎樣做在這場戰爭中呢? 'Oh,' he said airily, 'I intend to survive it.' '哦, '他說, airily , '我打算把它的生存。 'Then why call for war, if you are not going to fight?' '那麼,為何呼籲戰爭,如果您不是去爭取呢? I asked. 我問。 'What can I do?' '我能做些什麼呢? he said, 'I am a Hungarian subject, that would mean fighting for Germany.' 他說, '我是一個匈牙利的主題,這將意味著在爭取德國。 'Why not go to Republican Spain and fight there,' I answered, 'or to Czechoslovakia, and fight with the Czechs?' '為什麼不能去西班牙和共和黨爭取有, '我回答, '或捷克斯洛伐克,並爭取與捷克呢? 'That would be difficult,' he said, fidgeting. '那將是困難的, '他說, fidgeting 。 He too was thinking of a war between Gentiles for the purpose of exterminating anti-Semitism. 他也思想之間的戰爭外邦人為目的的滅絕反猶太主義。

Look at this picture. 看看這個圖片。

I sat, during that eventful and fear-laden summer, in a coffee-house in Prague, and a Jewess came in whom I had known in Vienna. 我坐在,在這個多事的和恐懼-拉登的夏天,在一個咖啡房子在布拉格,和jewess來了,我已經知道在維也納舉行。 She had always laid stress on her Austrian patriotism, on her love for Vienna. 她一直強調了她的奧地利愛國主義,對她的愛維也納。 She was the daughter, she repeatedly told you, of an officer in the old Imperial Austrian Army, and she longed to see the Kaiser back. 她的女兒,她一再告訴你,一個主任,在舊帝國的奧地利軍隊,她渴望看到愷撒回。

Now she came and sat by me. 現在她來到坐在我的。 'Are you homesick for Austria?' '你想家,奧地利呢? she said. 她說。 'Yes, I am,' I answered, 'and I shall always be.' '是的,我, '我回答, '我將永遠。 'I'm not,' she said gleefully, 'not a little bit. '我不是, '她回答說是興高采烈, '不是一點點。 I hate it. 我討厭它。 I have no feeling left for it at all. 我沒有感覺,留給它在所有。 I feel myself reborn to be away.' 我覺得自己重生,以遠離。

I considered her. 我認為她的。 I could understand perfectly what she felt. 我可以完全理解她覺得什麼。 Yet I knew that if I, an Englishman and a Gentile, had been born an Austrian and a Gentile and had had to fly from Austria, when Hitler came, for this reason or that, I should nevertheless have loved and longed for Austria until my last day. 但我知道如果我,一個英國人和一個詹蒂萊,已出生的一名奧地利和詹蒂萊不得不飛來自奧地利,當希特勒上台,基於這個原因,或者,我應該不過有愛的渴望和奧地利,直到我最後一天。

There was a difference, deep, eternal, ineradicable. 有區別,深,永恆的,不可磨滅的。

These are three portraits from the gallery of 1938. 這些都是三畫像,從畫廊1938年。 I could show you a hundred others. 我可以為您顯示100等。

I belong to those cads who put loyalty among the human virtues, and I have not forgotten Jews whom I knew in the British Army during the war. 我是屬於那些cads誰把忠誠度之間的人類美德,和我沒有忘記猶太人的人我知道,在英國軍隊在戰爭期間。 Those Jews, long-established in England, were all right; but the great mass of new Jewish immigrants that we are getting now are mortally dangerous to us. 那些猶太人,成立已久的在英格蘭,人的所有權利,但偉大的大規模新的猶太移民,我們正在現在是致命的危險給我們。

I, with all the horror I have of National Socialism and the dread I have of Germany under National Socialism, shall say some hard things about the Jews. 我與所有的恐怖,我的國家社會主義和恐懼,我的德國國家社會主義,應說,一些硬的東西,關於猶太人。 I have watched and studied them now, all over Europe, for many years and know my subject. 我曾觀看和研究他們的現在,所有在歐洲,很多年,知道我的課題。

In England the fashion is to profess complete incomprehension of the movements in progress in Europe to restrict the influence of the Jews. 在英格蘭的時裝是自稱完全不理解的動作正在進行中的歐洲限制的影響,猶太人。 This attitude towards the Jews is the sheet anchor, in their continual claim to be humane, of those English people who put a screen of self-complacency between themselves and everything that is wrong or needs changing: how can the foreigner be right in saying we are perfidious or arrogant or class-ridden or inhumane when we have this tolerant and magnanimous feeling about the Jews? 這種態度對猶太人的是資產負債表錨,在其不斷聲稱自己是人道的,這些英語的人誰提出一個屏幕上自我自滿,他們之間的一切是錯的或需要改變:如何才能的外國人必須正確地說,我們是背信或傲慢或階級纏身或不人道的,當我們有這個寬容和大度的感覺猶太人? We feel 'a generous indignation' about the treatment of the Jews. 我們覺得'一個慷慨的憤慨'治療猶太人。 We may not care a fig about Spanish women and children being blown to bits by German and Italian bombs. 我們可能不會照顧一圖約西班牙語婦女和兒童被吹至鑽頭由德國和意大利的炸彈。 But our British love of fair play is revolted by the treatment of the Jews. 但我們的英愛公平競爭的是反抗,由治療猶太人。

For us, these people say, there is no Jewish problem. 對我們來說,這些人說,是沒有猶太人的問題。 For them, the favoured followers of the God-of-things-as-they-are, on whose own corns the Jewish problem does not tread, there is similarly no slum problem. 對於他們來說,贊成的追隨者神- -東西- -他們-是,在其自己的雞眼猶太人問題並不胎面,有同樣是沒有貧民窟的問題。 There are, somewhere, slums, about which you occasionally feel a generous indignation. 有某處,貧民窟,這是您偶爾會覺得一個慷慨的憤慨。 Is there a Derelict Areas problem? 是否有失職領域的問題呢? No, there are Derelict Areas. 沒有,有廢棄的地區。 Is there a German problem? 是有一個德國的問題呢? No, there is Germany. 沒有,是德國。

There is a Jewish problem. 有一個猶太人的問題。 Like the slum problem and the German problem you will leave it until it devours you. 像貧民窟問題和德國的問題,您將離開它,直到它devours你。

I wrote various incidental passages about Jews in Insanity Fair . 我寫的各種附帶通道約猶太人在精神失常的公平 。 Because many people either could not understand or did not accept the things I said, I am going to make myself crystal clear this time. 因為很多人要么無法理解或不接受的事情,我說,我將會讓自己很清楚這個時候。

One British newspaper and two American ones spoke reproachfully of my anti-Semitism. 一,英國報紙和兩家美國的發言reproachfully我的反猶太主義。 If you discuss this question at all the welkin immediately rings with the yelping of 'Anti-Semite', often from people who have nothing more than a languid indifference about it, but like using phrases of this sort because Englishmen always play cricket, don't you know, and hang it, play the game, sir. 如果你討論這個問題在所有welkin立即戒指與yelping '反semite ' ,往往是從人誰沒有一個多倦怠冷漠的態度,但想用詞組這一類的,因為英國人始終發揮板球,不要噸你也知道,和坑,玩遊戲,主席先生。

I had a letter from a reader in Palestine who said, 'You have written a good book, save for your appallingly ignorant and callous attitude towards the Jews'. 我有一個信從一個讀者在巴勒斯坦誰說, '你寫了一本好書,保存為您的驚人無知,麻木不仁的態度對待猶太人' 。 This did not convince me, because many people said similar things about Insanity Fair . 這並沒有說服我,因為很多人說,類似的事情, 精神錯亂公平的 。 The Communists thought it was good save for the part about Soviet Russia, the Fascists liked it apart from its references to Germany and Italy, the Old School Tie Brigade thought it would have been a good book but for its allusions to the public school system in England, and these, as the literary critic of a journal mainly devoted to pushing the sale of women's underclothes wrote, indicated 'a regrettable tendency towards Left ideas'. 中共認為這是良好的保存,為部分俄羅斯蘇維埃,法西斯喜歡它,除了它的提述,德國和意大利,舊學校配合旅,認為這會被一本好書,但其典故,以公立學校系統在英格蘭,而這些,作為文學評論家的雜誌,主要致力於推動販賣婦女的內衣寫信,表示'一個令人遺憾的傾向左的思想' 。 The close connection between the manufacture and sale of camisoles and true-blue, die-in-the-last-ditch, backs-up and chins-to-the-wall, down-with-the-Reds, up-with-the-good-old-flag-Blimpery is a thing I shall investigate one day. 之間的密切聯繫,製造及銷售的貼身背心和真正的藍,壓鑄在- -盡最後,支持建立和chins - - -牆,向下與- -紅人隊,直至-與- -良好的舊國旗blimpery是一個事,我會調查一天。

I had two letters which made me think, long and carefully, which made me take out my knowledge and feelings and convictions about the Jews, put them under the microscope, scrutinize them meticulously for the microbes of prejudice or ignorance. 我的兩封信,使我覺得,只要和仔細,這使我拿出我的知識和感受,及被定罪的有關猶太人,把他們在顯微鏡下,他們認真審議,為微生物的偏見或無知。 After that long examination I was satisfied. 之後,只要考試,我感到滿意。 I decided to take these letters as my text when I came to write again about the Jews. 我決定採取這些信件作為我的文字,當我來寫,再次約猶太人。

The first was from a young American Jew, an earnest request for information. 首先是從一個年輕的美國猶太人,認真提供資料的要求。 He had read Insanity Fair twice, with great interest, he said, and it had left his mind simmering with questions about the Jews, to which he could not find the answer himself, so that, rather pathetically, he wanted it from me. 他曾閱讀精神錯亂公平的兩倍,懷著極大的興趣,他說,它已離開他心中醞釀與問題有關的猶太人,他無法找到答案自己,因此,相當可憐,他想從我。 What did I really think about them? 是什麼我真的覺得他們呢? I seemed to think their troubles to some extent were of their own making. i似乎認為他們的麻煩,在一定程度上被他們自己的決策。 Did I believe that? 我相信嗎? He thought the Jews were just buffeted about. 他認為猶太人只是衝擊。 For his own part he had lost all feeling of Jewish cohesion. 為自己的一部分,他失去了所有的感覺,猶太人的凝聚力。

I do think this. 我認為這一點。 But I do not believe there is any Jew, anywhere, who has lost all feeling of Jewish cohesion. 但我不相信有任何猶太人,在任何地方,誰失去了所有的感覺,猶太人的凝聚力。 Many wish they could, but none do. 許多想他們可以,但沒有這樣做。

The second letter came from a Jewess in South Africa. 第二個字母來自jewess在南非舉行。 She wrote in deep distress about events in Insanity Fair. 她寫道,在深約遇險事件在精神失常的公平。 Up to the last, she wrote, she believed that England had something up her sleeve, but now, 'the strong arm that England used to wield lay withered beneath the poppies in Flanders fields'. 直到最後,她寫道,她認為,英格蘭有一些東西了她的套,但現在, '強烈的手臂,英格蘭用來執掌奠定枯萎下方的罌粟在佛蘭德領域' 。 But the book had been a comfort to her in this mental agony that so many people are experiencing in our time: it was, she said, in a shell-burst of superlatives, magnificent, gallant, terrible. 不過,這本書已安慰她在這方面的精神痛苦,所以很多人都經歷,在我們這個時代:這是她說,在一個殼爆裂的最高級形容詞,宏偉,浩,可怕的。 Then she asked, 'You write repeatedly of your Jewish "acquaintances". 然後她問, '你寫一再您的猶太人“熟人” 。 Have you never had a Jewish friend? 你從未有過一個猶太朋友嗎? What have you in your heart for the Jews? 什麼你在你的心為猶太人? Is it pity?' 這是很可惜嗎?

Stimulating sentences, that acted on me like the cue that prompts an actor to his lines. 刺激的刑罰,即採取行動,對我像線索,提示一個演員,以他的線。

The word 'acquaintances' was carefully chosen. 字'熟人'是慎重選擇。 I have never had a Jewish friend. 我從來沒有一個猶太人朋友。 I never shall. 我從來沒有應。 I could, if Jews were Jews, subjects of a Jew state, avowedly foreigners in other lands, not professedly Germans, Englishmen, Hungarians, Austrians, Poles. 我可以,如果猶太人,猶太人,科目的猶太人國家, avowedly外國人在其他土地,而不是professedly德國人,英國人,匈牙利人,奧地利人,波蘭人。

I have sharpened my wits on the conversation of Jews, I admire their quick-wittedness. 我已經激化,我束手無策,對會話的猶太人,我很佩服他們的快速wittedness 。 If there were a Jewish nation I would make it an ally of England because I believe that, for their own cause, the Jews would fight like lions. 如果有一個猶太人的民族我想使它成為盟友,英格蘭,因為我相信,為自己的事業,猶太人將爭取像獅子。 I know that many of them fought in the armies of Germany and France and England, I know that each of these Jews wanted his side to win. 我知道他們中的許多戰鬥在軍隊的法國和德國和英格蘭,我知道每個這些猶太人,他想方取勝。 But I also know that they had less to fear if their side lost, that they prosper in defeat and chaos. 但我也知道,他們或多或少的恐懼,如果他們的一方敗訴,他們繁榮的失敗和混亂。 I saw this in Germany and Austria and Hungary. 我看到這在德國和奧地利和匈牙利。

I distrust the fiction that these Jews are Germans or Frenchmen or Englishmen, when I know that they are in all countries closely welded communities working, first and foremost, for the Jewish cause. i不信任的小說,這些猶太人是德國人或法國人或英國人,當我知道他們是在所有國家密切合作,焊接社區工作,首要的,為猶太人的事業。 Walk any Saturday evening along Oxford Street or Regent Street, contemplate those thousands of hatless young men, of carefully dressed and arm-linked young women coming up from the east to go to the great film theatres round Piccadilly and Marble Arch, to invade the chocolate-sundae corner palaces. 步行任何星期六傍晚沿牛津街或攝政街,爭議的那些成千上萬的hatless年輕男子,仔細穿著及手臂有聯繫的年輕婦女的未來,從東到偉大的電影劇院一輪皮卡迪利和大理石拱橋,入侵巧克力-聖角落的宮殿。 Do you believe these are English people? 你認為這些都是英語的人? Do they? 他們這樣做呢?

Will they help us to re-make England into a sturdy and well-found land of craftsmen and farmers and sailors? 他們會幫助我們重新使英格蘭成為一個堅固以及發現的土地,技工和農民水手? Do they not rather stand for cheap and tawdry frocks, and their corollary, sweated labour (if you have the energy, go down into the East End and visit the people who cut and sew those frocks), for gaudy Babylonian film temples, for your blasted Glamour Girls, for trashy imitation jewellery, for spurious marble halls at the sign of the fish-and-chip? 難道他們不主張,而不是廉價和tawdry frocks ,以及他們的必然結果, sweated勞工(如果您有能源,深入到東端,並參觀的人誰裁剪及縫紉那些frocks ) , gaudy巴比倫電影廟宇,為您的炸毀的魅力女孩, trashy仿製珠寶,為雜散大理石大堂的標誌魚和芯片?

But that is another question. 不過,這是另一個問題。 No penny-in-the-slot machine could produce its response more quickly than that question brings the answer from me. 沒有竹篙-在- -老虎機可產生的反應更迅速,比這個問題帶來答案,從我。 I know the answer. 我知道答案。

'What have you in your heart for the Jews? '什麼,你在你的心為猶太人? Is it pity?' 這是很可惜嗎?

The answer is: 'What have you in your heart for Gentiles?' 答案是: '什麼,你在你的心,為外邦人的呢?

That brings you at a stroke to the root of the matter. 這使你在中風的根源,這件事。 Not anti-Semitism was first, but anti-Gentilism. 沒有反猶太主義是第一,但反gentilism 。 You have heard a lot in recent years about Hitler's Nuremberg anti-Jewish laws, with their ban on intermarriage, which the Germans call race-defilement. 你有聽到很多在近年來關於希特勒的紐倫堡反猶太人的法律,與他們通婚的禁令,其中德國呼籲種族的污辱。

A most intelligent and cultured and open-minded Jew in Budapest said to me, 'After all, the Nuremberg laws are only the translation into German of our own Mosaic laws, with their ban on intermarriage with Gentiles'. 一個最智能,培養和開明的猶太人在布達佩斯對我說, '畢竟,紐倫堡的法律,只是翻譯成德語我們自己的花葉法律,與他們通婚的禁令與外邦人' 。

Race-antagonism began, not with the Gentiles, but with the Jews. 種族對立開始,而不是與外邦人,但與猶太人。 Their religion is based on it. 他們的宗教是基於它。 This racial lunacy which you detest in the Germans has possessed the Jews for thousands of years. 這種種族lunacy你討厭在德國已具備猶太人千百年來。 When they become powerful, they practise it; as they consolidate their position in one trade after another, in one profession or another, the squeeze-out of Gentiles begins. 當他們成為強大的,他們執業的;作為他們鞏固他們的地位在一貿易後,另一個,在一個專業或其他,擠壓出外邦人的開始。 That was why you found, in Berlin and Vienna and Budapest and Prague and Bucharest, newspapers with hardly a Gentile on the editorial staff, theatres owned and managed by Jews presenting Jewish actors and actresses in Jewish plays praised by the Jewish critics of Jewish newspapers, whole streets with hardly a non-Jewish shop in them, whole branches of retail trade monopolized by Jews. 這就是為什麼你發現,在柏林和維也納和布達佩斯和布拉格和布加勒斯特,報紙與幾乎詹蒂萊對編輯的工作人員,劇院擁有和管理的猶太人介紹猶太演員在猶太扮演稱讚猶太人的批評猶太報紙,整個街道上,幾乎沒有非猶太人在他們的店,整個分行零售貿易壟斷的猶太人。

Jews, if you know them well enough and understand these things enough for them to talk openly with you, will admit this. 猶太人,如果你知道他們不夠好,並了解這些東西足夠讓他們談公開與你,也會承認這一點。 They cannot deny it. 他們不能否認它。

In the beginning was anti-Gentilism. 在開始時是反gentilism 。 This, not the perfidy of the Gentiles, prevents the assimilation of the Jews. 這一點,不是背信棄義的外邦人,防止同化的猶太人。 This prevents them from ever becoming Germans or Poles or Italians. 這可以防止他們從以往任何時候都成為德國或波蘭或意大利人。 This keeps them welded together as alien communities in foreign lands, communities ultimately hostile to the Gentile. 這使它們焊接在一起,作為外國人社區在外國的土地,社區的最終敵對向詹蒂萊。

It is their religion? 這是他們的宗教? Good, but it is the reason why they cannot be assimilated. 好的,但它是原因,他們不能被同化。

In the defeated countries the Jews did not use the great power they achieved to promote and accelerate assimilation. 在被擊敗的國家的猶太人沒有使用大國,他們取得了促進和加速同化。 They used it to increase the power and wealth of the Jews, and their intensive mutual collaboration, in that era to oust non-Jews from professions, trades and callings, was the outward and visible sign that anti-Gentilism remained within them. 他們用它來增加權力和財富的猶太人,以及他們密集的相互協作,在那個時代趕下台,非猶太人,從專業,行業和召喚,是外向和可視性標誌,反gentilism維持他們。 The race barriers that had existed against the Jews were broken down, every path was open; but the race-barrier within themselves still existed, and thus you had the misuse of this freedom and those grave signs of its abuse, the exploitation of cheap labour and of young non-Jewish womanhood, which were so repugnant a feature of life in Berlin and Vienna, and still are seen to-day, as I write, in Budapest and Prague. 種族壁壘,已存在對猶太人被打破,每一個路徑是開放的;但種族屏障的內部本身仍然存在,因此,你曾濫用這一自由和這些嚴重的跡象,其虐待,剝削廉價勞工和青少年的非猶太女性,其中,使令人厭惡的一個特點,生活在柏林和維也納,仍然被認為是天,正如我寫,在布達佩斯和布拉格。

These are grave things, which need to be understood. 這些都是嚴重的事情,需要理解的。

The inner knowledge of this seemingly unbridgable gulf causes many Jews to take on protective colouring, to change their names, to outdo their Gentile neighbours in vocal patriotism, to obscure the fact that they are Jews. 黨內的知識,這似乎unbridgable海灣的原因許多猶太人採取的保護填色,要改變他們的姓名,戰勝他們的詹蒂萊鄰國在聲樂愛國主義,掩蓋事實,即他們是猶太人。 Some, a few, marry Gentiles; to the main body of Jews they are renegades who have 'married outside the faith'. 一些,少數人,結婚外邦人;主體的猶太人,他們是叛徒誰'結婚以外的信仰' 。 Some, a few, have themselves baptized; but they remain Jews. 一些,少數人,有自己的洗禮,但他們仍然是猶太人。

In three Central European capitals that I know the baptism of Jews, since the annexation of Austria, has become an industry. 在三個歐洲國家的首都,中央,我知道的洗禮的猶太人,自從吞併奧地利,已成為一個產業。 The step is taken in all cynicism, as a business proposition, a means of getting into countries which have banned the admission of Jews, a device to tide over the years until the anti-Semitic wave subsides again. 該所採取的步驟是在所有犬儒主義,作為一個商業命題,一的方式進入國家已禁止輸入猶太人,設備度過難關多年來,直到反猶浪潮消退。 The Jews joke about it among themselves, and the Jews I know, who talk frankly with me because they know that I understand the racket, joke about it with me. 猶太人笑話,它在它們之間,以及猶太人,我知道,誰談坦白跟我,因為他們知道我所知,球拍,笑話,它與我。 One Jew, discussing it with me, told me of an acquaintance who, to his annoyance, found that he had to pass through a period of instruction in the faith he was about to acquire before he received the coveted baptismal certificate, and how he cut short the priest's explanation of the immaculate conception with the words, 'Schaun S', ich glaube Ihnen sämtliche Sachen' (Look here, I believe everything). 1猶太人,討論它與我,告訴我,一個熟人誰,他的煩擾,發現他曾通過一個時期的教學信念,他即將收購之前,他收到了夢寐以求的洗禮證書,以及他如何削減短期神父的解釋聖母無染原罪的概念與換言之, ' schaun s ' ,腦出血glaube ihnen sämtliche sachen 』 (看看這裡,我相信一切) 。 This was thought very funny and sent a roar of laughter round the table. 這被認為是非常可笑的和發出的轟鳴聲笑聲輪表。 In one of the capitals I speak of, several hundred Jews were baptized as Church of England Christians in the summer of 1938, and by a trick they succeeded in predating the baptismal certificates, so that the reason for the conversion should not be 'too apparent. 在其中的資金我說的是,數百名猶太人的洗禮,作為英國教會的基督徒將在今年夏天1938年,由一個把戲,他們成功地在早洗禮證書,使原因為轉換不應該'太明顯。 The convert is usually re-converted to the Hebraic faith when the anti-Semitic period passes. 轉換通常是重新轉換為hebraic信仰時,反猶太主義時期通行證。

These baptized Jews, who have no belief whatever in Christianity, join the community of 'non-Aryan Christians' for whom your Church leaders constantly appeal. 這些洗禮的猶太人,誰沒有信仰,無論在基督教,加入社區的'非雅利安人基督徒的人,您教會領袖不斷呼籲。

An industry has also grown up around the very distress of the Jews, namely, the industry of marriages bought and sold. 一業也成長起來的周圍,非常窘迫的猶太人,即該行業的婚姻購買和出售。 All English readers have seen reports of cases where foreign Jewesses have paid foreigners to marry them in order to acquire another nationality and be beyond the reach of immigration bans and business hindrances. 所有英語讀者看到的報告的情況下,外國jewesses付出的外國人結婚,他們在為了取得另一國籍和超出達到入境禁令和業務的障礙。 The most coveted of all passports -- the passport, not the nationality or the husband, is the coveted thing -- is the British. 最覬覦的所有護照-護照,而不是國籍或丈夫,是夢寐以求的事-是英國。 I was told by a Jew in Prague, 'Any young Englishman could earn a million Kronen by marrying a Jewess from here'. 有人告訴我,由一個猶太人在布拉格,任何年輕的英國人可賺取100萬kronen結婚一jewess從這裡' 。 His table neighbour commented, 'He wouldn't need to be young', and much laughter followed. 他的鄰居表評論,他不會要年輕' ,和許多笑聲其次。

As I write, the Prague newspaper which makes a speciality of brothel advertisements is earning a large revenue each day by publishing the announcements of emigrant Jews who have their papers in order and offer to take a wife with them, if she has a sufficient dowry; of Jewesses who seek a foreigner or a passage-booked emigrant as a husband and offer large financial inducements; and of foreigners who offer to marry Jewesses, and give them the benefits of another nationality, at a high price. 正如我寫,布拉格報紙作出了專業的妓院廣告賺取大量的收入每一天,發表了文告,移民猶太人誰有其論文的秩序和提供一個與他們的妻子,如果她有足夠的嫁妝;對jewesses誰尋求一個外國人,或通過預約移民作為一個丈夫,並提供大量財政誘因;外國人誰提供結婚jewesses ,並給他們的好處,另一國籍,在一個較高的價格。 These are some of the advertisements in current issues: 'American is prepared to marry Jewess'; 'I seek, for my brother, who is about to emigrate to South America, a wife, Jewess; not over 24, dowry essential'; 'Marriage of convenience offered by respectable Yugoslav'; 'Distinguished Englishman offers name-marriage to Jewess'. 這些都是一些廣告在當前的問題: '美國是準備結婚的jewess ' ; '我想,我的兄弟,誰是關於移民到南美洲,妻子, jewess ;不會超過24 ,因嫁妝引起的必不可少的' ; '婚姻的方便所提供的尊敬南斯拉夫' ; '尊敬的英國人提供的名稱-婚姻jewess ' 。

No Jew ever mistakes the man he is dealing with. 猶太人以往任何時候都沒有錯誤,該名男子,他正在處理。 He knows at once whether the other man is a Jew or a Gentile; it is the first question he asks himself. 他知道,一旦在是否另一名男子是一個猶太人或一詹蒂萊,它是第一個問題,他要求自己。

How many Gentiles know when they have to do with a Jew? 有多少外邦人知道他們什麼時候都與猶太人? How often have you heard, 'Is he really a Jew? 如何,往往你聽到的, '是他真正的猶太人? The thought never occurred to me. 思想從未發生過我。 He doesn't look like one'. 他並不像是一' 。

The feeling towards Gentiles that is given the Jew when he comes into the world and is fostered in him within his family circle, is that the Gentiles are people, more stupid than the Jews, who can be used to bring profit and advantage to the Jews. 感覺對外邦人,這是由於猶太人時,他來融入世界,是樹立在他與他的家人循環,是外邦人的人,更愚蠢,比猶太人,誰可以被用來帶來的利潤和優勢,向猶太人。

It is a fundamentally hostile attitude, the strength of which is that the Gentiles, by and large, do not realize its existence. 這是一個根本的敵視態度,實力就是外邦人,和大,沒有意識到它的存在。 All the means of protective colouring are used to further it. 一切手段保護填色是用來進一步。 Outside that family circle the Jew is a matey, hail-fellow-well-met brother citizen. 外界認為,家庭生活圈猶太人是一個matey ,冰雹同胞福祉會見了兄弟的公民。 That is not in his heart, nor in his eyes, if you look into them. 這不是在他心中,也不在他眼中,如果你看看到他們。 You are a man against whom he has to pit his wits, to outdo his potential enemy. 你是一個人,他要坑他一籌莫展,戰勝他的潛在敵人。 The basis of it lies in his religion. 的基礎就在於在他的宗教。 It is all very good if both sides realize what is afoot. 這是所有很好的,如果雙方認識到什麼是afoot 。 But it makes assimilation impossible. 但它使同化是不可能的。

There are two bitterly antagonistic schools of Jewish thought. 有兩個強烈對立的學校的猶太思想。 One is for assimilation, for ignoring that unbridgeable gulf fixed by the Jewish faith, for settling in the midst of the Christian communities and the various nations, and taking on their forms of life and characteristics. 一個是同化,無視認為不可逾越的海灣所訂的猶太信仰,為解決在中基督教社區和各民族,並考慮對他們的生命形式和特點。

If you have a young and sturdy race and set a low limit on the number of the Jews, this works fairly well - as for instance, in Serbia. 如果你有一個年輕而堅固的種族和訂出一個低數量限制猶太人,這個工程比較好-例如,在塞爾維亞。 The Serbs were too virile for the Jews to reach disproportionate influence among them - and there were not many Jews. 塞族過於virile為猶太人達到不成比例的影響,它們之間-有沒有許多猶太人。 But when a new influx of Jews begins, under the influence of wars or an anti-Semitic movement elsewhere, the trouble starts. 但是,當一個新湧入的猶太人開始的影響下,戰爭或一反猶太主義運動在其他地方,麻煩開始。

The other Jewish school of thought is for boldly accepting the truth, that Jews are Jews and unassimilable, for setting up a National Jewish state somewhere of which all Jews should be subjects. 其他猶太學校的思路是,大膽接受真相,即是猶太人,猶太人和unassimilable ,成立一個國家猶太國家的某處,其中所有猶太人應該科目。

It is, in my view, the solution and ought at all cost to be done. 這是,在我看來,解決的辦法,應該不惜一切代價,得到伸張。 Then the native citizen of other countries would know with whom he had to deal and what motives he might expect in that citizen of a foreign state. 那麼,本土的公民,其他國家都會知道的人,他不得不處理和出於何種動機,他可能期望在這方面的公民,外國國家。 It would put an end to the Jew who constantly steps across the frontiers and repeatedly changes his language, his nationality, and his professed allegiance, who is a German to-day, an Austrian to-morrow, a Hungarian the day after, and next week an Englishman, who claims a privileged place in the world that is open to no other race or faith, who, in the name of love for that particular country in which he happens at the moment to be, works bee-like for war against the anti-Semitic state that he has left. 這將結束猶太人誰的步驟,不斷跨越邊境,並多次變化,他的語言,他的國籍,和他的professed效忠,誰是德國到一天,奧地利明天,匈牙利後的第二天,明年週英國人,誰索賠特權的地方,在世界上是開放給任何其他種族或信仰,誰,在名稱的愛說,尤其是在哪個國家,他剛巧在此時要,工程養蜂一樣,為戰爭該反猶太主義的國家,他已經離開。

Here you have the ruling idea of the dummer Christ again, the stupid Gentile who can be egged on to fight the other Gentiles in order to exterminate anti-Semitism. 在這裡,你有沒有執政理念的dummer基督再次,愚蠢的詹蒂萊誰可以egged對爭取其他外邦人在以滅絕的反猶太主義。 Organized international Jewry ought, in the name of dignity alone, to put a stop to this. 有組織的國際猶太人應,在名稱的尊嚴,僅提出停止了這一點。 Protest and fight against anti-Semitism as much as you like, but do not expect the nations to go to war about it. 抗議和打擊反猶太主義高達你喜歡,但不要指望聯合國去戰爭有關。

I spent many years in Germany, both before and after Hitler came to power, and there had the opportunity to study the Jews in the heyday of their power. 我花了很多年,在德國,無論是之前和之後,希特勒上台,並有機會研究猶太人在鼎盛時期,他們的權力。 They were still almost debarred from the army, but apart from that might attain to any post in Germany. 他們仍然幾乎禁止軍隊,但除了可能達到任何郵政在德國。 The period of opening freedom and opportunity which began in the eighteen hundreds had reached its golden climax. 期間,開放自由和機會開始,在18數百名已達到其黃金高潮。 Every door was open. 每門被打開。

How did they use this freedom? 他們是如何使用這個自由嗎? To work for Germany? 以工作為德國? From what I saw, I do not think so. 從我所看到的,我不這麼認為。 No man's hand was against them, but they used it to increase and fortify Jewish power and wealth to the detriment of the non-Jewish community. 任何人的手是對他們,但他們用它來增加和堅定的猶太權力和財富,從而損害非猶太人社區。

The Jews are not cleverer than the Gentiles, if by clever you mean good at their jobs. 猶太人不聰明,比外邦人,如果聰明的你的意思,善於他們的就業機會。 They ruthlessly exploit the common feeling of Jews, first to get a foothold in a particular trade or calling, then to squeeze the non-Jews out of it. 他們無情地利用共同的感覺猶太人,首先要立足在某一特定行業或打電話,然後擠壓非猶太人出來。 I have chosen journalism for my first example, because I know a deal about it. 我選擇了新聞事業,為我的第一個例子,因為我知道一處理這個問題。

It is not true that Jews are better journalists than Gentiles. 但這是不真確的猶太人是更好的新聞工作者比外邦人。 They held all the posts on these Berlin newspapers because the proprietors and editors were Jewish. 他們舉行的所有職位,對這些柏林的報紙,因為東主及編輯是猶太人。 The opinions of these newspapers were quoted abroad as samples of German opinion. 的意見,這些報紙引述國外作為樣本,德國的意見。 They represented the Jewish interest exclusively, in their attitude to both foreign and domestic affairs. 他們所代表的猶太人的利益完全,在他們的態度,無論是外國和國內事務。 If another country was friendly towards Jews, they were friendly towards that country: if it was anti-Jewish they attacked it. 如果另一個國家是友好的對猶太人,他們對友好的國家:如果這是反猶太人的攻擊。

I remember a case, when a Lord Mayor of Berlin was detected taking bribes from a Jewish contractor. 我記得情況下,當一個市長柏林發現以受賄罪,從一個猶太承辦。 His wife had received an expensive fur coat, of Nerz , which I think is mink, and the scandal stank to heaven, so that the street boys were singing a parody of a then popular song, 'Wenn du einmal dein Herz verschenkst, dann schenk' es mir'. 他的妻子收到了一個昂貴的毛皮大衣, nerz ,我認為這是水貂,和醜聞stank天堂,使該街男孩歌唱模仿秀,當時流行的歌曲, ' wenn杜einmal dein在Herz verschenkst , dann申'和平號空間站部' 。 They sang: 'Wenn du mal einen Nerz verschenkst, dann schenk' ihn mir'. 他們唱: ' wenn杜仲裁法einen nerz verschenkst , dann申' ihn和平號' 。 I remember how the Jewish newspapers tried to whitewash that scandal, to divert attention from the fact that the firm of contractors was a Jewish one. 我記得如何猶太報紙試圖粉飾認為,醜聞,轉移人們的注意力從事實,即該公司承辦,是一個猶太一。 I observed this same attitude, on the part of Jewish newspapers, towards an endless series of financial scandals and criminal trials in which Jews were concerned, in Berlin and in Vienna. 我注意到,這同樣的態度,對部分猶太報紙,對層出不窮的一系列金融醜聞和刑事審判,其中猶太人而言,在柏林和在維也納舉行。

In Berlin, in those days, Jewish newspapers, which had their exact counterparts in Vienna, Budapest and Prague, gave daily space in their small advertisement columns to brothel announcements, blatant and unashamed, with address and telephone number. 在柏林,在那些日子,猶太人的報紙,它們的確切同行在維也納,布達佩斯和布拉格,給日常的空間,在他們的小廣告,專欄等妓院的公告,公然和unashamed ,地址和電話號碼。 In Berlin and Vienna this has now been stopped. 在柏林和維也納這已被停止。 About Budapest I am not sure. 約布達佩斯我不知道。 In Prague one of them continues to do this to the very hour in which I write. 在布拉格,其中一人繼續這樣做是為了非常小時,其中我寫。 I have to-day's issue before me. 我要一天的問題,在我之前。 It has a dozen announcements of this kind: 它有一個十多位短片這種:

Charming young Frenchwoman desires to let a beautifully furnished room to a well-to-do gentleman visiting Prague. 迷人的法國青年的願望,讓精美的家具的空間,以及一到做君子訪問布拉格。
An attractive young lady has comfortably furnished rooms to let. 一個具吸引力的年輕女子有舒適的裝備室,讓。
Body culture. 身體文化。 A strict young lady imparts instruction in the new crawling-gymnastics. 嚴格的年輕女子imparts的指示,在新的檢索-體操。
And so on, through the whole alphabet of procuration. 等等,通過整個字母A到Z的賣淫。
What journalism is this? 新聞是什麼呢? Is this 'being cleverer than we are'? 這是'被聰明比我們'嗎? Of course you can make money like that, by publishing advertisements that other newspapers will not accept, but are you a better publisher, a better newspaper man for it? 當然,您也可以賺錢,這樣的,由出版廣告,其他報紙是不會接受的,但你更好的出版者,更好地報紙的男子呢? Or a less scrupulous one? 或較謹慎,一?

In Vienna, in 1937, it was even possible to read in one of these newspapers an advertisement for a virgin, the price offered being a holiday by the sea. 在維也納,於1937年,它甚至可能在一讀這些報紙的廣告處女,提供的價格作為一個假期,由海中。 The advertisement read: 該廣告的內容如下:

Young man seeks the acquaintance, as the first friend [ Freund , in this sense, means accepted lover] of her life of an attractive young girl, for a holiday in Italy together. 青年男子的目的是結識了,作為第一朋友[ 弗洛恩德 ,從這個意義上講,是指接受情人]她的生活,一個具吸引力的年輕女孩,一個假期在意大利在一起。 He will pay all expenses. 他將付所有的相關費用。 Three weeks in fairyland! 三週在仙境! Afterwards, loving friendship. 隨後,愛好友誼。
The only comment which this advertisement aroused, in the Vienna of that time, was a mild reproof, 'This is really going a bit far', from the Catholic Reichspost . 唯一的評論,這引起了廣告,在維也納的那些日子裡,是一個溫和的譴責,這是真的有點遠' ,從天主教reichspost 。
In the Berlin of yesteryear most of the theatres were Jewish-owned or Jewish-leased, most of the leading film and stage actors were Jews, the plays performed were often by German, Austrian or Hungarian Jews and were staged by Jewish producers, applauded by Jewish dramatic critics in Jewish newspapers. 在柏林昔日大部分的劇院是猶太人國有或猶太人出租,絕大多數領導的電影和舞台演員的猶太人,扮演的表現往往是由德國,奧地利或匈牙利猶太人和舉辦猶太生產者,鼓掌猶太戲劇評論家在猶太報紙。

Was superior talent the explanation for this Jewish predominance? 明顯優於人才的解釋,這猶太人的優勢呢? In my view, it was not. 在我看來,這不是。 It was due to Protektion , a word that opens every Jewish door between Hamburg and Constanza. 這是因為protektion ,一個詞,每打開大門,猶太人之間的漢堡和康斯坦。

This is the system. 這是制度。 You are a Jew, you encounter another Jew. 你是一個猶太人,你遇到的另一個猶太人。 He does you a small service or you do him one, usually something a little irregular by strict standards. 他是否你一個小的服務或您做的,他一,通常是一些小的不規則嚴格的標準。 On that basis an enormous superstructure of Protektion , of ramificatory and interlocking acquaintanceships and recommendations, is built up which reaches across all frontiers and unites the whole Jewish world. 在此基礎上的一個巨大的上層建築protektion , ramificatory和聯鎖acquaintanceships和建議,是建立起來的,其中達到所有國界和團結整個猶太世界。

Do you think superior talent enables a Jewish actor or actress smoothly to step from leading parts in Berlin to leading parts in Vienna, when Hitler appears, and again from leading parts in Vienna, when Hitler appears there, to leading parts in London? 你認為上級的人才,使一個猶太演員或女演員順利進行,加強領導,由部分在柏林領導零件在維也納,當希特勒出現,並再次從領導零件在維也納,當希特勒出現在那裡,領導零件在倫敦? Do you think non-Jewish talent would find the same open-armed reception from film and theatrical and operatic producers in London, in Paris and New York? 你認為非猶太人的人才會發現同樣的開放式武裝接待從電影和戲劇,戲曲和生產者在倫敦,在巴黎和紐約呢? Do you think it is a whim of nature that Jews from Poland, Russia, Galicia or Central Europe are needed to put English history on the screen, to portray famous figures of English history, a British officer, a Tudor prince? 你是否認為這是一個隨意的性質,猶太人從波蘭,俄羅斯,加利西亞或歐洲中部,是需要把英語的歷史在屏幕上,塑造著名的數字,英語的歷史,一個英國軍官,都鐸王朝王子? Do you imagine no Englishmen are available? 你可以想像沒有英國人可供選擇?

Some of these cases are simply fantastic. 其中一些案件純粹是幻想。 The Jew, in such a plight, has a long lead on the non-Jewish fugitive, who faces a world in which he has no single friend, in which he must begin again from scratch, in which his chances of even getting across the frontiers are infinitely worse than those of the Jew, because he has not that Protektion in the outer world. 猶太人,在這樣的困境,有著悠久的鉛對非猶太人的逃犯,誰面臨的世界中,他已沒有單一的朋友,他在其中必須開始再次從零開始,在他的機會,甚至獲得全國邊疆是無限不如那些猶太人,因為他已經不是protektion在外部世界。

In Berlin, one day, there was a Jewish journalist, a member of the staff of one of those snappy, sensational, bedtime-story sheets. 在柏林,一天,有一位猶太記者的一員,工作人員的其中一人snappy ,煽情,就寢時間-故事表。 Came Hitler, and he retired to Vienna, and joined a newspaper of the same sort there. 希特勒上台,他退休後到維也納,並加入一家報紙的同時排序。 Came Hitler, and he retired to Prague. 希特勒上台,他退休後到布拉格。 Came Hitler, to the Sudeten German lands. 希特勒上台,向sudeten德國的土地上。

This man could by no stretch of imagination be called a German, an Austrian, or a Czech. 這名男子可能是由沒有舒展的想像力被稱為德國,奧地利,捷克或1 。 He was a Jew, born in some place that once was Russia and now was Poland or Lithuania or Estonia or heaven knows what. 他是一名猶太人,出生在一些地方,曾經是俄羅斯和現在是波蘭或立陶宛或愛沙尼亞或天曉得什麼。 He had supplied 'the German view' from Berlin, 'the Austrian view' from Vienna, 'the Czechoslovak view' from Prague. 他提供的' ,德國的看法' ,從柏林, '奧地利的看法'從維也納,捷克斯洛伐克的看法' ,從布拉格。

Now I saw him, day by day, in hotel lounges, deep in conference with well-meaning but ill-informed English people who had come to 'help the Czechs'. 我現在看到他,一天一天,在酒店酒廊,深在會議上與福祉的意義,但病患者知情英語的人誰曾來'幫助捷克' 。 He poured a heart-rending tale into their ears, threatened to commit suicide. 他傾注了心rending的故事,成為他們的耳朵,揚言要自殺。 This was no destitute fugitive, but a slick fellow who was always well-fed and well-dressed and stepped smoothly across the frontier into another land every time that anything happened to make him move on. 這是沒有貧困的逃犯,而是一個光滑研究員誰一直是良好的美聯儲以及穿著,並加強順利跨越邊境到另一個土地每一次發生的事使他的舉動。

By these means, he was one of the first to get away. 通過這些手段,他是第一個擺脫。 I don't think this was what English people meant by 'helping the Czechs', But within a few weeks he was in London. 我不認為這是什麼英語的人的意思, '幫助捷克' ,但在數星期內,他是在倫敦。 A week or two later he wrote to another Jew in Prague in this sense: 'I am having a wonderful time. 一,兩個星期後,他寫信給另一個猶太人在布拉格,在這個意義上講: '我有一個美好的時間。 I am staying in the household of an English lord, who is most kind to me. 我住在家庭的一英語主,誰是最善待我。 If you wish to send your wife to England, just let me know; I can arrange it immediately. 如果你想發送你的妻子,以英格蘭,只是讓我知道我可以安排,它立即。 I have good prospects of getting on to the English Press.' 我有良好的前景越來越對向英文報章。

Soon this man will be giving the world 'the English view', writing about the intense indignation that English people feel at the things that Germany does. 不久這名男子將給予世界'的英語的看法' ,寫在激烈的憤慨,英語人都覺得在德國的事情,是否。 It is fantastic. 這是幻想。 If England encourages this sort of thing, England is a lunatic asylum. 如果英格蘭鼓勵這種諸如此類的事情,英格蘭是一個瘋子庇護。

I was present when the contents of that letter were read out. 我是本時的內容,這封信被讀出。 Another Jew who was present said: 'The next letter you get will tell you that he is now the English lord, and that the English lord has been pushed out in the cold.' 另一個猶太人誰是本說: '未來的信中你都會告訴你,他現在是英語勳爵,並說英語勳爵已推摒諸門外。 Followed a roar of laughter. 隨後,轟鳴聲笑聲不斷。

The admission of these people to England is a thing in the free gift of the Government, save for such checks as, for the nonce, public discussion, and such part of the Press as remains immune to Jewish influence, may put on it. 接納這些人的英格蘭是一個事,在免費的禮物的政府,保存等檢查,為仿,公眾討論,而這些部分的新聞界仍然免疫猶太人的影響力,可以把它。 Already a barrage of intimidation is touched off against any man who tries to expose the danger to England of this new Jewish immigration. 已經是一個接二連三的恐嚇是引發對任何人誰試圖揭露的危險英格蘭這個新的猶太移民。

I have seen this same system at work in Berlin, in Vienna, in Prague, in Budapest. 我所看到的這同一個系統工作在柏林,在維也納,在布拉格,在布達佩斯。 As soon as a man's name gets the label of anti-Semitism tagged on to it, the grape-vine gets to work, the moles get busy. 盡快一名男子的姓名得到的標籤反猶太主義的標籤上給它,葡萄藤蔓得到工作,痣忙。 Yet this is not anti-Semitism, but self-protection. 然而,這不是反猶太主義,但自我保護意識。

Mr. Herbert Metcalfe, the Old Street magistrate, who through the particular scope of his court has a great deal to do with Jewish immigrants, in dealing with a particularly bad case, said the way stateless Jews were pouring into England was an outrage, that the right policy would be to punish them sternly, not merely take them by the scruff of the neck and throw them out, and gave three of them six months hard labour apiece for having got into the country without permits. 赫伯特先生麥特卡夫,老街裁判官,誰通過的範圍,特別是他的法院有大量這樣做與猶太移民,在處理一個特別壞的情況下,說的方式無國籍猶太人湧入英格蘭是一種不能容忍的,即正確的政策將是嚴厲懲罰他們,而不是僅僅採取他們所scruff的頸部和扔出來,並給他們三人六個月苦役分因進入該國沒有許可證。

I know this type of Jew, and in my view Mr. Metcalfe was about right. 我知道這種類型的猶太人,和在我看來先生麥特卡夫約的權利。 But immediately a drumfire of invective and recrimination against Mr. Metcalfe opened. 但馬上就有drumfire的invective和相互指責對先生麥特卡夫開。

Do you believe this campaign sprang from the Englishman's innate humanity, sympathy for the under-dog, love of fair play? 你相信這項運動興起,從英國人的先天人性,同情下,狗,愛公平競爭? No, it was partly the balm with which the Englishman of to-day soothes his conscience, mainly the result of Jewish instigation. 沒有,這是部分膏與英國人的-天舒緩他的良知,主要是由於猶太人的唆使下。 How many Englishmen to-day would be prepared to admit five thousand non-Jewish, anti-Hitler Germans, skilled workers, men of peace and goodwill and democrats, with their wives and families, to England or the Dominions? 有多少英國人到天將準備承認5000非猶太人,反希特勒的德國,熟練的技術工人,男人的和平與善意和民主派,與他們的妻子和家庭,英格蘭,或dominions ? No, they are Reds. 不,他們是紅人隊。 They are not 'Germans' or 'Austrians', they are 'Reds'. 他們不是'德國人'或'奧地利人' ,他們是'紅' 。

You Englishmen, who know how hard it is for an Englishman, without family influence, without money, without the Old School Tie to break through the iron ring of privilege, of preference, of nepotism, of wealth, of class-hatred, consider these things. 您英國人,誰知道如何努力,這是一個英國人,沒有家人的影響,沒有錢,如果沒有老同學配合衝破鐵環的特權,優惠,裙帶關係,財富,階級仇恨,考慮這些事情。 Look at your Englishmen, in Durham, in Jarrow, in Shoreditch, in Hoxton. 看看你的英國人,在達勒姆,在jarrow ,在shoreditch ,在hoxton 。 Do something about them first. 做一些他們第一次。

When I was last in London I saw many faces I knew, many people of a type that I knew, and was not cheered by what I saw, in the streets, in the picture pages of the Press, in the reports of criminal trials. 當我去年在倫敦我看到很多面孔我知道,很多人一類,我知道,並沒有歡呼,由我所看到的,在街道上,圖片頁的新聞,在報告的刑事審判。

如果您有眼睛,看看,考慮一下在這個倫敦的你,最大的城市世界,在1939年。去,以開放的眼睛,從大理石拱到海德公園的角落,沿著皮卡迪利到萊斯特廣場,下來,鋼絞線,以艦隊街及聖保祿的,從那裡holborn高架道路和回沿牛津大學街。這是因為如果拖曳網已投下超過柏林和維也納和布達佩斯和布拉格和那不勒斯和巴黎的華沙和克拉科夫,漁獲量下降傾倒在這裡在這天堂,鍍金,鉻,毛絨及霓虹光管照明,如莎士比亞一旦糾集他的球員,米爾頓和喬叟走, whence德雷克和羅利航行在尋找新的世界,其中英語工匠一次,不久前,蓋茨作出了良好的打鐵和胸前,良好的橡樹,其中英國人曾任英國人與牛肉和啤酒,而英國人現在靜坐在人造大理石會堂poached吃雞蛋和喝咖啡。

提出你的元首通過的大門,餐廳,小巴黎,克萊因柏林, mañana的, hoggenstein的, posenovitch的, umpsky的,和所有其他人,和看到誰吃,誰是服務,有。漫步在通過機場貴賓室, accursed字,廉價,但splendiferous酒店一輪皮卡迪利,鋼絞線和大理石拱橋,看看有什麼方式的人是躺椅在這些襯墊的深度。


我aloysius易卜拉欣espagnolovitch ,特此發出通知,我已改變了我的名字阿瑟etonharrow ...
把網頁並期待在情況需要' 。
三維也納姐妹(猶太) ,誰不想分開,尋求職位的一個英語家庭。



何俊仁史密斯,客貨車的男童, 18 ,森林門,被送往監獄了一個月,在西漢姆聯隊警方法院昨天當他被落案控以偷竊1S的。從現金到的一間店鋪在森林門。
在泰晤士河警方法院昨天約翰布朗, 19 ,承認控罪,竊取10先令從他的雇主和被判處監禁六個月。

金融鯊魚。破產的荷蘭人送進監獄。之前,先生達米特,在弓街警方法院昨天, ----,一荷蘭語標題,被控說,他作為一個未獲解除破產的破產,關注在公司的管理,未經法院許可,其中他被判定破產...在1935年他被判定破產,負債總額為3549英鎊和資產前10 。 11d 。先生達米特被判刑----至4個月監禁。上訴通知書發出。
女子的wanderings通過歐洲。走私到英國在船舶的掩體。在弓街昨天---- ...之後的來臨,希特勒說,被告,她逃到了波蘭,隨後前往安特衛普,那裡的水手說,他將幫助她去英國為10英鎊...在第三天的水兵來,並說,你是安全的現在,你是在倫敦' … …裁判官說,這是一對這些令人痛心的案件。他將提出一項建議,為遞解出境,但機會有沒有會做...一名義罰款前10 。被強加的。

外國罪犯的監禁。三是外國人,兩名男子及一名女子,則被控在弓街昨天降落在這個國家沒有同意入境事務主任。 [我應該向你解釋說,這意味著他們在走私,反對支付,並且只有少數的那些誰做的,它被發現。 ]他們----,一名俄羅斯; ----, 1俄羅斯; ----,秘魯。偵探-督察肌肉,飛行隊稱,他看到,並拘捕被告在萊姆豪斯。該名女子----,告訴他,她曾在抵達倫敦前一小時後,降落在英格蘭在一個港口,她不知道。她付出了希臘水手5英鎊,並付諸表決,並於船上的船民,她不知道。 ----而被定罪兩次,在這個國家,並建議驅逐出境,而在1934年,他被定罪,在底特律,美國----沒有記錄的信念對她在這個國家,但柏林警方表示,她是眾所周知的巴黎警方根據另一名稱。 ----已被定罪的對他的約會從1911年在德累斯頓,維也納,華沙,米蘭,哥本哈根和蘇黎世;他已被開除由丹麥和意大利驅逐出這個國家。偵探-督察肌肉形容被告作為'一幫危險的國際罪犯' 。一句是通過。偵探-督察肌肉,然後說,他剛剛收到電報,從巴黎警察,誰已確定----由指紋作為一名女性命名----,誰被判處盜竊在巴黎在1934年。

這些在數星期。拖曳網,引起了一些小魚,從灘塗是游泳,約在倫敦。現在經過西尾,為您的教化,與一個開放的眼睛,看看你有在倫敦。當我有,有時候我還以為我是,早在庫達姆大街( Kurfürstendamm , kärntnerstrasse , andrássy當,溫塞斯拉斯Platz ) 。在這裡他們,既不勞苦,也不紡,但閃動的鑽石戒指就他們的小手指,佔領所有最突出的席位,在機場貴賓室的廉價酒店,讀文件,在半十多語文, pestiferous王剛,與他們的生活修剪手中,他們不斷巡迴的眼中,他們的油頭髮,他們的natty訴訟,其咄咄逼人的禮貌,我看到在主要街道和咖啡館的一半十多首都。
首先,我有我的注意所謂的這些事情,當我回來,到倫敦後,吞併奧地利。我沒有得到有多年,保存為一或兩天,現在我是交錯由改變為差。倫敦似乎已接管了人類的壞帳一半歐洲。然後我開始緊密合作,研究出版物對bookstalls ,人民群眾在廉價,但gaudy酒店,在餐廳周圍的皮卡迪利,在電影-劇院,在瓶子裡締約方,在按摩和美容廳,報紙,黃銅板,為的事情,我知道我應該找到。



德國難民在恐怖。德國的牙醫, ----,誰被走私到英國汽車-乘船從法國,昨天,他一直生活在恐怖和認罪,不被送回德國。警官史密斯,外國人署說, ----支付的一名男子在法國五零零法郎,使他英格蘭。
難民被囚禁;呼籲新聞界不要公佈姓名。一隻手錶的經銷商, ----,形容為沒有國籍,被控在弓街後,昨天與降落的許可入境事務主任。警員布朗,外國人署說,該名男子於週一抵達後,裝入外的一條船。

如果您密切跟踪這些項目,您通常會發現在不顯眼的角落您的報紙,你會看到的姓名,維護律師在他們一般是猶太人。猶太福利官員出席法庭。任何裁判官,誰表示關注,邪惡是被pilloried在報章上和在議會中。什麼情況下,最終這些人,沒有人知道。你通常看到'的問題遞解出境會仔細考慮有關當局'或'的建議作出驅逐出境' 。我自己的信仰,就是這些人中大多數留;你只要看看你,看看他們。


你接近了該國的事務之前,戰爭;戰爭結束後,你確實有它;和的原因是所有現在麻煩。如果您能穩定下來,猶太人在世界上的前沿,他們現在的生活,和建設的障礙仍然對他們的不相稱的收購財富和權力-為猶太人在繁榮,是由於殘酷的,因為德國人-所有會。但你不能,因為這個偉大的防洪移民,洶湧澎湃的hither和thither ,並在英格蘭,您應該盡快建立壁壘,對形成的又一特權階級。


但不要忘記,獲取財富和世俗的貨物和權力他們帶來的是為猶太人的標誌,神聖的贊成, 1一件事,他有權向尊重他的同胞猶太人。對我們大多數人,富有的人是,在我們的心中,而是動物的蔑視。他也,用他自己的封閉協會,使我們被奴役,我們的工作對他來說,他支付的敬意-但不尊重。非常豐富的猶太人,是為窮人猶太人的一個對象的自尊和欽佩。


我知道一家報紙在一個中央歐洲資本的地方,整個編輯部人員-印表機和打包機和打字員和搬運工和司機及r unabout-男生大多是外邦人-猶太人。當反猶太主義開始織機的臨近,一個新的編輯器被任命為-詹蒂萊。他被其中一人的魅力,匈牙利,也就是說,他是一名克羅地亞人或斯洛文尼亞,或ruthene ,或德語或一些由原產地,但他是一位偉大的匈牙利愛國者,一個基督徒。他知道猶太人的完美,他說:所有非猶太人的匈牙利人認為,這就是為什麼猶太人強,在匈牙利比幾乎任何地方。

與一個迷人的微笑,他告訴我,他知道,正是他已被任命和他有什麼立場,是為了-a uslageg oy,或鋪窗口詹蒂萊。當陽光普照和您重新著裝的窗口,您採取的特別道具以外,它是老式的。但為什麼猶太報紙進行的唯一的猶太記者?這是機會呢?或者是它的反gentilism ?

在柏林,在維也納舉行的,正如我知道他們來說,這系統的擠壓出一直是在工作中,堅持不懈地。在主要的購物大道一非猶太人店是一個罕見的。你知道,在攝政街的柏林,庫達姆大街( Kurfürstendamm ,猶太人店鋪在騷亂1938年11月在壓倒多數,即在這一天,你可以指望該unwrecked ,即是,非猶太人的商店,對手指你的手?在一些行業-服裝貿易,皮革貿易,毛皮貿易,黃金和珠寶貿易,煤炭貿易-一個猶太人壟斷佔了上風,在維也納,和一個基督教誰試圖踏上他們的將有大約作為多少機會作為一般的魯登道夫在一個共濟會會議。



匈牙利生產的典型例子說,種猶太人-t rebitsch林肯。考慮trebitsch林肯。他出生的猶太人,在匈牙利。他的父母來自波蘭或俄羅斯或上帝知道-從'背後的上帝的回' ,作為馬札爾諺語所說的。你,如果你已經寫段為您的中英文報章,將在您的目標, fair's -公平的方式有書面' ,匈牙利已出生的' 。

在他的早期青壯年,如果我沒有記錯的正確,他是一位牧師的一個基督教的供述,在加拿大,我覺得!這裡是您的'非雅利安基督教' !一點後,他作出了深刻的印象,對這些愛好的靈魂,公誼會,在英格蘭。一點稍後,他仍然是一個很好的英國愛國者,眾議院議員的商品。


遺忘了幾年,後來卡普政變在德國,首先是民族主義陰謀推翻的民主自由制度是這樣一種向猶太人,並恢復大生意的男子,大地主, monarchists ,軍國主義,在議席的強大在德國。誰是領導人物在這短命的奪權? trebitsch林肯,現在是一家德國模具整治。在其他的同情者是一個相對不知名男子,一個希特勒。 trebitsch林肯就一邊反閃米特人?當然,他是一個基督徒。

讓我在這裡打斷我的故事trebitsch林肯一個時刻,說時, discomfited卡普部隊後,他們簡短的統治,撤回通過勃蘭登堡門的職權範圍,在上方的大街林登他們發射了,只是從旺盛的geniality ,對人群,很多人被炸死炸傷,而另然,我看到一張照片,這件事,其中從未離開過我的記憶中。

在前台,與運行, crouched或前列腺的數字,在此背景下,是一歲女子與一名小孩。兒童huddles到她的裙子。她認為,自己的身體之間,它和子彈。當你看到這圖片,你幾乎可以聽到砰達的機槍,害怕哭泣的孩子,毆打該名老婦的心。麥當娜,兒童和機槍,一個愉快的象徵性的圖片我們戰後的歐洲。但沒有人理會,以油漆。


一名男子沒有真理,沒有榮譽,沒有信念,沒有忠誠度?不,你是錯的。現在一定發生了什麼事情涉及一個現貨trebitsch林肯在這裡您可以找到的忠誠度。在英格蘭,他有一個兒子,這兒子是一名士兵,在英國的軍隊,如果你能擊敗之一,請寫信告訴我,因為我想知道。兒子被定罪,謀殺,日期,執行一套。到目前為止,在西藏,或在何處他, trebitsch林肯聽到這個消息。他來到加快,世界各地看到他的兒子之前,他的死因。這裡是他的一忠誠,忠誠的猶太家庭。他抵達,在南安普敦,我認為,前數小時,執行。他是不容許的土地。他蒸遠離再次,恢復這無休止的旅程...


如果您敞開大門的機會,這種猶太人,你是要求你的房子要despoiled 。記得,他使用所有的方法保護填色。洗禮。我一個猶太人?沒有,我是一個基督徒,甚至是一個基督教牧師。語言。什麼先生,林肯一個外國人?但他說,完美的英語。名稱的變化。什麼先生,林肯一個外國人和猶太人?但他有一個良好的英語名稱,是一個國會議員,和他的情緒,是無可指責的。你是瘋了。列後,你。

是沒有限制的這種猶太人。假如你懷疑我,想trebitsch林肯領導的反閃米特人下來wilhelmstrasse向所在地的權力。但我可以為您顯示現代的對應trebitsch林肯,我不指那些親希特勒的猶太人誰被說,謠言有遊行一輪柏林,在早期納粹天進行的一面旗幟,與傳說' hinaus麻省理工學院uns ! -'夾頭我們走出!


不過,而非放棄他們的職位,或風險暫停他們的文件,由政府,這是反捷克,猶太人就認為,報紙寫的東西, bitterest約捷克斯洛伐克每一天,被稱為捷克暴君和流氓和敗類,鼓掌,德國的決心把捷克斯洛伐克她的膝蓋。



有一次,我坐在咖啡館陽台俯瞰布達佩斯一個猶太人,一個非常智能1 。他期待reflectively超過城市。 '是不是可愛的呢?他說。 '你知道,這個媒體,而不是維也納,是猶太人的天堂。我從來沒有想過它制定了不少,據,但一旦他說,我知道他是正確的。

在匈牙利你,因為舊的馬札爾貴族說,誰我引述你以前,統治階級,貴族和富豪,誰選擇假裝業務的下方,並用猶太人的所有事宜,買賣,銀行和moneylending ,會計和製造業。這樣做,因為他們走出去狩獵或坐在由爐邊,並在一個lordly的方式指揮gipsies ,使音樂對他們來說,他們發表了該國向猶太人和自首自己的掌握它向猶太人。





這是故事。在1919年一個紅色的共和國被宣布在土地的馬扎爾人。該國政府,該26人的委員, 18猶太人!猶太人有不受限制的權力,在匈牙利,和他們擠得水洩不通,政府當局,使猶太人,在這期間,沒有一個強大的,雖然偽裝的階級,但公然統治階級。

他們有一個秸稈男子,一auslage goy ,作為總統,良好的主砌磚亞歷山大高爾鮑伊,但他已無話可說。他們是匈牙利,英國,權力和榮耀。艾倫科恩( béla坤) ,約瑟夫pogany ,蒂博爾szamuelly (塞繆爾斯)和他人的統治受到質疑,並做了一些非常不愉快的事情。他們的手指並沒有白衣少快速就觸發比那些廣告希特勒或Al capone 。

很多人都感到困惑的領導部分猶太人發揮在共產主義。如何能猶太人,誰愛錢,一個學說否認的權利,私人財產的權利,積聚財富呢? ,他們要求他們的小守土有責。答案是始終存在的錢在最上方,並在頂端是一個東西,吸引更多的猶太人比金錢-權力。匈牙利已給予猶太人的一切,他們可以願望。 1猶太人,路德維希hatvány ,寫道:

該rumanians追逐béla坤指出,匈牙利。他沒有做的一件事可能有給他任何持有對人民的-以土地,從大的地主,並給予它失地農民。相反,他國有化的所有土地。但讓土地給農民的事而不是在心中的這些男子,他們分別為無情的,任何其他的暴君。很難對他的繼來到海軍上將horthy ;很快恢復舊政權本身在權力;匈牙利後,世界戰爭,正是因為她已在它的前面。

不可避免地,有一個狂熱的反猶太人的爆發。人員,與簡易分隊, rampaged的土地和絞刑一些猶太教徒,和並不總是小心選擇是正確的。


在第一,游離自己從紅色政權和逃避報復似乎可能跟進,群眾的猶太人自己的洗禮:在1919年, 7146 ; 1920年, 1925年,在1921年只有827 ,此後的一個很小的數目,每年。需要保護的顏色是越來越少。數目重新轉換,從基督教鑲嵌宗教,急劇上升。

十七年後,於1938年,猶太人在匈牙利的更豐富和更有力地建立了比以往任何時候都。記憶的béla坤政權似乎完全有褪色;反猶太主義,但為不祥的rumblings從西北,已成為一紙空文。在紙上,一如往常,比例猶太人的人口是非常小的-關於6 00000,或6 .5% ,其中,包括承認猶太人,猶太人的洗禮,和半猶太人。

在這個問題上的猶太人,數字都是偉大的prevaricators ,為實際圖片,匈牙利提交給了人眼的是一個完全不同的一。這是一個圖片的猶太優勢,在很多階層的生活,完全不成比例的數目,即使假設這些都是遠遠大於統計數字顯示。他們-他們是,正如我寫-一組與標準的福祉和權力,遠遠超出任何其他在該國。

他們擁有46 %的所有工業經營。他們載人70 %的區議會所有公司的代表大生意。對區議會的領導銀行的房屋,他們之間的份額是75和80 %以上; 67.2 %的私人經紀人和36 %的銀行辦事員是猶太人。他們甚至取得了藏有11.7 %的所有土地在匈牙利-對緊急警告,一個猶太复國主義者領袖,誰多年之前,曾告訴他們:

該大屋, 17.6 %的人在猶太人手中; 34.4 %的所有醫生是猶太人, 49.2 %的所有律師, 31.6 %的所有記者。在布達佩斯,資本,其中之間的四分之一和三分之一的整個人口是猶太人,這一比例要高得多。出版和印刷行業的人幾乎完全是猶太人,所有私人擁有的劇院是猶太人,和40.5 %的電影劇院。
獲得更清楚的了解,這幾乎壟斷控制採取議會的20領先工業經營在匈牙利在1934年至1935年。 336名235名是猶太人; 290最大工業的關注,在匈牙利人控制下的10個最大的銀行。對319名對區議會223名是猶太人。

在1936年,報紙19日在布達佩斯僱用418的編輯,記者和貢獻者; 306是猶太人。






來mezökövesd ,那裡的遊客採取於星期日在charabancs ,因為在星期日農民把他們的漂亮的服裝和所有去教堂,這是快樂的遊客,誰覺得他們真的是結識匈牙利,午餐,以及在餐廳一輪的角落,這是裝飾,在匈牙利-歌劇的風格和特別是放在那裡供遊客和大約有很大的關係,作為生命在mezökövesd作為大學柏克萊分校的黃油已到良好的英語歲的生命bethnal綠色,並護送回布達佩斯在其charabancs 。




如果你閉上眼睛,以市場的地方,只有看看那些年輕男子,這是倫敦,這是皮卡地裡圓環。他們只是同樣的猶太人說,你看有。他們穿西裝natty ,密切擬合鞋,新帽子,就精心barbered元首。他們是好到這樣做,他們是上議院這個偏遠的小鎮,與它的塵土飛揚和rutty道,與鵝運行約,與牛-拉貨車通過和來來往往。

其餘,教會,精益和飢餓的農民,平均茅草屋,只是backcloth 。對漫長的冬季晚上,這些女農民花時,由微光一石蠟燈,縫紉和繡花,縫紉和繡花,縫紉和繡花。一輪的角落,是一間店鋪,其中一個穿著得體的猶太紳士坐在讀pesti naplo 。從他你可以購買那些有吸引力的手工作bedspreads和台佈,產品如此眾多的隆冬之夜'的工作-在價格,高一。農民出售給他-在一個低1 。在布達佩斯有許多的這些店鋪,所有的猶太國有,那裡的藝術和手工藝的匈牙利填補Windows和外國遊客,暫停與小的呼聲,很高興在美麗的東西,他們看到的。



來esztèrgom ,搖籃,匈牙利,其中第一匈牙利國王的宮殿,他們就認為,北愛爾蘭崎嶇的地位俯瞰多瑙河和橋樑,直到最近,你到了捷克斯洛伐克,但現在的土地,另一邊是匈牙利再次。來有,也於1星期六下午,確實看到同樣的事情發生在小市場的地方。也許在一個百年esztèrgom將是一個偉大而豐富,人口眾多和重要的城市。幾乎沒有市場的地方,將發展成為當地的皮卡地裡圓環。網站將有最寶貴的在所有esztèrgom 。他們都是猶太人所擁有的。所有商店承擔的猶太人的姓名,第一溫和的合資企業在鍍金,鉻,鎳和霓虹光管照明是正在取得進展。年輕的猶太人,在他們的城市的衣服,站在約,談。城市的小伙子們來說,約赤腳,乞求西瓜rinds從greengrocer ,啃他們到輕表明,通過殼。

來kecskemet 。這是一個城市,相當大的一個。在這裡,他們作出這樣的優良杏白蘭地,其中威爾斯親王發現,為匈牙利-所以說,匈牙利人。這裡是一個大廣場。其中一個最大的建築物,這是猶太教堂。一不少錢,如猶太教堂的成本。全方位廣場是金光閃閃的猶太人,招牌。農村周圍的是窮人,農民的騷擾,想。出於對猶太教堂來的猶太人的kecskemet ,重要的是,以及穿著得體,談指手劃腳,團體-人民除了。


去那裡你會在匈牙利和你會發現,本土工匠及handworker是幾乎絕跡。他仍然存在,他可愛的東西,但他幾乎是不可能找到。少數商店在村里的市場是一個地方的翻版,在布達佩斯的縮影-廉價的中國,偽劣,並準備了, t rashy,珠寶首飾,人造絲的長筒襪, t awdryf rocks,收穫一個年輕的猶太人控制的行業工作,以盡可能最低的水平的品味和材料。

有一次我到一個偉大的公平對郊區的布達佩斯和交錯是由噩夢組合廉價的機器製造的貨物,我看到有,即農民,今後在從農村, avidly購買。在一攤位的猶太人被出售的最醜惡的收集廉價oleographs的基督教的上帝和他的先知,我都看到,所有在鍍金的框架。 i搜掠的痕跡,公平的東西,我想購買東西,當我在其他土地,會給我高興地看,並提醒我,匈牙利,匈牙利可愛的豐富的領域和農民工作,在他們,而不是這匈牙利劣質機國產製品。

最後我發現一名男子誰出售jugs花瓶和杯子,他曾塑造和成熟的方法和畫自己。最後,一些echt ,真正的東西,一些匈牙利。他曾數飲水杯,屁股跟進杯,你要么舉行,在你的手或空洞的和放下,你不能袖手旁觀,他們就表和SIP 。他們可愛的。我買了四,只有希望我買了其他兩個他。我從來不看他們沒有喜悅。他們的成本sixpence每個。對我來說,他們超越了價格。

'猶太人'天堂' ,我的猶太熟人了所謂的匈牙利。我曾採取了一個良好的看待它,並同意他的說法。我是不相信的猶太人已經好為匈牙利。如果你想研究這個問題,這是發揮這麼大的一部份,在我們這個時代,匈牙利是個好地方開始。


許多人感到疑惑,由一些有一次,我寫的猶太人-的時候,希特勒已經去世,他們仍然會他交易中的庫達姆大街( K urfürstendamm,在k ärntnerstrasse。你似乎是正確的一些東西,他們說,但你顯然是堅果這一點。猶太人被滅絕。很快,他們不會再有。

不相信這一點。你是在欺騙自己,如果你怎麼做。嘗試和認識到,大部份猶太人誰都是在德國時,希特勒上台後,是否有現在,大部分的商店在這種主要的購物大道作為庫達姆大街( Kurfürstendamm是猶太人-我寫這方面的知識,他們破壞了昨天,我不知道如何實現這些英國保險公司的感受,它-而這大量的猶太人會留。

當然,他們會通過壞的時代,但他們會留在那裡生存。希特勒要活,說,另一個二十年,或thereabouts 。從維也納猶太人被放逐'所有的時間' -最喜歡的詞組的f ührer-在1 4 22年,和隨後的間隙發了言,在1 5 54年, 1 5 67年, 1 5 73年, 1 5 75年, 1 6 00年, 1 6 14年和1 6 24年。在1670年,他們被放逐的所有時間。所有通過的第十八和十九世紀,儘管有定期banishments ,他們的影響力增加。在1879年的最後據點-國家公務員和大學教席-下跌給他們。在1937年維也納有更多的猶太人比以往任何時候都和他們極其繁榮。

我不認為猶太人取得了良好的或公平使用,就整體而言,該flinging -開放所有的大門對他們來說,他們現在有所下降,從高峰期的電力和富裕,這是世界戰爭所帶來的。一個新的階段的限制已經開始。沒有人可以預見,在這個時刻多久才最後或有多大的損害,這將盡他們。這將再次放寬,有時,是一些像太陽將上升到明天。

就我而言,我深信一件事,我知道很多猶太人在他們心中同意我的這個:放寬,當談到,不應使用,例如,使柏林再次,在將來某個時候什麼是柏林之前, 1933 。基於這個原因,我找到的一些東西,我看到在倫敦舉行為期一天的險惡用心和不祥。

猶太人有一個發揮的一部分,如果反猶太主義,是被殺死。在倫敦舉行為期一天的他們所做的只是他們所做的在柏林。他們是逃兵,東,西部地區的水浸,水浸漢普斯特德maida Vale的,擠壓出,炫耀。


為什麼我的書面所有這些事情,在這麼長?第一,因為我知道一些有關此事,並因為我,誰也幫助了許多猶太人的言行,想剛才說什麼,我覺得當有人yelps '反semite '在我。



在鐵路車站在布拉格我看了一火車難民遷出成為一個不可知的未來。他們都是男性。他們都是德國人,從sudeten德國的土地上,希特勒吞併。這些都是社會主義者和共產黨人,男性,其生命處於危難。他們必將為英格蘭和,之後, somewhither ,沒有一個知道。


他們當中有一猶太人。在該平台上為他的母親和妹妹,從不同的工薪階層婦女周圍,更好地穿著。猶太人,單是所有這些男人,有一些東西的話。 '世界投資報告kommen wieda ' ,他大聲宣布,向等候的人群大, '我們明年會殺回來' 。其他男子保持沉默和表情,他們知道他們不會回來。猶太人再次發言,他的姐姐。 ' trachte , dass杜禿nachkommst ' ,他說。 '嘗試和失控盡快。為什麼,我不知道,如果他認為他會回來。

列車遷出。該男子在Windows期待默默耕耘,在他們的人民在該平台上,點頭,可惜與他們的頭上,沒有其他運動。猶太人傾斜走出窗口,哭了,大聲, '世界投資報告kommen wieda !人群gazed後,他沒有回應。其他男子仍然站在默默耕耘,在他們的Windows ,點頭他們的元首在道別。猶太人提出他的手臂,拳頭緊握,在工人的問候。關於小指的鑽石flashed在參照該燈。