Jew Hate

- All the Things Jews Hate to Hear 

By Knud Bjeld Eriksen


(This article is translated from danish. It was supposed to appear in the May 2004 issue of the leading danish patriotic magazine “Danskeren” after an invitation from one of the editors. But it was rejected by the chief editor. It will appear in danish in “Dronten” at www.patriot.dk )


The big thing for the massmedia at the moment is to scream and yell about “Jew-hate” or Anti-semitism, as it had to be called until recently.

“Racism” is used up.

The media are swarming with reports, conferences and articles about the phenomenon these days.

Today – April 19th –

At this writing – the Jewish newspaper, Politiken, has a “closing time meeting” about “antisemitism”. The meeting was announced amidst a full page talk in Politiken on April 17th with the headlines “Israel creates antisemitism”, “Jew-hate spreading like a virus” – and finally the invitation to the “closing time meeting” with the background that, “The debate about antisemitism is raging all over Europe”. 

The concept of “antisemitism” is now advertised full blast all over the world by the mass media. It may be characteristic, that more and more “closet-Jews” have to get out of their closets, caves or holes in order to show open interest in the subject and assist in the zionist propaganda. Also in Denmark.

Many probably feel like the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright (with the nickname “Halfbright”), who suddenly discovered her Jewish roots. How nice, by the way, to see Jews come out into the daylight. They blink their eyes but they will probably have to get used to the sharp light in future. My taste in that general direction may have to do with a couple of genes from Holger the Dane, who fought openly without concealing his face and name (as it says in a famous danish song).

As in the case of the well-known Jew, Peter Wivel, who happens to be the chairman of this “closing time meeting”. He is the one with the red, red past and the Afghan furcoat, later chief of the “conservative” leading newspaper Berlingske Tidende. As far as I know he has not strained himself to make his Jewish descent obvious. Most of his family is “somebody” in danish public life. He has been through all of the media circus and is now one the full-grown media-Jews, very talkative and with his bag full of foreign words, flexible about points of view and totally adjusted to the political correctness. There are many media-Jews. Let me just mention a few of the best-known danish ones: Rukov, Koplev, Rubinstein, Rachlin, Tschernia, Metz, Notkin, Rothstein, Krasnik, Sperling.

For the “closing time meeting” a German chief-editor, Martin Doerry has arrived from the Jewish newsmagazine in Germany, Der Spiegel, to “debate” with the Israeli Chargé d’Affaires in Denmark, Epraim Ben Matityahu and the head of the Danish Mosaic Society (The Jews in Denmark), Jaques Blum. Wow! Just imagine that we have the honour of putting Danish soil at the disposal of such high-brow discussions.

Hopefully the broad-spectered Wivel can control the gamecocks. Or is it – could it be – a little piece of “Inside the walls” - (“Inden for murene”, a well-known classic play about Jewish life by a danish Jew, Henri Nathansen) - where the cozy talk will later be converted to legislation “outside the walls” when everybody from the meeting has had the chance to pull all the strings they can reach. I will come back to that.

But what about the top boss of the Politiken-business himself, chief editor: Mr. “Silk-thread”, in German: Tøger Seidenfaden, with the extraordinarily fine connections round the world? He couldn’t possibly have become shy. Why isn’t he there? Isn’t he going to tell us openly that he is a Jew? That is not unimportant, especially if one is going to say a whole lot about antisemitism in one’s newspaper.

And it is not at all a question of whether he wants to or not. The way I understand it is that if he has a Jewish mother – which he does as far as I can see from reading his genealogical tree, then he is a Jew according to the latest Jewish definition. Then he IS a Jew. In that case he is just as Jewish as Herbert Pundik, who chose him as his successor at Politiken – and just as Jewish as the newspaper, he is heading. It is quite unimportant whether he is deeply religous or not, fully or partly circumcised. (The closest he has been to an open statement of the fact is his dissertation on circumcision and having “some friends, who have never had any inconvenience from having been circumcised”. Referred by memory, please correct me if I am wrong.)

In that case he is automatically an Israeli citizen and he can theoretically slip down to Israel if some day things get too hot here. Quite unexpectedly of course. However, several high-brow Jews have taken advantage of that possibility over the years, f.ex. from Russia. It has benefitted many, from Jewish gangster chiefs over less famous murderers to plain multibillionaire “oligarchs”. It is a good thing to have a hideout.

It could become necessary if the "multiethnic enrichment" of Denmark becomes troublesome. It has dawned upon the great Jewish think-tanks and tank-thinkers that the many arabs and turks, they have so eagerly worked to push into the West, don’t like Jews at all.

Jewish science has revealed that they are the worst when it comes to “antisemitism”.

Chief editor Seidenfadens predecessor, Pundik, sometimes expressed himself with admirable clarity, as when he described the task as being “to educate the Danes so that the Turks can be here.” He himself was living in Israel and pendling, so he probably couldn’t care less. He just happened to be in the neighbourhood. (like Mr. Rachlin is flown in from far away, when the Danes really have to learn something. Whether it is news from the USA or Russia, he is the one we have to call on. He is the one who is reported to have been close to getting fired from TV because of his greed.) 

When Pundik honoured Denmark with his presense, he stayed at one of our finest hotels on the Town Hall Square, The Palace. From there and from the editorial corner room on Politiken one has the right view and surplus. Pundik is supposed to have managed to even be a Mossad agent at the same time, according to newspaper writings that disappeared again just as fast as those of top-Jew Arne Melchior in the spanking room a couple of years ago.

Versatility, flexibility and secrecy.

Same day – today

We learn, that 200.000 palestinians are protesting Israels murder number two of their leaders within one month. Could there possibly emerge a little “antisemitism” there, maybe? No, this must be “Jew-hatred” as these people are semites themselves. It is getting rather complicated and messy to be a Jew.

“Antisemitism” - an illness that Christians get, but that Jews die from.

“Antisemitism” – an illness transferred through Jews. 

There are a lot of sayings. What is the truth? Is it an illness? Or is it recovery from an illness. Is it just a nonsense-word which has lost all meaning when semites are the greatest anti-semites.

One of the funniest concepts, that the media have tried to get us accustomed to is “Jewish self-haters”, that is what they call the few – unfortunately very few – Jews, who have courageously denounced Zionism and other forms of Jewish abuse of power.

Same day – today 

we read in the Politiken that “Antisemitism is flaring up”. A new 37-page report from Tel Aviv University has found this out. And “in the report it says also that in Western Europe one can see a direct connection between antisemitic attacks and the escalation of the Israel-Palestine-conflict” (from Reuters – Jewish like Ritzaus) Yes, it is mysterious, isn’t it? But jewish science will most likely solve these quite incredible riddles.

This is the most recent happening in one long surrealistic chain of reports, conferences, recommendations, declarations etc. which are all created by International Jewry in order to press for tougher – international – laws, that can put in jail anyone, who dares to criticize or “deride” Jews. For many it will be an eye-opener to read the internet homepage “The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism”, appearently one of the more open get-togethers, where one can follow the Jewish “war on antisemitism” – on the address: http://www.antisemitism.org.il.

You can see there, among other things, that 41 members of the Parliament of Great Britain signed a draft law against antisemitism on the 21th February this year and that a French government committee against antisemitism, on the 18th March, agreed to suggest an International Convention on Correct Behaviour on the Internet. It was supposed to be based on French law concerning the new technologies, which the French senate is expected to pass in a couple of months (passed now?). The committee also decided to investigate antisemitism amongst children and youngsters, and the French minister of education appointed the sociologist Pierre-André Taguieff (could this possibly be a jew) as chairman of the government commitee, which is to submit its report in september.

Prior to all this was held a grandiose EU-conference on Antisemitism on February 19th this year, where it was said that “hard accusations were poured over EU leaders”. (Information 20.2.2004) At the conference the chairman of the EU-commision of all the EU-countries requested that each and every EU country introduce a common EU-law against racism and hatred of foreigners, which will define antisemitic incidents and make Holocaust-denial a crime. It was decided, that all of EU’s foreign-, internal-, justice-, and education-ministers should work with the corresponding ministers from Israel on this issue and put the results forward at a coming big conference in June. Soon the Israeli ministers were en route. (NB: One big conference on antisemitism was held at the end of april in Berlin by the OSCE-organisation. Was this it, or is yet another bigger one due? – A new center for co-ordination of the observation and law-making against anti-semitism was to be created in Poland.)

In Hungary the parliament passed a law last year, which would punish the act of “publicly insulting a Jew” with up to two years of prison. If it could further be interpreted as “hatred”, the punishment was increased to three years. At the last moment the president refused to sign the law, but it is expected to have a come-back in the same way that it happened in the USA, where the so-called “hate-laws” were recently successfully passed. (See “Tell a joke, Go to Jail” by the lawyer Edgar Steele, f.ex. on the address http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/israel/joke.htm

But this is nothing compared to the laws in France and Germany. Resulting from Jewish pressure the latter country had tougher laws passed – 5 years of prison for the same thing – ten years ago.

Already in the Sovjet Union there was severe punishment for such antisemitism. One of the first things, the jewish Bolscheviks did after coming to power in 1917 was to deal out the death penalty for the mere possession of a copy of the “antisemitic” writing “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

As an introduction to the most recent threat of a mutual law for all of Europe to create all-including censorship concerning Jews, we saw a circus performance, demonstrating very well how the governments of the West crawl for the powerful World Jewry. It would have been outright hilarious if it were not so deadly serious for the Europeans’ freedom of speach and ... freedom in general. The chairman of the EU-commission, Romano Prodi, was accused of “antisemitism” by the Jewish World Congress, which declared, that the commission “had been weighed and found too light” (threatening expression from the Old Testament- sudden death ensues). Prodi was offended and cancelled the upcoming congress, but even so he rushed across the Atlantic, where he needed to go in order to fetch an apology, which was then refused by the Jews etc. etc. At last the conference could be carried through to the joy of everyone concerned.

In the above article (Inf. 20.2.2004) it says that “at the same time as it has critisized EU for being too pro-palestinian, the Jewish World Congress struck at the EU-commission, because an opinion-poll carried out by the Eurobarometer had dared to reveal, that many EU-citizens consider Israel the greatest threat to world peace, while EU’s Center against Racism dumped a report on antisemitic tendensies in Europe as being “unscientific”. These statements almost made the conference fail. Even so (Israel) Singer (from the Jewish World Congress) regrets nothing. “We would do it again” he says and denies totally that the Jewish World Congres ever called the commission antisemitic.

Same day –today

An American woman, Ingrid Rimland, goes on hungerstrike in order to have her husband released. This is Ernst Zündel, a prominent revisionist, who has been jailed in a Canadian prison for more than a year under inhuman conditions and only because the leading Jewry of the world, the Zionists, don’t like him and his information-campaign. Read about it f.ex. on www.zundelsite.org. (NB: The strike was called off for the time being, because mrs. Zündel apparently finally got some results with the authorities, and therefore would reserve this extreme “weapon” for later, if necessary) 

A small fry like me they undoubtedly hope to give the same treatment, when they have had their “International Convention for Prohibition against Insulting Jews Everywhere and in General” carried through. The process is far advanced.

Truth has become antisemitic. That is how National Journal wrote on the address http://www.globalfire.tv/nj/english.htm - on the occasion of the German general of the special forces, Reinhard Günzel, being dishonourably dismissed on November 4th 2003. He had written a private – approving – letter to the German member of parliament, Martin Hohmann, who had publicly expressed an opinion on the role of the Jews in the Russian revolution. Kansler Gerhard Schröder condemned the general and the politician from the rostrum. But they had only spoken the truth ... Jews have admitted and boasted of their role in the “Russian” revolution in several places. ( see particularly the latest antisemitism accusations against Alexander Solzhenitsynf concerning this):

www.texemarrs.com/soviet_gulag.htm www.seanbryson.com/articles/alexander_solzhenitsyn_two_hundred_years_together.html. or www.http://reason.com/0405/co.cy/traditional.shtml

Much has been said about “antisemitism”. Some of the best things have in my opinion been said by the English foreign correspondent and author, Douglas Reed. For that reason I translated much of his work on my homepage, especially from his most important book, “The Controversy of Zion”. I find this book so important, that I have dedicated an entire new internet homepage to it on the address http://knud.eriksen.adr.dk. and now - in several languages, this one: www.controversyofzion.info.

The subjects of "zionism" – and consequently "antizionism", "judaism" and "antisemitism" are interesting and I will try to make it clear, why they are really vital to all of us. At the same time I can summarize in this magazine, Danskeren, seven years after I and “Den Danske Forening” ("The Danish Association" - the leading danish patriotic organisation, started in 1987, publishing Danskeren (“The Dane”)) -had to part because of the “Jewish Question”. "Den Danske Forening" continued to shun the subject of “Jews” as though it was the devil himself, while I made my own internet magazine, "Dronten", which was primarily to shed light on and possibly assist in solving that question. I encourage you to read ( NB: danish) the background of the different views, because it became the central issue in "Den Danske Forening"s further contents and activities, and I refer to my article “Declares war on Jews” in Dronte no. 3 at www.thedodo.info (in danish) and the articles “The coup in Den Danske Forening” and “The hullabaloo in Den Danske Forening” at www.samisdat.dk (in danish), the other internet magazine, by Lars Thirslund and Marianne Herlufsdatter, which was started simultaneously in order to deal with the same question.

To put it briefly and bluntly, in my opinion Den Danske Forening has wasted at least seven years of its own and all Danes’ scarce time in the question of Denmark for the Danes.

I can only see it as a waste of time when the association insists on talking of moslems page after page. It isn’t any better than when old, frustrated ladies meet for coffee and cake in order to tell each other, that they have also seen “one of those”. 

It is in my view just as ridiculous and unintelligent, as if a chess player only cares about the peasants and has no idea of the role of the king in the game. Without knowing much about chess I dare to predict that such a person would win very, very few tournaments. 

Let us take it from A and forward. Is it moslems, that there are many of in our country? .... Yes! 

Are there many of them in the crime- and welfare statistics? .... Yes!

Do they have anything much to say anyway? .... No! 

Who has something to say then? ... The media – a lot and every day. They have the word uncontradicted and rather one-sided. 

Do the politicians spite the media? ... No! If they do they are done for and they know it.

Who rules the media? ... Ah, now we are getting somewhere.

The Zionists do, the leaders of Judaism worldwide. There is nothing that indicates that the situation is any different in Denmark. I am particularly referring to the West. It is the bulk of the worlds mass media. The movie-industry, lead by Holowood, most of the larger TV-stations and radiostations. Most of the worlds newspapers, weeklies, monthlies and special magazines. Most of the worlds publishing-houses. That way they can control the public opinion of the West. It is outright brainwashing. Black magic. Read “Jew Watch”.

A couple of days ago...

.... the important, very well-informed internet homepage www.jewwatch.com was censored from the worlds most successful internet searchmachine Google as of April 16th at 8.00 CDT following massive Jewish pressure. Just a couple of days ago. Everything goes very fast nowadays. Read the details of recent developements in “the battle of the internet” at this homepage “Controversy of Zion”, under “Links”. Read there how the world Jewry tries to remove what it hates to hear. (All that talk about “hatred” is typically Jewish. It is the essence of their holy book, the Torah. Hate, revenge, destruction.) 

For a while the homepage could once be found at the following simple little emergency address (a so-called “mirror-address”, where the defenders of freedom of speech – still – can reopen a censored homepage:


but it too was censored and the most recent place it can be found - as I check it today -is at:


(NB: Soon “Jew Watch” was back and again right on top of Google under the entry “Jew” – as it was before the Zionist censorship. That was because of all the attention drawn to the zionist censorship.)

This is a good example of how the world Jewry wants the development, and also how this can be blunted. Do you see now, why the question of what Jews are doing is interesting? Zionism, which is the modern successor of traditional Judaism and that movement in Judaism which has the final word amongst the world Jewry and over the rest of us – in the whole West – to a degree, that is so serious, that we are actually dying out for that very reason. 

The arsonists 

Who is it f.ex. that are leading the colonization of our countries, through muslems – where we see The West going down fast in all areas? 

You easily recognize the prominent Jewish media-names above. These have lead on in the agitation for immigration of moslems – and likewise many other leading jews, if we are to go deeper. For a long time I – as many others – have wondered why so many leading Jews were pressing on to pour foreigners into our country and give to them everything (everything Danish, mind you). Foreigners, mostly moslems, who are not fond of Jews, to put it mildly. 

I have written about it several times. So has Danskeren and many others. Tons of reader’s letters. But the top-Jews and the media-Jews continued insensibly. 

Suddenly these very talkative, moaning and groaning and accusing top-Jews discovered – with surprise and consternation – almost shocked, that: "Antisemitism is rearing its ugly face".

In the name of justice one has to conclude, that either Jews are not as bright as the media love to say or we are witnessing a gigantic, treasonous “practical joke” (Jewish “chutzpe”, Danish “bold as brass” – or directly “fræk som en slagterhund” –“shameless like the slaughters dog”) the purpose of which is the destruction of the host-country wherever these Jews live, an idiot-proof creation of “antisemitism” and the consequence of which will be, that the common Jews are so terrified that they wish to flee to Israel as their only solution. 

It looks very much like – maybe it actually is – Zionism, which is defined as follows: Gathering together the Jews of the world in Palestine. And this is actually the way – the only way – which has worked historically to get this tiny, stolen piece of land populated by jews. The Zionists cleverly forget to tell us, that these Jews are to suppress and rule over the rest of the world from Jerusalem. That is “The Torah” – The Old Testament. The plans are far advanced. It is Jewish “religion” or “politics”. One can choose freely as the Jews do themselves, between “a religion”, “a people”, “a nation”, or “a race”, whatever fits the occasion the best.

I do miss a statement from Arne Melchior. His entertainment value is supreme. Recently “he had a plan” to label Soren Krarup (a leading danish protestant priest, patriotic politician and author) as “antisemitic”. And that beautiful picture of Melchior in parliament, where he is contemplating sly traps with his eyes closed is invaluable. Unfortunately the International Zionists have much more sinister means, ways and powers than Arne.

The situation is the same all over Europe and in the rest of the world as in Denmark – particularly in the West. The International Zionists are feverishly at work over all frontiers – in all the world’s media – in all international organizations and throughtout the governments at top level. Above all in the USA, the government of which has been completely taken over by the fraction – Neo Cons – “The new-conservatives”, mostly Jews.

I could go on and on, but let this suffice. The subject is the most urgent one to-day. It is the key to a possible World War III. It is the key to the terrorism we are going to experience everywhere, which will turn our nations into totalitarian states.

Knud Bjeld Eriksen, April 19th, 2004