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Three Models of the Jewish Problem -

A Comparison


Speech given by Knud Eriksen at Revisionist Conference May 26-27, 2007, Hillsboro, West Virginia

修正主義會議5月26日至27日, 2007年,希爾斯伯勒,西弗吉尼亞州

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.下午好,女士們,先生們。

I am honored to have been included among such distinguished speakers.我很榮幸能接受,已列入其中,如尊敬的發言者。 I am Danish and I live in Denmark.我丹麥和我住在丹麥。 I’m trained as a lawyer, although I am not practising as such at the moment.我的訓練作為一個律師,雖然我不是執業,例如收於11.942美元。 I have been interested in history for many years.我一直有興趣在歷史上很多年。 Obviously true history, meaning revisionism.顯然是真實的歷史,意思是修正主義。 My name, as mentioned in the program is Knud Eriksen.我的名字,正如剛才在節目中是knud埃里克森。 “Knud” is spelled with a “D” and not as done in the programme, with a “T”, which is the Swedish equivalent. “ knud ”拼寫與“ D ”和不作為所做的方案,與“ T ”型,這是瑞典同等學歷。 But you might call me “Ken”.但您可能會打電話給我“墾” 。 That worked fine last night down at the “Stumblin’ Inn”, where I made some good friends, under that name, and it worked fine, when I hitchhiked around Europe as a young man.工作的優良昨晚下跌,在“ stumblin '客棧” ,我在那裡取得了一些好朋友,根據該名稱,它的罰款,當我hitchhiked左右,歐洲作為一個年輕的男子。 Especially the French mutilated my name so badly that I couldn’t live with it.特別是法語肢解我名下的這麼差,我不能生活。 They called me something like “Gny”.他們打電話給我一些像“ gny ” 。 Well, I could probably be called many things, but not a holocaust revisionist, as I don’t deserve that, knowing so little about it.那麼,我可能是所謂的很多事情,但不是大屠殺的修正主義,正如我不值得,明知這麼少有關。 All I have said publicly on that subject has been to quote one or two revisionists and to air some skepticism about Jewish statistics.所有我曾公開表示,關於這一議題已引述一個或兩個修正主義和空氣有些懷疑猶太人的統計數字。 Of course that has been sufficient for the leader of the Danish Jews to label me a “Holocaust-denier”, even the first one on his list.當然,已經足夠為領導人,丹麥猶太人的標籤我一個“大屠殺-旦” ,即使是第一次對他的名單。 But that must again be something about my name, and not my accomplishments, since my family name “Eriksen” is early in the alphabet.但必須再次被一些有關我的名字,而不是我的成績,因為我家人的名義, “埃里克森”是早在字母表。 Certainly I am skeptical about Jewish statistics, which I find to be a wild subject, where millions appear and disappear.當然,我持懷疑態度的猶太統計,我覺得是一個野生的主題,其中以百萬計出現和消失。 Figures from Jewish sources – always Jewish sources!數字從猶太來源-始終猶太人的來源! - may show more Jews alive after World War II, after 6 millions had disappeared, and maybe then some Jewish rabbis have put an extra “0” in there, so that 6 millions should really be 600.000, as some revisionist research indicates. -可顯示更多的活著的猶太人在二戰結束後,經過6百萬已經消失,或許,然後一些猶太拉比提出了一個額外的“ 0 ”在那裡,使6百萬應該真正6 00.000,正如一些研究表明,修正主義。 On the other hand a total of perhaps 20 million Jews in the world today, has possibly forgotten a “0”, so that the real figure should be 200 million Jews in the world.在另一方面,共也許20000000猶太人在當今世界上,可能忘記了一個“ 0 ” ,使實際數字應為200萬猶太人在世界上。 At least that would explain why they seem to be everywhere!至少這將解釋為什麼他們似乎無處不在!

With such skepticism I feel, that I am in good company, since Mark Twain, when presented with the figure of how many Jews lived in the United States then, said:這樣的懷疑,我覺得,我是在一個很好的公司,因為馬克吐溫,當提交的數字有多少猶太人在美國生活,然後說:

“You will say that the Jew is everywhere numerically feeble. “你會說,猶太人是無處不在的數值衰。 When I read in the Cyclopedia Britannica that the Jewish population in the United States was 250,000 I wrote the editor and explained to him that I was personally acquainted with more Jews than that, and that his figures were without a doubt a misprint for 25,000,000 ……”當我看到,在cyclopedia大英百科全書認為,猶太人口在美國是25.0萬,我寫的編輯和向他解釋,我是親自了解更多的猶太人比,他的數字沒有一個,無疑是一個misprint為25000000 … … “

If he could correct two zeros, I suppose I am on the safe side if I question one zero.如果他能夠正確的兩個零點,我想我就安全方面的問題,如果我一零。

“But what does a Dane come all the way to America to tell us about at a Revisionist Conference?” Many of You must wonder. “但什麼是一丹麥遠道而來,以美國告訴我們在一個修正主義會議” ?許多您必須難怪。 Well, I wondered a lot myself, to be honest.那麼,我想了很多我自己,要誠實。 Should I talk about the Mohammed cartoons that put Denmark on the map for many who had until then thought, that we were the capital of Sweden, or should I talk about how Denmark has been used repeatedly in Zionist causes, lately as Mr. Bush’s lapdog in Iraq.我應該談談穆罕默德漫畫付諸表決,丹麥在地圖上許多誰了,直到當時的思想,我們的首都,瑞典,或者我應該談談如何丹麥一直反复使用,在猶太复國主義者的原因,最近作為布什先生' s lapdog在伊拉克。 Or should I talk about the draconian “hatelaws” of the European Union, where little Denmark still holds out with at least some freedom of speech or might you be interested in how Denmark is said to be almost as unique as the Holocaust itself, by saving the Danish Jews from the Holocaust during The second World War, as Jewish organizations celebrate and promote again and again.或者我應該談談惡法“ hatelaws ”歐洲聯盟,其中小丹麥仍然與至少有一些言論自由或可能您有興趣在如何丹麥是說,幾乎是獨一無二的大屠殺本身,節省丹麥的猶太人從納粹大屠殺在第二次世界大戰期間,作為猶太人組織慶祝和促進一而再,再而。 Well, I thought I could best talk interestingly about that which interests me the most.那麼,我以為我最能談有趣的一點利益,其中最讓我。

Therefore I have chosen to talk about “The Worlds Foremost Problem” as it was called by Henry Ford in his newspaper “The Dearborn Independent”.因此,我選擇了談“世界的首要問題” ,因為它是所謂的由亨利福特在他的報紙“迪爾伯恩獨立” 。 It is a sad subject, and I will not embellish it.這是一個悲哀的主題,我不會美化。 Also I will have to stick rather mechanically to my manuscript, as my English is not good enough for me to improvise.此外,我會堅持,而不是機械地到我的手稿,正如我的英語是不夠好,我即興創作。

So when I want to analyze what has today been rather uniformly termed ”The Jewish Question” or ”The Jewish Problem” I obviously do not pretend to have a full explanation of it – and certainly not a guaranteed, workable solution to it.因此,當我要分析什麼,而不是今天被一致稱為“猶太問題”或“猶太人問題”我顯然不假裝有一個充分的解釋-當然也不是有保證的,可行的解決辦法。 But I do think, that my considerations over the years could be of help in seeing better what we are up against, and how we ought to proceed, if we really want relief from the problem at some point in the future, as opposed to just putting labels on bad human conditions, which we basically believe to always remain with us, or to pointing fingers at scapegoats.但我確實認為,我國的考慮,多年來,可以幫助更好地看到在我們所反對,以及我們應該如何進行,如果我們真的要救濟的問題在一些點,在未來的日子,作為反對只扣帽子就壞的人文條件,而我們基本上相信,以始終保持與我們,或以手指指向在代罪羔羊。

As non-Jewish societies have had trouble with the Jews living amongst them since we first heard of Jews more than two thousand years ago, to the point where these Jews have been persecuted, murdered and expelled, from country after country, it must be reasonable to state, that there has, indeed, been a problem.作為非猶太社團有麻煩,與猶太人的生活當中,因為我們第一次聽到猶太人以上二千年前,以點,這些猶太人被迫害,殺害和驅逐出境,由國家接著一個國家,它必須是合理的國家,即有,事實上,一直是一個問題。 Seen from the side of the Jews, this has been called hate of Jews, anti-Semitism and persecution.從一邊的猶太人,這一直是所謂的仇恨猶太人,反猶太主義和迫害。 Seen from the side of non-Jews, it has been described repeatedly as domination, disloyalty, treason, hatred, usury, criminality, immorality, perversion and destruction of non-Jewish values and societies, and creating a Jewish state inside non-Jewish states.看到從側面的非猶太人,它已被描述一再統治,不忠,叛逆,仇恨,盤剝,犯罪,不道德,違反和破壞的非猶太人的價值觀和社會,以及創造一個猶太國家內的非猶太人國家。

Most leading Jews today see, or at least profess to see - the problem as an irrationality amongst non-Jews, actually a mental illness, stemming all the way back from early Christian times, where the main complaint against the Jews was said to be, that they were the power behind the crucifixion of Christ, or, since the problem in reality reaches much further back, it is supposed to be a mental illness inexplicably existing in all non-Jews.最領先的猶太人今天看到的,或至少自稱看到的-這個問題作為一個非理性之間的非猶太人,其實是一個精神病,所產生的所有的方式回到從早期基督教時代,而主要的投訴,對猶太人說,他們的權力,背後的十字架上的基督,或者,因為這個問題在現實中達到進一步回,它是一個精神病患者莫名其妙地在現有的所有非猶太人。 The leading Jews today, being spokesmen and directors of powerful Jewish groups and organizations in the USA and elsewhere in the world, apparently believe, that indoctrinating the masses today through mass-media, and inducing a guilt complex in westerners for their collective guilt in the alleged killing of six million Jews in the last Great War, will protect them from the effects of this apparently incurable mental illness in non-Jews, if they also arrange to jail, murder or otherwise destroy the most “incurable” opposition leaders, the ringleaders of this so-called anti-Semitism.領導猶太人的今天,作為代言人及董事強大的猶太團體和組織在美國和在世界其他地方,顯然相信,灌輸群眾今天通過大眾媒體,並誘使有罪複雜,在西方人為他們的集體罪責,在涉嫌殺害600萬猶太人在過去的偉大的抗日戰爭,將保護他們免受影響,這顯然是無藥可救的精神病患者在非猶太人,如果他們還安排了監獄,謀殺或以其他方式破壞最“不治之症”的反對派領袖,頭目這個所謂的反猶太主義。 This is called by themselves: “teaching the public and combating racism”.這就是所謂的自己: “教學市民和打擊種族主義” 。

From the other side, our side, the non-Jewish side, the problem is seen in different ways, and I will try to go into that in this talk.從其他方面,我方,非猶太人的一面,問題是看到不同的方式,我會嘗試去,在這的交談。

First of all, many have said and will say today, that there is no Jewish problem per se, (that is: by itself), but only a gigantic 20th - and now 21st Century problem for all of humanity.首先,很多人說,和會說,今天,有沒有猶太人的問題本身, (即是:本身) ,但只有一個龐大的第二十-現在2 1世紀的問題,為所有人類。 We are all in the same boat, or on this same globe, which we can today wipe out in a split second through atomic bombs or other so-called weapons of mass destruction, and we are all responsible for letting a problem grow to such life-threatening proportions, without being able to solve it.我們都在同一條船上,或在此同一地球,這是我們今天可以消滅在一個分裂的第二個通過原子彈或其他所謂的大規模殺傷性武器,我們都是負責,讓問題發展到這樣的生活受到威脅的比例,沒有能夠解決這個問題。 It was also the viewpoint of the author of the book The Zionist Factor, Ivor Benson, and it was the viewpoint of former Times correspondent and author, Douglas Reed before him, as expressed in his most famous book, The Controversy of Zion – a book, I have placed on the internet, and if I have done nothing else of value, I consider this one simple action to be very important and valuable, and I hope Douglas Reed is pleased with it, wherever he might be in the universe today.也有人的觀點,本書的作者,猶太复國主義的因素, ivor班森,而且它的觀點,前時代的通訊員和作者,道格拉斯里德在他面前,表示在他最有名的書,爭議的錫安-一本書,我已放在互聯網上,如果我做了什麼都沒有的價值,我認為這是一個簡單的行動是非常重要和寶貴的,我希望道格拉斯蘆葦很高興有了它,而他可能是在宇宙的今天。 I subscribe to the viewpoint just mentioned, that we are all responsible, and therefore value very much individuals, such as Douglas Reed and Ivor Benson, and now also David Duke, who want to awaken Western man to his own responsibility in the matter, while describing and drawing attention to the Jewish and Zionist factor, and therefore I also value this important organization, National Alliance, with its leaders and members, because it wants to do the same.我贊同的觀點,剛才提到的,我們都有責任,因此,十分重視個人,如道格拉斯蘆葦和ivor班森,現在也大衛杜克大學,誰想要喚醒西方男子,以他自己的責任,在這件事,而描述,並提請注意猶太人和猶太复國主義的因素,因此,我也珍惜這個重要的組織,國家聯盟,其領導人和成員,因為它想做的事一樣。

It is not fair – also not workable – to put all the blame on Jews, for a “Jewish problem”, for that is not correct, since the problem had not grown to such proportions if we had been awake and aware, and just as importantly: that explanation does not empower ourselves.它是不公平的-也沒有可行的-把所有問題歸咎於猶太人,一個“猶太問題”,因為這是不正確的,因為問題還沒有發展到這樣的比例,如果我們已清醒認識到,正如重要的是:這種解釋並不授權自己。 We Westerners need to wake up and become empowered.我們西方人需要喚醒,並成為權力。 To take responsibility for our own past, present and future.承擔責任,為我們自己的過去,現在和未來。 And in so far as a specific Jewish blame or role is isolated and postulated by me, I want to make it very clear right now, that I do not blame all Jews for the state of the affair.並在迄今作為一項具體的猶太人的責任或角色是孤立的和假設由我,我希望把它變成很清楚的權利,現在,我不會責怪所有猶太人為國家的內政。 “Let the chips fall where they may”, is the principle I follow here, quoting David Duke, who’s definition of “Jewish Supremacists” I will be referring to, when I say “Jews”. “讓芯片屬於他們可能” ,這是我原則上按照在這裡,引述大衛杜克大學,誰定義的“猶太至上: ”我會是指,當我說: “猶太人” 。

An analysis will give better understanding, if it is at all an analysis worthy of that name, and if it is a good one, it is likely to bring action as well, because it unblocks the – sometimes hidden – reasons for inaction.一分析,將給予更深入的了解,如果是在所有的分析值得指出的名稱,如果這是一個很好的一個,這是可能會帶來的行動,以及,因為它unblocks -有時隱藏-理由不採取行動。

I will take a closer look at what could be called three different models or explanations of the Jewish problem – or Jewish question, as seen from our side, the people of the West, who have had to live with it for so many centuries.我會仔細看看有什麼可稱為三種不同的模式或解釋猶太人的問題-或猶太人的問題,從我們這一邊,人民的西部,誰曾住在一起,它為這麼多的世紀。

I will discuss the models, their value as an explanation of “The Jewish Problem”, and compare them with a view also to how they might point in the direction of a workable solution.我將討論的模式,其價值作為一個解釋: “猶太人問題” ,並比較它們與觀點也如何,他們可能會在點的方向,一個可行的解決辦法。 Whether the Jews are considered a nation, a people, a race or a just individuals adhering to a religion, Judaism, I think it is permissible and sufficient for the purpose of this discussion to view them as a group, with a core of persons, devoted to a cause, to some rituals and to fellow-Jews, and an outer group with varying lesser degrees of attachment to the cause, the fellow-Jews and the rituals and philosophy of Judaism.是否猶太人被認為是一個民族,一個人,一個種族或一個公正的個人堅持以一種宗教,猶太教,我認為這是可以容許的和足夠的供討論的目的,以查看他們作為一個集團,一個核心的人,專門的事業,一些禮儀和研究員-猶太人和外組與較輕的不同程度的依戀的原因,研究員-猶太人和禮儀和哲學,猶太教。

1) The first model is The Jewish Conspiracy to rule and enslave the world. 1 )第一種模式是猶太人的陰謀統治和奴役的世界。

2) Second model is The survival method of a minority Jewish community amongst non-Jewish societies. 2 )第二種模式是生存的方法,少數猶太人社區當中,非猶太人社團。

3) The third model is Mental states and shortcomings in Jews and non-Jews which need to be understood and improved, whether they are genetically based or not. 3 )第三個模型是精神狀態和缺點,在猶太人和非猶太人,需要加以理解和改進,無論他們是基於基因或沒有。

For short let me call them短期讓我稱他們為

“Conspiracy to Enslave”, “陰謀奴役” ,
“Survival of the Fittest” and “適者生存”和
“Mental Illness”. “精神病” 。
Authors, who have dealt with the question in the last hundred years usually touch on all three models, maybe without stating them as such, but then choose one of them as the best.作者,誰處理的問題,在過去的一百年,通常接觸的全部三種型號的,也許沒有說明他們當作這樣的,但然後選擇其中一個為最佳。 Over time one may revise his viewpoint on the problem, but it probably remains within this framework隨著時間一可能修改他的觀點對這個問題的,但它可能仍然在這個框架內

I let the three models be represented or personified by three men whose lectures I have listened to or read a lot.我讓三種模式的代表或人格化的三名男子,其講座,我聽過或閱讀了很多。 Maybe the three men, if brought together, would not themselves agree that they could be compared, especially in this matter, but for my purpose of comparing the three models of ”The Jewish Problem”, I find it relevant to do so.也許該三名男子,如果聚集在一起,不會自己同意,他們可以比較,尤其是在這件事,但我的目的比較3種型號的“猶太人問題” ,我覺得有關的這樣做。 The first person (representing or personifying the ”Jewish Conspiracy Model”), is Douglas Reed, the former British foreign correspondent of The London Times and author of - among several other books - the now famous book The Controversy of Zion.第一人(代表或personifying “猶太人的陰謀模型” ) ,是道格拉斯蘆葦,前英國外交通訊員倫敦時報的作者-中的幾個其他書籍-現在名著爭議的錫安。 He saw himself as a traveler and discoverer in the political realm.他認為自己作為一個旅行者和發現者在政治領域。 The second person is David Duke (representing or personifying the ”Survival Method Model”).第二人是大衛杜克(代表或personifying “的生存方式模型” ) 。 He is well known as a politician, world famous activist for rights of European mankind, and author of My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism.他是人所共知的作為一個政治家,世界著名活動家的權利,歐洲人類,和作者本人的覺醒和猶太supremacism 。 He sees himself mainly as a discoverer and missionary in the social and racial realm.他認為自己主要是作為一個發現者和傳教士在社會和種族的境界。 The third person, (representing or personifying the ”Mental State Model”) will be less obvious.第三人, (代表或personifying “的精神狀態模式” )將不那麼明顯。 It is L. Ron Hubbard.這是研究羅恩哈伯德。 He saw himself as an explorer of the mind and soul of man.他認為自己作為一個探索者的思想和靈魂的人。 He was the founder of the Scientology movement and author of many books on mental states and mental self-improvement.他是創始人之一,科學運動和作者的許多書籍,心理狀態和心理的自我完善。 You, sitting here, may also think that those three persons are a strange mix, but let us have a closer look at them, at what they each say or said.你坐在這裡,也可能認為那些3人是一個奇怪的組合,但讓我們仔細看看他們,在他們每個說,或說。 Of course Reed and Hubbard are no longer with us.當然,蘆葦和哈伯德已不再與我們。 Reed died in 1976, Hubbard in 1986, and David Duke is very much alive.蘆葦死亡,在1976年,哈伯德在1986年,和大衛杜克是十分活躍。 Ron Hubbard also, by the way, never mentioned Jews and a Jewish problem as such – but I see his philosophy and mental techniques as very relevant to the problem.羅恩哈伯德同時,通過的方式,從來沒有提及猶太人和猶太問題,因為這樣的-但我看到他的哲學和心理技巧,非常相關的問題。 Deception and hidden hostility are central Jewish Supremacist traits and also something, Hubbard had many observations and techniques about.欺騙和隱藏的敵意,是中央的猶太人優越的特點和也,哈伯德曾許多意見和技術。 These traits were central characteristics of, for instance, the secret Jews, “marranos” of Middle Age Spain, where the Inquisition was the direct reaction, also the central characteristics of the personalities, techniques and activities of Jewish Communism, where the Second World War was the reaction, and particularly the Jewish holocaust.這些性狀中央的特點,舉例來說,秘密的猶太人, “ marranos ”中年西班牙,那裡的宗教裁判所是直接反應,也是中央的特點,個性,技術和活動的猶太共產主義,而第二次世界戰爭是的反應,尤其是猶太人的大屠殺。 Hubbard, most importantly, explored techniques for making ordinary people more aware, self-determined and happy, which is something pertinent to this discussion, and he had very interesting observations about psychopathic behavior and its effect on other people.哈伯德,最重要的是,探索技術,使普通百姓更加了解,自我決心和快樂,這是有關這次討論中,他曾很有趣的觀察心理變態的行為及其對其他人。

Actually it might seem very appropriate, right here, to turn the tables on the Supremacist Jews and ask: If Jewish leaders and intellectuals dare to define “The Jewish Problem” as an irrational hate or dislike of Jews, or as a peculiar mental illness in Gentiles, would it not be much more to the point for Gentile critics of Jews to define classical Jewish behavior, as they see it, in this way, that is: As mental illness.其實它可能似乎非常適當的,有權在這裡,把表格是關於猶太人和優越問:如果猶太領袖和知識分子不敢界定“猶太人問題”作為一個非理性的仇恨或不喜歡猶太人,或者作為一個奇特的精神病患者在外邦人,便不會有太大的更多一點,為詹蒂萊批評猶太人的界定古典猶太人的行為,因為他們認為,以這種方式,即是:由於精神病。 How could they better characterize behavior such as committing treason again and again, lying and cheating routinely, leading on in crimes and depraving and destructive activities, creating communism and other corrupt social philosophies with hundreds of millions of victims, spying and warring on friendly host-societies, setting peoples of the world against each other for major wars, stealing a country and killing off its inhabitants, and all the time believing themselves to be a people, chosen by no less than God above all others with a divine right to do all these things.怎樣才能更好地特有的行為,如犯有叛國罪再次,撒謊和欺騙的日常領導就在犯罪和depraving和破壞活動,造成共產主義和其他腐敗的社會哲學與數以億計的受害者,刺探和交戰的友好主機社團,設置世界各國人民的反對對方為主要戰爭,偷竊一個國家和殺害小康的居民,和任何時候都相信自己是一個人,選擇不低於上帝上述所有其他與神權,以盡一切這些東西。

But I will get back to that in discussing the third model, and take the other two models first:但我將回到指出,在討論的第三個模型,並採取其他兩種模式的第一:

The first model - Conspiracy to Enslave 第一種模式-陰謀奴役

The first model – the Jewish conspiracy to rule and enslave the world, has been a classic model, based as it is in the ancient text of the Torah.第一種模式-猶太人的陰謀統治和奴役的世界,已成為經典的模式,基於因為它是在古代文字的誦讀經文。 But it was brought to the forefront and reinforced in more modern times with the enormous growth and spread of Jewish financial power and Jewish Communism in the 19th Century, and the phenomenal popularity of the text The Protocols of the Elders of Zion from around 1900.但它帶來的前列,並加強了在更現代的時代與巨大的增長和蔓延的猶太財政權力和猶太共產主義在19世紀,和驚人的受歡迎程度,文字議定書長老錫安來自各地的00年。 It gained strength from disclosures of various secret societies, such as the Illuminati, with their secret papers, in the late 18th Century, and the revolutions of the 19th Century, where, as the baptized Jew and British prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, said: “at the front of every one of these revolutionary movements for the destruction of authority, nationhood and religion, you find a Jew”.它獲得了力量,從披露的各種秘密社團,如illuminati ,與他們的秘密文件,在18世紀後期,和革命的19世紀,其中,作為洗禮的猶太人和英國首相,首相迪斯累裡,說: “在前面的每一個這些革命運動為銷毀管理局,民族和宗教政策,你找到一個猶太人” 。 Douglas Reed writes in The Controversy of Zion, that it seems, that the World Revolution movement had been taken over by Jews from around the middle of the 19th Century.道格拉斯蘆葦寫道,在爭議的錫安,它似乎認為,世界革命運動已接管猶太人來自全國各地十九世紀中葉。 Communism, which was to conquer the world, was created by the Jew Marx, and the Revolutionary, destructive, movement broke out into the open, dramatically, with the so-called Russian Revolution, totally dominated by Jews.共產主義,這是要征服世界,是由猶太人,馬克思,和革命,破壞性的,運動的爆發,到開放,極大地,同所謂的俄國革命,完全主導的猶太人。

But also international high finance, had by this time become a mainly Jewish affair, as personified in the 19th Century by the Rothschild family, who were known or believed by many well-informed people to be the real powers behind the rulers of Europe.而且國際高級財務,這個時候,成為一個主要的猶太人的事,作為人格化,在19世紀由Rothschild的家庭,誰被知道或相信很多人在充分了解情況的人成為有實權的背後統治者的歐洲。

The secrecy of the revolutionary movements and of international finance, plus the knowledge, that very few - Jewish - persons ruled the revolutionary masses through terror in Russia – and also commanded the vast sums of money in international finance, made the conclusion obvious, that there was such a conspiracy in the world.保密的革命運動和國際金融,再加上知識,很少-猶太人-的人統治的革命群眾,通過在俄羅斯的恐怖-也指揮了大量的金錢在國際金融,作出的結論很明顯,有是這樣一個陰謀,在世界上。 Later research led to knowledge of such groups as The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission and other power groups, with heavy Jewish participation.後來的研究導致了知識,這類團體的作為bilderbergers ,三邊委員會和其他權力的團體,與沉重的猶太參與。 They also involved a non-Jewish elite, but this did not diminish the impression of finance and revolution working together behind the scenes, in Jewish hands.他們還涉及非猶太人的精英,但這並沒有削弱的印象,金融和革命工作,共同在幕後,在猶太人手中。 With the advent of the mass media in the 20th Century, their control of public opinion, and above all, the total dominance by Jews in Hollywood, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, and now also the internet, it is no wonder, that the image of a conspiracy by super-rich Jews has remained with us.與的來臨,大眾傳播媒介在20世紀,在其控制的輿論導向,及以上所有,總的主導權由猶太人在好萊塢,電視,廣播,報紙,雜誌,書籍,現在也互聯網,這是怪不得,即形象的陰謀,由超級富豪的猶太人仍然與我們。 A conspiracy – that is: a design of (secret) co-operation for a wrongful act between two or more persons – is not invalidated by the fact, that many know or suspect one to exist.陰謀-是:設計(秘密)的合作,運作了不法行為之間的兩個或以上的人-是不是無效的事實,即許多人都知道或懷疑的一個存在。 It is not even invalidated by the fact that many, unwittingly or knowingly, take part in its plans, such as the creation of a world government, and admit so openly and maybe even believe it to be their own idea, and no secret at all.它甚至不是無效事實,即許多,不知不覺地或明知故犯,採取的一部分,在其計劃,如建立一個世界政府,並承認,使公開,甚至相信這是他們自己的想法,並沒有任何秘密,在所有。 The power behind, wielding the money and the brainwashing machine, does not inform us of their machinations.權力的背後,揮舞金錢和洗腦機,不可否告訴我們,他們的陰謀詭計。 And they always need the useful idiots to assist.和他們總是需要有用的白痴,以協助。 For instance, it is beyond discussion that communism in Russia was Jewish in its origin, and dominated by Jews to the extent, that it had to be made punishable by death by the Jewish revolutionary masters to mention and react negatively on it.舉例來說,是無法討論,共產主義在俄羅斯的猶太人在其原產地,以及主導的猶太人的程度,它不得不作出判處死刑,由猶太革命的主人,更遑論和反應消極影響。 It is also clear that the Jewish masters used a lot of secrecy, such as changing names and using cloudy class-war language and semi-secret Yiddish and Hebrew, apart from more conventional secrecy in plans and financing etc. And the mainly Jewish leaders of the early days of the revolution were quite few, compared to the masses, they terrorized, thus being a conspiracy by definition.它也明確指出,猶太人的主人,用了不少的保密,如更改名稱及使用多雲階級戰爭,語言和半秘密的意第緒語和希伯來語,除了較為傳統的保密,在計劃和融資等,以及主要的猶太領導人早年的革命有相當數相比,到群眾中,他們恐嚇,因此,作為一個陰謀的定義。 Finally it is clear that later expansion of communism in Russia and around the world had to comprise many non-Jews as well, but this happened without the Jewish grip being loosened much in the Soviet and Eastern European countries, where they long dominated in the Secret Police terrorizing apparatus, the leadership of the Gulags and the propaganda apparatus, and where they finally came out on the top of the Russian society in our own time, when communism had to be abandoned, stealing most of Russia, as so-called oligarchs, through international financial cooperation and various criminal schemes.最後很清楚,後來擴大共產主義在俄羅斯和世界各地不得不包括許多非猶太人,以及,但這件事沒有把握的猶太人正在鬆動得多,在蘇聯和東歐國家,他們在那裡長期佔主導地位的秘密警方恐嚇儀器,領導該gulags和宣傳器具,並在他們終於列於頂端的俄羅斯社會在我們自己的時間,共產主義時,不得不放棄,盜竊,大部分俄羅斯,因此,所謂的寡頭,通過國際金融合作和各種犯罪計劃。 Also, it must be remembered, that today, in the confusing sea of news and entertainment, most people are overwhelmed by conflicting and superfluous information anyway, and unable to piece conclusions together, much less make it into a well-founded whole, that gives them reason to speak and act.同時,我們必須緊記,今天,在混亂的海洋,新聞和娛樂,大多數人都不知所措矛盾和多餘的信息,無論如何,不能一塊共同的結論,更使它成為一個良好的成立,整體而言,這使他們的理由發言,並採取行動。 A conspiracy does not need to be totally secret under such conditions.陰謀並不需要完全秘密,在這種情況下。

I got into this line of thinking from being in the Scientology movement in the late sixties and through the 70’es.我得到這個思路,從在科學運動的後期,六十年代,並通過70'es 。 The movement was heavily attacked from the beginning, whether deserved or not, particularly from the psychiatrists, and besides studying the self-betterment techniques of the group over many years, I worked for a while in the intelligence section of the movement’s so called “Guardians Office”, where we got trained to find out about and counter the attackers of the movement.運動是大量的攻擊從一開始,是否值得或不,尤其是從精神科醫生,除了學習,自我增值技術工作組多年來,我工作了,而在情報組的運動的所謂“監護人辦公室” ,我們在那裡得到訓練,了解和反攻擊的運動。 The American section of the office later got into legal trouble because its operatives broke into government offices in the now scandalized “Operation Snow White”, but when I was in the European section, we didn’t do such things, and my colleagues and I didn’t get into such trouble.美國科辦公室稍後陷入法律麻煩,因為它的操作工破門進入政府辦事處,在現在scandalized “的運作白雪公主” ,但是當我在歐洲部分,我們沒有這樣做,這樣的事,我和我的同事沒有進入這樣的麻煩。 From this line of training I learned about the secret world behind politics and also such conspiracy literature as Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it Conspiracy, and we researched, in particular, the wing of the conspiracy that dealt with psychological control of rulers and pervasive control of masses through community psychiatry.由這條線的訓練,我知道有關秘密世界背後的政治和也等陰謀文學作為程介南李鵬飛的,沒有不敢稱之為陰謀,而我們的研究,特別是機翼上的陰謀,涉及與心理控制的統治者和無孔不入控制群眾,通過社區精神科。 We found, that it was leading figures in the international World Federation of Mental Health, with its national chapters, which was at the center of the attacks on the movement.我們發現,這是領導人物,在國際世界聯合會的心理健康,其本國的章節,這是在該中心的攻擊對運動。 Political psychiatrist were part of somebody’s conspiracy to rule, we also found, and their plan was to be able to know all about the world’s leaders and influence them in their capacity of mental health experts.政治精神科醫生的一部分,有人的陰謀統治,我們也發現,他們的計劃是要能夠知道所有有關世界各國領導人和影響力,他們在他們的能力,心理健康專家。 This was said in their “Mental Health”-literature, sometimes bluntly, sometimes in convoluted language.這是說,在他們的“精神健康”文學,有時甚至直截了當地說,有時在錯綜複雜的語言。 Programs to quash political psychiatry were initiated by us and carried out.程序,以打消市場的政治精神病學人發起的,我們並進行了。 The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, once - in 1967 – stated in a taped speech, Ron’s Journal ‘67, that the world was – for all practical purposes – governed by a handful of super-rich people.的創始人,科學,研究羅恩哈伯德,一旦-在1 967年-說明,在一個錄音講話中,羅恩的雜誌'6 7,這個世界是-對於所有的實際目的-由少數超級富豪的人。 The political psychiatrists, mostly Marxist in their worldview, were just the section of the conspiracy, which quite naturally dealt with Scientology.政治精神科醫生,大多是馬克思主義在他們的世界觀,只是一節陰謀,這很自然地處理與科學。 Scientology was a perceived threat to them for more than financial reasons, it was thought.科學是一個知覺的威脅,向他們多財政上的理由,這是思想。 We were not focused on Jews at all then, I don’t think they were ever mentioned, and I certainly did not suspect then, that they had much to do with the problem of world unrest.我們不是集中於猶太人在所有,然後,我不認為他們以往任何時候都提到,我當然沒有懷疑,然後,他們有很多事都與問題世界的不安。 I remember now, however, that there were many Jewish-sounding names in the political psychiatry organizations, such as “The National Association for Mental Health” and others.我記得,不過,現在有很多猶太冠冕堂皇的名字,在政治精神病學組織,如“全國協會心理健康”等。 Checking up on it today I find, that Jewish names dominate the entire fields of psychiatry and psychology.檢查行動,今天我覺得,猶太人的姓名主宰整個領域的精神病學和心理學。 I can see today also, that quite a few Jewish names were in prominent positions in even the Scientology organization already then.我可以看到今天的同時,也有不少猶太人的名字在顯著位置,甚至在科學論派組織已經然後。 (Geoffrey C. Filbert in 1982 mentions many Jews on staff in Scientology in his two-volume book Excalibur Revisited, vol. II, 468) (杰弗裡長filbert在1982年提到,許多猶太人對工作人員在科學在他的兩卷書劍重新審查,第二卷, 468 )

It apparently got much worse with Scientology since, and the organization has today been taken over by a powerful, small group, and I think it is today probably in Jewish hands, as so many other activities, particularly in the field of psychology, psychiatry, New Age mental techniques and the like.很顯然,得到更差與科學以來,該組織今天接管了一個強大的,小團體,我認為這是今天大概會在猶太人手中,這麼多的其他活動,特別是在外地的心理學,精神病學,新時代的精神技術和像。 The sudden tax-exempt status at the exact time they attacked Willis Carto in Institute for Historical review, and the way they compared themselves with Jews, when Germany attacked Scientology there, indicate this.突如其來的免稅地位,在確切的時間,他們攻擊威利斯carto在研究所的歷史回顧,方式和他們相比,自己與猶太人時,德國有攻擊科學,表明這一點。

Anyway, this is how I was introduced to conspiracy as a subject.無論如何,這是我介紹的陰謀,作為一個課題。 Reading many, many books later on Jews and the powers behind the scenes, convinced me beyond doubt, that at least the driving force, the cohesiveness, the money and the brainwashing media of the world are so overwhelmingly Jewish that it would be as futile to call a world conspiracy other than Jewish, as it would be calling the “Russian Revolution” anything but “The Jewish Revolution in Russia”.讀了很多書,稍後猶太人和權力在幕後,我確信,毫無疑問,即至少有動力,凝聚力,金錢和洗腦,媒體的世界是如此壓倒多數的猶太人,這將是作為徒勞的請一個世界的陰謀以外的其他猶太人,因為它會要求“俄國革命”任何事情,但“猶太革命在俄羅斯” 。

And everybody actually believes in conspiracy of one kind or another.其實,每個人都認為,在陰謀的這樣或那樣的。 We all know there was a conspiracy to kill Caesar once, the term exists today in ordinary American law: conspiracy to do this and that, and even Hillary Clinton said a conservative or republican conspiracy existed against her husband during the Monica Lewinsky sex-scandal in The White House.大家都知道有一個陰謀殺害愷撒一次,任期存在,今天在美國普通法律:串謀做這做那,甚至希拉里克林頓說,一個保守的或共和黨的陰謀存在,對她的丈夫在莫尼卡萊溫斯基性醜聞在白宮。 We are just not allowed, by the all-powerful media - to believe one exists in politics today, especially not one to dominate the world, and most particularly not a conspiracy run by Jews.我們只是不容許,由所有-強大的媒體-相信一個在政治上存在的今天,特別是沒有一個主宰世界,而最特別是不是一個陰謀運行由猶太人。 Although papers exist, such as the old Illuminati papers, later voluminous Communist plans, and quite recent UN and other papers for World Government.雖然文件存在,如舊illuminati文件,稍後厚厚的共產主義計劃,並相當最近聯合國和其他文件,為世界政府。 All these plans certainly are not democratic, and not meant to be presented to the people of the world before implementation.所有這些計劃,當然不是民主,並不意味著將提交給世界各國人民在實施前。 And the oldest plan for world domination is a racist one in The Torah of the Jews.和最古老的計劃,支配世界是一個種族主義一,在誦讀經文的猶太人。 It is played down as such a plan – by the leaders of Jewry, and – again, by the all-powerful mass media of the world, being in Jewish hands, but the plan is still on, and very much followed.這是低調處理,作為這樣的一個計劃-由領導人的猶太人, -同樣地,由所有強大的大眾傳播媒介的世界,在猶太人手中,但這一計劃仍在進行中,十分其次。 The secrecy and the lying that surround the Torah, makes it, and even more, its follow-up, The Talmud, a blueprint for a racist conspiracy, directed against particularly the Gentile, Western world.保密及倒臥包圍誦讀經文,使得它,更有什者,其後續行動,塔木德,藍圖種族主義的陰謀,針對尤其是詹蒂萊,西方世界。 Political Zionism is just the latest logical implementation of the racist, supremacist philosophy contained in them.政治猶太复國主義只是最新的邏輯執行的種族主義,優越的哲學載於他們。 Let me quote a passage from an early book by Douglas Reed, Far and Wide, from 1951, which in an interesting way describes the real aim of Zionism while quoting the central personality of Zionism during the 50 years, that preceded the formation of Israel as a Zionist state, Chaim Weizmann, and his book, Trial and Error:讓我舉一個通道,從1月初書道格拉斯蘆葦,到目前為止,和廣泛的,從1951年,一種有趣的方式描述的真正目的,猶太复國主義的同時,引述中央人格的猶太复國主義在50年來,之前形成的以色列作為一猶太复國主義國家,任魏茨曼,以及他的著作,審判和錯誤:

“ ‘Of those ‘first rank statesmen’ who in 1917 prepared the first triumph of Political Zionism Lord Robert Cecil (Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs) is exceptionally important because he alone (Dr. Weizmann says), ‘saw in it its true perspective as an integral part of world stabilization. “這些'第一級的政治家'誰在1917年編寫了第一的勝利,政治猶太复國主義勳爵羅伯特塞西爾(助理秘書長外事)是非常重要的,因為他獨自(博士魏茨曼說) , '看到了它的真正角度不可分割的一部分世界的穩定。 To him the re-establishment of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine and the organization of the world in a great federation were complementary features of the next step in the management of human affairs’他重新建立一個猶太人的家園在巴勒斯坦和該組織的世界在一個偉大的聯邦是相輔相成的特點,下一步在管理人類的事務'
I do not know, but doubt, if Lord Robert Cecil ever explained the matter to his own people like that, but in these words a much bigger nigger pops out of the woodpile.我不知道,但毫無疑問,如果主羅伯特塞西爾以往任何時候都解釋此事向自己的人民一樣,但在這些話一個更大的nigger持久性有機污染物出於對woodpile 。 In them the ‘National Home’ no longer appears as an all-satisfying end in itself, as it was first presented to be; or even as the basis of a future Zionist State, which it was denied to be.在他們的'國家'似乎不再作為一個全方位的滿足本身的目的,因為它是第一次提交給;或什至為基礎,作為未來的猶太复國主義國家,它否認。 The words contain the true shape of the whole ambition, as I believe it to be, for they speak of world stabilization, of a world federation, and of managing mankind.字包含的真實形狀,整個的野心,因為我相信它是,他們談論世界的穩定,一個世界聯合會,和管理人類。 If this future world federation is to surmount nations, why had it to begin with the creation of a new nation, the Zionist one, unless the ‘management of human affairs’ is to be assumed by that one?”如果這個未來的世界聯邦是超越國家,為什麼它首先建立一個新的民族,猶太复國主義1 ,除非管理人類的事務'是要承擔一個“ ?

But what use is it really to say or establish, that a Jewish power-elite rules us through a conspiracy?但有什麼用,是否真的說或建立,即一個猶太人的權力精英規則,我們通過一個陰謀? As it is so difficult for most people to grasp such a situation, and as the mass media have succeeded very well in making ridiculous the concept of conspiracies, as something only lunatics and the extreme Right, the “neo-nazi’s”, believe in, the likeliness of people waking up by these revelations alone is not too promising.因為它是如此艱難,對大多數人來說,把握這種情況下,作為大眾傳播媒介已成功地非常好,決策荒謬的概念,陰謀,因為一些只有瘋子和極右勢力, “新納粹的” ,相信在,可能性人民的覺醒,這些啟示,單是不太樂觀。 Therefore the usefulness of model no.1 is rather small for other than intellectual satisfaction and historical education, as I see it now.因此,有用的模式,第一是相當小,除智力的滿意度和歷史教育,正如我看到現在。 That does not invalidate its correctness, in my view.這並不作廢了其正確性,在我的看法。 And it is very necessary for a newcomers understanding of the whole situation in the world.它是非常必要的一個新的認識,總攬全局,在世界上。 Douglas Reed and his later book The Controversy of Zion sheds a lot of light on this model.道格拉斯里德和他後來書的爭議,錫安雞舍了不少光對這一模式。 And I think he has explained best of all the dual Jewish-led conspiracy of pressure from above by money, propaganda and perversion of governments and from below from excited mobs, be they red revolutionary or as today, large minorities of third world colored immigrants ready to make trouble from inside Western countries.我想他解釋,最好的所有雙猶太人主導的陰謀的壓力,從以上的金錢,宣傳和妨礙各國政府和從下面從興奮暴徒,他們的紅色革命或像今天這樣,大少數民族的第三次世界有色移民的準備製造事端,從內部的西方國家。 It is not a conspiracy consisting of only a few Jewish “elders”, and also not one that includes all, or most Jews.它不是一個陰謀構成的,只有少數的猶太人“長者” ,也沒有一個包括所有,或大部分猶太人。


The Second model- Survival of the Fittest 第二個模型適者生存

The most important proponent for the Darwinistic explanation of the Jewish Problem, as a more or less secret war waged by Jews, through millennia, against primarily the white race today, is, of course, professor Kevin MacDonald with his trilogy A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Separation and Its Discontents and The Culture of Critique.最重要的倡議者為darwinistic解釋猶太人的問題,作為一個更多或更少的秘密發動了戰爭,猶太人,通過幾千年的,對主要是白種人,今天,當然是教授凱文麥克唐納與他的三部曲一人,應詳細單,分離和其不滿和文化的批判。 His theory of how evolution has worked on group behavior over time to make up a distinct Jewish group survival mechanism that involves the various known Jewish characteristics, is for many people the last word on The Jewish Problem, because it comes closest to the exact demands of natural science, and because it has been so solidly documented.他的理論是如何演變的工作組行為,隨著時間的推移,以彌補一個獨特的猶太集團的生存機制,涉及到各種已知或猶太人的特點,是對很多人來說硬道理,對猶太人的問題,因為它最接近的確切需求自然科學,因為它已使紮紮實實地記錄在案。 I have, however, for the purpose of my summary, chosen David Duke as the person to represent this theory, because he has popularized the theory through his book Jewish Supremacism, and has taken it as the basic understanding of what Gentiles are up against, in his many speeches on the problem (ex.: Aug. 22, 2005): Judaism and the Jewish people are developed as a tribal survival mechanism, an evolutionary mechanism, or a response to being constantly a minority, developed over three thousand years, and it has to a degree become inborn in the individual Jews.我有,不過,為了我的摘要,選擇大衛杜克作為人所代表的這個理論,因為他已經普及的理論,通過他的著作猶太supremacism ,並已採取把它作為基本的了解什麼是外邦人的反對,在他的許多發言對這個問題的(例如: 2005年8月22日) :猶太教和猶太人民的是發展成為一個部落的生存機制,一個進化的機制,或回應不斷少數,發達國家超過三千年,它以一定程度上成為天生的,在個別的猶太人。 To an extent their behavior is genetically governed, and they are also to be regarded as a race, because they have to a large extent remained separated – by their own choice, because of their racists religion - from the populations among which they dwelled for a very, very long period of time, thus developing specific Jewish genes, some of which influence behavior.在某程度上他們的行為是基因的管治,他們也被視為種族,因為他們有相當大的程度上仍然是分離-由他們自己的選擇,因為他們的種族主義者宗教-從人口,其中,他們講了一個非常,非常長的一段時期內,因此,制定具體的猶太基因,其中有些影響的行為。 Just as importantly this evolutionary mechanism has worked on the Jewish group as a whole and created a particular cohesiveness and internal brotherhood, and at the same time a marked enmity and hatred against other populations, particularly the Christians of the West.同樣重要的進化機制,這已對猶太人的集團作為一個整體,建立了一個特別的凝聚力和內部的兄弟,並在同一時間內有明顯的敵意和仇恨,對其他族群,尤其是基督信徒的西方國家。

David Duke quotes (radio lecture August 4, 2005) a central text from Kevin MacDonald on this, it says:大衛杜克引號(電台講座, 2005年8月4日)一個中央文從凱文麥克唐納關於這點,它說:

“The present, judaized cultural Imperium in the West is maintained by a pervasive thought control, propagated by the mass media, and extending to self-censorship by academics, politicians, and others, well aware of the dire personal and professional consequences of crossing the boundaries of acceptable thought and speech about Jews and Jewish issues. “目前, judaized文化統治,在西方是由一種普遍的思想控制,宣揚通過大眾傳播媒介,並延伸到自我審查的學者,政治家,和其他人,深知悲慘的個人和專業的後果過境界限可以接受的思想和言論自由,約猶太人和猶太問題。 It is maintained by zealously promulgated, self-serving, and essentially false theories of the nature and causes of anti-Semitism”它是由熱心頒布,自我服務,基本上是虛假的理論的性質和原因,反猶太主義“

The Jews are the only people, which has managed to stay apart from other peoples of the world in this way, through the centuries, and genetic research in recent years shows, that say Moroccan Jews and European Jews are many times more like each other genetically, than they are like their respective host peoples of Morocco and Europe.猶太人是唯一的人,其中已設法留,除了從其他世界各國人民在這方面的方式,通過世紀之交,和遺傳研究,在近年來顯示,即說,摩洛哥猶太人和歐洲猶太人許多倍多想對方的基因,比他們想各自的東道國人民的摩洛哥和歐洲。 Because they have for so many centuries seen the Christians and then the white race as their main competitors, they are actually fighting a centuries old war against us, that they are not frank and open about, and which very, very few whites are aware of.因為他們有這麼多世紀看到基督徒,然後白種人作為其主要的競爭對手,他們其實是打一場百年戰爭,對我們,他們不坦誠和開放的約,並且非常,非常少數的白人都知道。 Their most effective weapon, of course, is to have taken control of our societies, through a group effort, which has for a long period, now, dominated mass media, government institutions, international finance, and also some sciences, movements and institutions which supported their efforts and gave them intellectual weight.其最有效的武器,當然是已經控制了我們的社會,通過一組的努力,已在相當長的時期,現在佔主導地位的大眾媒體,政府機構,國際金融,也有一些科學,運動和機構支持他們的努力,並給了他們智力的重量。 These movements were/are the communist revolutionary movement and later socialistic movements, the Frankfurt School, the psychoanalytic movement, Boasian Anthropology, the civil rights movement, or anti-racism movements, the opening of borders in the West, the New York intellectuals, and latest: the neo-conservative movement, that has led America into wars to “stamp out evil” and a ”crusade” to establish Jewish controlled democracy in the Middle East and across the world.這些動作被/是共產主義革命運動和後來的社會主義運動,法蘭克福學派,精神分析運動, boasian人類學,民權運動,或反種族主義運動,開放邊界,在西方,新的紐約知識分子,最新消息:新保守主義運動,這導致了美國進入戰爭“ ,杜絕邪惡”和“十字軍東征”建立的猶太人控制的民主,在中東和世界各地。

大衛杜克,也ivor班森,有被稱為種族主義,極端猶太領導人,誰是壓倒多數的權力的猶太社會: “猶太至上” ,借款從主要媒體製作的“白人至上” 。這些猶太至上純粹是背後的所有主要破壞性的發展和發生在世界上,直接,作為立法者,政府高層官員,遊說-組織在美國和許多西方國家或融資的破壞性和顛覆程序,例如淹沒西方國家有色移民,或更普遍地作為媒體大亨,在宣傳,開闢了為這些有很多破壞性的行動。他們這樣做出來了深刻的仇恨白種人,自童年起一直紮根在他們隨著有義務愛護和幫助他們自己的種族的兄弟。大衛杜克說,這似乎是他們更驅使下仇恨別人超過愛自己。再加上這充分研究和合理的理論,猶太人和猶太教,大衛杜克大學舉行,很容易辯護的立場,對解決猶太人問題:我們,歐洲的一部分,人類只是允許盡我們所能,以保存我們的遺產和自由,我們的生存,這是受到攻擊,從猶太至上。和我們有喚醒我們的人民,以非常真實的危險,被抹掉地球表面作為一個民族,在數代人。如果猶太人獲准顛覆,並嘗試摧毀我們,我們可以抗拒這並採取回到我們的社會。所以:沒有責怪任何人,真的,只是“適者生存” 。






這是一個模型的“猶太人問題”沒有得到這麼多關注,在上個世紀,當陰謀模型接手,現在凱文麥克唐納的模式,集團戰略,而這是原來的模式以來,前基督。為希臘人和羅馬人曾就許多viles猶太人和基督說,向猶太人(約翰福音8:42-48 ) “葉是你的父親魔鬼,和lusts的,你的父親你會做的… … ”許多其他通道在新約聖經是不低於反猶太主義,作為f.ex.約翰1時47分: “看哪一個以色列人事實上,在誰是沒有guile ! ”和著名的教會的父親馬丁路德,後來在歷史上,是相當大膽,猶太人的邪惡在他的著作。他的著作“猶太人和他們的謊言”是沒有憐憫,這是他最後一次,以及合同看問題,作為這本書的書面不久之前,他的死因。許多著名人士,因為不客氣地說,猶太人是邪惡的瘋狂或以某種方式。雙方道格拉斯蘆葦和大衛杜克接觸,但就這主要是它獨自離開。理由至為明顯。這是如此艱難,也有危險具體在目前的猶太人控制的公共氣候。這是道德方面的問題,精神和心理層面。為我們並不是在處理與邪惡?我們是不是也處理某種形式的精神疾病,先天性或基於文化的,當猶太人造成了這麼多沉重的問題在我們社會中這麼久?



我看到,與我的背景,在科學和其他自我發展的技術,相當長的時間,主戰場這場戰爭必須在精神和心理的舞台。我看到,如何讓西部人民本身超支由全球化和第三世界的一大群,並屈服於這種無遠不止一whimper 。我看到他們如何相似滅絕鳥類的毛里求斯,多多鳥,因此命名為我的第一個網站後。它仍是淨在www.patriot.dk / menudron.html 。我看到了如何技巧好萊塢在創造一個不同的現實,為世界類似於魔術技巧,甚至黑色魔術,我看到如何,逐步,魔術的人,事件和陰謀了舉行,在電影和漫畫-往往意味著小的孩子越來越多對這種東西。我記得讀尼爾gabler的預訂一個帝國他們自己的關於猶太人國有好萊塢,以及它如何已經逐漸取代了美國的現實,其自身合成現實,他們現在的工作使世界的共同現實。有很多成功的。猶太領導人吹噓給予足夠的MTV ,甚至激進的穆斯林青年,可以變成馴服,彈出式的吸毒者一樣,西方的青年。這次魔術創造一個現實,雲,早在猶太人的生命,因此,並非巧合,在我的意見。基本的定義,魔術是建立由將成為現實(事物或發生)在物理宇宙。

還我看到,如何猶太人曾長期佔主導地位的科學或企圖在科學的頭腦,他們非常超過限額之間的精神科醫生,心理學家,心理治療師,我可以補充:在新時代的浪潮。此外,在系統我得到更好地熟悉,科學和具有里程碑意義的教育,有兩個很著名的現象,在美國。和當然,心理運動而產生的從弗洛伊德是猶太人,證明博士凱文麥克唐納。 ivor班森也提到在他的著作猶太复國主義的因素,臨95 ,如何秘密的拮抗作用“嚴密的unassimilable (猶太)少數人”已實行在無數的表格,但總是破壞詹蒂萊社團他們住在,從來沒有描述總比在議定書的教訓長者錫安不管爭議,他們的作者。他說,也提到這本書的神話,心理治療所(猶太)精神科醫生,博士托馬斯szasz : “其中一個主要因素在這一進程中的文化失真,沒有這些,其餘的已是不可能的,一直是偽造所有這些學科都與研究的男子一樣,人類學,心理學,民族學,人類遺傳學,政治學和歷史… 。邪惡腐敗的科學理論是行不通的更好的體現比在心理學,科學,其中百分之定義關注本身的運作的心靈,這正是大多數的損害可以做的說,反猶太主義抹黑,或恐懼,已施加重大影響,在我們的世紀… … “問題的癥結是,正如博厄斯學院人類學,弗洛伊德學校的心理分析,是“不是一個科學的問題,在所有,但猶太” ,所以是許多其他主流學校,在學科的處理與研究的男子,並在這裡來也教條的600萬猶太人gassed由德國人,這是不是在所有的歷史,但猶太。




大衛杜克說,在一個電台節目如何猶太人優越和欺騙性行為來正如自然時, jaybird合適的另一種鳥類的巢。沒有陰謀理論的需要。博士(威廉斯) ,皮爾斯指出,在一個電台節目, “偉大的主人的謊言”它是怎麼猶太人的能力,令人信服的謊言,已勸他,說的能力,奠定在基因


如果一個人是習慣所涉及的奧威爾雙認為雙發言,他結束了在一個不到理智的狀態。他必須在同一時間內舉行兩次相反,在現實的地方,為自己:這是什麼,他說是真的,只是因為他是實際上的話說,它和希望得到的權利/或因為他是正確的%的定義,作為一個優越的種族,而在同一時間,知道這是一個事實是虛假的,一不實,一個謊言,魯塞,一招為愚蠢的goyim ,然後,他適合描述一個人格分裂,或精神分裂。如果有一群人的行為,這樣許多世紀以來,最終的結果不能以外的積累,這些不少於理智的行為。喬治奧維爾和ivor班森, (第115-117段)發表評論的方式雙認為焊縫共同的現實和unreality在經驗豐富的醫生。猶太人似乎能夠在某種程度上生活與株,這總比外邦人。一個例子是維塔克分庭,證人在著名的-或臭名昭著的-阿爾及爾噪聲蘇聯間諜案,在1 9 48年至1 9 50年) 。他已被打破,由生活在兩個不同的心理世界,現在已清洗自己的(前蘇聯)的影響,曾,他現在發現,幾乎完全反猶(第116 )

多次在他的無線電講座,大衛杜克斯說,關於一些具體的猶太計劃“ ,它的根本精神錯亂” ,當猶太新保守主義者創造一個戰爭,以色列在伊拉克,並正在建設一個新的,更大的戰爭,對伊朗的。或當他們要出售的一個主要的美國油公司到中國在他們的狂熱,以進一步親愛的全球化議程,就不可能有真正的思想為美國。有可能是沒有更好的方式來表徵領導猶太至上誰是背後或支持這類計劃,這是真正的瘋狂。不是弱智理智。它更是明顯精神錯亂當戰爭對伊朗的可能,很可能涉及核武器,並可能意味著一個新的世界戰爭,這個時候的核一。以統治在核沙漠,這將是遠景,這些新保守主義者,只可作意識,如果他們被外星人後,自己沒有必要非污染的空氣,水,食物和環境。否則他們將最後有沒有一個人,並沒有任何的統治者,甚至會死自己。這是瘋狂的烏托邦。

不過,這是由於不合理的作為權威版本的猶太烏托邦,因為它是描述,在誦讀經文和猶太法典。猶太人的烏托邦(見猶太烏托邦由Michael higger )是一個唯物主義者,多雲的性質。它歸結為一個簡單的故事,純粹以所謂的“正義”尚存在當天的判決,當猶太人的彌賽亞的到來。正義是那些猶太人誰有虔誠其次是所有猶太法律和法規,包括謀殺,和正義的非猶太人只是那些誰提交自己向猶太人和明白,他們是選擇的主人,地球。猶太國王,然後統治世界,從耶路撒冷,其中黃金和鑽石裝飾,將所有街道。所有的財富將針對耶路撒冷。





如果一選擇組策略模型,它使更多的猶太人所涉及的比,如果一限制有牽連的人,在一個陰謀,在同一時間,你可以說,猶太人在一個方式,成為“無辜”的各種損害賠償, “他們”所造成的,因為他們只是不能幫助被這種方式,甚至有敦促在基因,作為一個貓必須趕上小鼠。它可能更接近真相。的方式,使許多領域已接管了猶太人和大批猶太人所涉及的,為這樣一個很長的一段時間內,講對保密的陰謀。和行為,使良好的意識,作為一個群體的生存機制是少數,如果您離開道德方面,單,因為您必須在這方面的解釋。徹底三部曲的書面凱文麥克唐納是沒有同儕在任何研究這種,和許多證據已發生的事情是,在我看來,主要的力量,這方面的工作。



1 )首先是來臨的研究路線-或一個所謂“科學的邪惡” -所謂的“ p o nerology”後,希臘“p o neros”=邪惡(或“糟糕”) ,以及“l o gia”=研究,
2 )第二個是風,迷信,超自然和魔幻電影和漫畫來自好萊塢。
3 ) ,第三是的來臨,許多心理自我改進技術和新時代的浪潮的另一種心理。
4 )第四是驚人的速度在大眾傳播媒介,濃度和國際大和無名氏的錢,在猶太人手中,並支持猶太議事日程。但令人高興的是,也來臨,在互聯網上,作為一個爆炸-然而-相當自由的媒介。
5 )最後的入侵有色人民到白的國家,所領導的猶太宣傳和顛覆的法律,強行和急劇變化的社會現實,在這些國家,並導致失踪的歐洲人類在長期而言


這是一個很有趣的新課題。這是在其他的話: “這項研究的邪惡” (或“ lousiness ” )或“科學的邪惡”或“科學的心理病理學” 。五研究者, raine ,野兔, cleckley , lobaczewski和斯圖特,已超過過去15年來,企圖來形容,什麼構成的行為,即宗教所謂的“邪” ,或什麼是俗稱精神變態或sociopath 。他們有孤立的約30性狀作為病態,如果個人說: “ 4這些在一個非常突出的形式,有充分理由關注” -然後留意(見“的B arnes檢討”一月/二月。 2 007年) 。在另一方面,它不作一心理變態有一個數,他們和瞬間。關鍵性狀的是:他(通常是男性) ,是從根本上以自我為中心,光滑,說謊,操控,無情的,多尼諾少將的重點,有時瘋狂無所畏懼。

研究羅恩哈伯德(誰自己經常被人指責小康之一,這些精神病患者,但是不作他的觀察無效) ,包括性狀,這些人並沒有回應任何增值-技術。有些人會說這些性狀的對應非常正是一個“反猶太主義”的陳規定型的看法小康猶太人的行為,通過歷史-和今天。不過,研究人員發現,這些精神病患者或sociopaths存在,在相同的比例,所有人類,所有種族,他們很少在精神病院,以及研究人員發現,它們構成4 %左右的一般的社會,和一個高得多的百分比對頂端的社會階層,因為這些類型,尋求權力,顯然是經常獲取它。

在此情況是猶太來英寸的猶太人是如此壓倒性的代表出席了上方的西方社會,這是很自然的,如果許多最強大的和危險的精神病患者也有猶太人,怪不得,如果西方社會和人民正在受害的猶太人的心理變態類型借調正如心理變態詹蒂萊bootlickers 。

道格拉斯蘆葦提到,在第1章“開始的內政” ,在尾聲,並在該章“破壞性的使命” ,他的爭議錫安如何作為一個“良好的猶太人”以下的所有規則的猶太教,自動指破壞性猶太人,他說,在寫作這本書,他覺得“邪” ,切實在現有的事件,他形容,他認為,猶太人民將最終把他們回到對猶太教和猶太复國主義和種族主義,他說,已開始與建立了種族主義的法律猶太人,公元前500年。他認為真相發生了什麼事,會喚醒人,猶太人和非猶太人,因此他寫這本書有關的陰謀。

據悉,朋友一煤礦已經向我解釋,即猶太經文可能是迄今為止,只有回的時候,亞歷山大大帝和什麼是較早提出的,正如大多數的故事。據悉,該猶太高神父羨慕開花希臘文化,使他們周圍的壓倒多數,所以他們花了很多希臘的著作,地,神,尤其是價值觀和拒絕他們倒在純粹的嫉妒和仇恨,在自己的著作,誦讀經文,增益控制他們的部落。在這方面的方式,例如,希臘愛與美的知識是顛倒-和成的故事,亞當和夏娃,誰被驅逐出天堂,吃禁果的智慧/知識。這可能是根源,苦難,如果是的話-怪不得那麼,如果2 .500年羨慕,仇恨,自欺欺人留下了痕跡的猶太人作為一個民族。

大衛杜克和Kevin MacDonald還描述發生了什麼事,向世界經猶太影響力,和大衛杜克作出了巨大的努力,以喚醒西方的人的危險,他們現正種族清洗由猶太至上的今天。他不指責猶太人的邪惡,但是他說,白人都有權保衛自己免受這些猶太人的企圖。他說,他認為“一個可以捍衛自己的遺產不破壞別人的說, ”和葉,它在這一點。這是一個非常defendable的立場,因此應先進。




因為年齡歲的遠景猶太烏托邦是使窮人和不合理的,彌賽亞從來沒有來,總有,在猶太人的生命,強大的精神/魔術暗流,補償缺乏救世主拯救和普通常識,在訊息。它存在,作為一個猶太人的陰謀的神秘感之間的了解,猶太教和它發生於間隔之間的較低的猶太人班作為純粹的迷信和信仰,巫術,有這麼多的一部份猶太人的生命,在我看來,它好得多的特點猶太人的思想比任何事情都重要:魔術和超人的能力(見保羅約翰遜的歷史,猶太人) 。 -現在是有一個危險的,在我看來,非常有影響力的東山再起,在很多的電影和漫畫來自好萊塢。它也有一個復甦,越來越感興趣,在猶太cabbala ,我認為魔術的權力是一個現實,為許多猶太人誰帶頭,或進行心理訓練,在新時代的運動。也可能為許多其他問題。但極端主義猶太人真的相信他們是超人。 (見“ , ” chabad lubavich “運動的網頁或引號,這些由大衛杜克大學) 。神奇的能力是否確實存在,我不知道,但我不排除會出來,正如靈魂,人是不排除,據我所知,無論有多少精神性狀似乎有遺傳基礎。我認為這是十分定義問題,我相信的權力,會存在,這當然有結果,在物理宇宙。和偉大的發現,在這個領域很可能是在等待我們。我們絕不能離開該領域的猶太人,因為它似乎是驚悚。的方式,我們看到猶太人的努力改變的現實,我們的社會,利用主要的武器,大眾傳媒,是這種現象。共產主義,實際上是一塊黑色魔術。這是被強姦的現實。他們還依賴於武器,大眾傳媒宣傳跟上猶太受害者和宗教地位的600.0萬gassed 。和幾代人成長在一個海上魔術卡通和電影,那裡的現實之間的界限和unreality是模糊不清,將比較容易的受害者的任何新的創造,或現實,猶太人優越,可想。



我們確實需要幫助,技術或系統,以讓人們喚醒,從他們的自殺,物質的沉睡,這是在這一領域的回心轉意,爭奪心中是高薪。這是基本的了解道格拉斯蘆葦, ivor班森,大衛杜克和領導人的民族聯盟和類似的團體,他們都感到沮喪,因為它是如此艱難,喚醒人民的白皮書。因此,我們應該接受,一個發展中的心理技術,已採取的地方,而且它可用於更好地洗腦的人,並幫助喚醒人民,使他們快樂和更有效的。我曾嘗試幾個系統我自己,科學,深入,具有里程碑意義的教育和knowledgism ,少徹底,再加上別人,我相信很多其他的自我發展路線,將工作的人。讓我們不要迷失在胡說八道,但也讓我們不會放棄可行的幫助,因為蔑視整個課題。讓我們認識到,研究男子已被主導的猶太人,並讓我們參與,在建設小康一個真正的科學人自己。我沒有參與任何的自我發展組織今天。和科學組織不會自1978年以來。但外地一向有興趣的我,我看到它為核心的科學的男子說,我們所需要的。我的意思是,很多的技術,研究羅恩哈伯德向公眾可用於自我增值,實際上已幫助成千上萬的人,我有親身感受到他們是否可行,以及一些效果,使人們醒來,並負起責任,為他們的生活,有更多的權力,在他們的生活。哈伯德了從別人的,從那時起了許多從哈伯德。他被稱為“亨利福特的隱匿性” ,以實現-可能-隱匿性技術,以普通百姓。他一直是一個里程碑,在人類潛力的運動,所以我讓他personify “心智模式”和“人類潛力的運動, ”儘管有很多爭議,他和他的組織。是否有這些技術有著悠久的傳統,在哲學,或在隱匿性,或他們是否可以簡單地解釋,在條款,以及眾所周知的,自然的能力,在人類,我們應該利用他們積極為我們的事業的生存,因為歐洲人和白色為世界擺脫猶太人的枷鎖。儘管該國事實上,精神分析運動為主,弗洛伊德和其他猶太人,儘管在事實上,我們並不能證明我們是否有一種精神的靈魂,或不,我們需要和可以盈利,從這種技術,我們將離開外地向猶太人在我們的危亡。



權力的大眾媒體已成倍增長,自道格拉斯里德寫的( 1953年至1956年) 。權力,建立一個完全合成的現實,這些媒體,尤其是在年輕人和子孫後代,是巨大的。猶太人可以相當輕鬆地創建一個現實,即600萬猶太人被gassed ,或其他任何他們可能要創建的,不論真相,歷史和物理的現實,當他們自己的實際和直接的所有傳媒網點,並慢慢地他們都降低道德標準和能力,以單獨的現實,從unreality ,如果“ unreality ” ,那麼規則,這將是“現實” ,而不是一個愉快的現實,為白色的人,正如我們現在知道。我們必須對付這種發展最好的,我們可以通過揭露洗腦-技術,即是受僱於,並再次,我覺得,我們應該鼓勵其他國家也這樣做某種形式的“喚醒”課程,並採取他們自己太。也許這將是一個主意,開始交流經驗,在論壇一樣, “ stormfront ” 。互聯網是一個奇蹟站在我們這一邊,我們的主要武器,但漸漸地,作為一個自食其果大眾媒體的力量可以扭轉對brainwashers 。一切得快得多的今天比50年前,但世界各地爆發的影響,猶太人的問題,也帶來很多更多的團體對猶太人征服世界。只是,看看如何穆斯林正在鍍鋅為阻力和清洗猶太人的主導權。主要目的是要引導這場鬥爭中免費的暴力和使其成為一個“天鵝絨革命”對猶太人的枷鎖。檢查的法律, “人權”和種族主義的指控可以有效地用來對付猶太人至上,並已成功地使用,所以在俄羅斯和烏克蘭。主題是“邪惡”和“精神病” ,即是如此廣泛用來對付外邦人的猶太至上,可輕易扭轉對自己不利。它必須做的是在和平和文明的方式。但正如道格拉斯里德解釋,在爭議的錫安-章名為“破壞性的使命” , “良好的猶太人” ,必將是一個破壞性的成員,西方世界。這似乎也可以理解,爆炸日益增長的互聯網網站“ ziopedia ” ,由鄭家富溫克勒和他的想法開始了“猶太人無名氏”運動一樣, “酒精無名氏” -斷奶猶太人遠離猶太。我們必須幫助他們在這方面,而保護自己從他們的計劃,所有沿。



最後,有色入侵到西方國家是最危險的武器,猶太人尚未使用,必須用來喚醒西方人的危險之前,這是為時已晚。這次入侵是不存在的在時間道格拉斯蘆葦寫他的著作,但它是很好的記錄,由凱文麥克唐納和大衛杜克大學,如何猶太人導致了這次入侵到西部地區,以及達到什麼目的。它應該是最後的政變德的寬限期,對白種人,而所有其他破壞性程序也提出在“超載” :多元文化的宣傳,鞏固所有權的所有價值觀,在西方,兼併,接管overs ,即使抵押私營安老院遠高於煙囪。並敦促對仍然更多的戰爭,現在也許是一對伊朗,而這些新保守派瘋狂的個人有一個完全順從美國總統誰做他們的申辦,但數年。