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You-tube incredible censorship of Dr. David Duke's great videos on the same topics has been repeated several times. At the present - feb. 15, 2011 - the videos are reinstated - watch them here: Dr. Duke videos

Dr. David Duke interviews me on radio Aug. 11.2008 - re: ' The Controversy of Zion'!

 'The Controversy of Zion' now becomes one third of a 'Trilogy', where the three parts are being written simultaneously . It has a new address (the old one, still works, though) -

The other two parts are 'The Dodo' ('Dronten' in its original Danish, with English excerpts), also at a new address (plus the old one at '') -

And finally, 'Mosaic Upps' at -,
which is now republished by me after it closed down in February 2005 as a result of heavy media attacks then.

As you may have noticed, 'The Controversy' is now in several languages, more will be added (translators please contact me!!). My 3 websites will work together. may be seen as the colourful introsite, in Danish, English and German, whereas The Controversy of Zion and The Dodo supply the background.

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