Zionist Censorship

(Rewritten April 2008) The homepage "JewWatch.com" has been a primary target for zionist censorship. The site was often down (today, April, 2008, it works again, and has long been working) - It was immediately mirrored elsewhere, by friends of Free Speech. These emergency addresses worked once:

http://www.americancivilrightsreview.com/mirror-JewWatchMirrors.html ,

http://www.anti-semitism.net   and   http://www.globalfire.tv/nj/english.htm 

Zionist Censorship works in many ways. It seems that the Search Engine "Google" finally caved in for a while to pressure from Zionism. Seems they quickly decided for freedom on the net: Good. Note Feb. 19. 2010. This time You-tube - owned by Google, which is owned by Jews did it -for the second time - to Dr. David Duke's newest videos, posted on You tube. His 'The Jewish Matrix of Power' and his review of the sadistic Jewish-produced Hollywood movie 'Inglorious Basterds' were too much for the Jewish censors. They removed them. The first one came up again. The second one is still removed!! Jewish censors sure are busy bees..............

Douglas Reeds 'The Controversy of Zion' gives an excellent background to Zionist Censorship. He was a prime victim himself. Read in particular Chapters 36 -"The Strange Role of the Press" and Chapter 40 - "The Invasion of America"

and links (much more if you google "jew watch" or "jew"):